Bottle Sparklers for Bars, Nightclubs, and Restaurants

About Sparkler City

Bottle sparklers are a really great way to give a special experience to your VIP customers that buy premium bottle service. Our bottle service sparklers can increase the sales of your premium bottles because folks are attracted to the spectacle. Most commonly, our products are used as champagne bottle service sparklers because of the high cost associated with a premium bottle. However, they also work great for liquor and wine bottles too. Adding a gold bottle sparkler to your VIP bottle service will cost less than $1. It will enable you to charge more while also increasing the number of bottles your customers purchase.

More VIP Bottle Service Sales

One of the largest profit makers in the bar and nightclub industry is VIP bottle service sales according to Nightclub and Bar Magazine. While your customers are choosing to buy a premium bottle of champagne, wine, or liquor for the better flavor and special treatment usually given to a group making that type of purchase, making the presentation more interesting and exciting can go a long way too. By lighting some bottle sparklers and attaching them with a bottle clip before bringing their bottles to their table, you can make the experience seem much more valuable and draw a lot of attention to the bottle being delivered.

The extra attention that they provide will cause more people to buy your VIP bottle service and also allow you to charge a little more for the trouble. Increasing the number of VIP bottle service purchases you get each night by simply adding bottle sparklers to the equation is a simple and immediate way to start earning more profits on day one.

Wholesale Bottle Sparkler Packages

If you own a large nightclub or just want to save money by buying in bulk, we offer wholesale bottle sparkler packages in a variety of sizes. When you order wholesale bottle sparklers, you will get the best possible pricing. You will get our same high quality bottle sparklers and sparkler safety clips, just at deeply discounted prices for buying in bulk. If you sell a lot of bottle service at your venue and want to make it as cheap as possible, our wholesale bottle sparkler packages are the most affordable way to go.

Attaching our Sparklers to your Bottles

We’ve made attaching sparklers to your bottles as simple and safe as possible with our exclusive bottle sparkler safety clips. Each clip attaches to the neck of your bottle, and then you simply snap one of our bottle service sparklers into the clip. We also offer double and triple clips if you prefer to attach more than one of our bottle sparklers at a time. Each clip is completely reusable, and they will hold your sparklers securely to bottles for many uses. You can buy our bottle sparkler safety clips individually, or they are also available as part of our wholesale bottle sparkler packages.

Alternatives to Gold Bottle Sparklers

At Sparkler City, we understand that local restrictions and fire codes can prevent club owners from using sparklers for bottle service packages. Fortunately, we’ve come up with a few alternatives that will allow you to highlight your bottle service offerings without the need for an open flame. We now carry our exclusive LED bottle sparkler line  that offer all of the key features of a regular sparkler without the open flame. They attach to our bottle sparkler safety clips in the same way, so there’s no need to buy new accessories. Best of all, LED bottle sparklers are reusable over and over, so even though there are more upfront costs, you can actually save a lot of money over time by choosing our LED versions over traditional sparklers for bottle service packages.

Why Choose Our Bottle Sparklers?

Sparkler City has been in the bottle sparkler business for several years and we have refined our product line with the highest quality and most affordable styles of bottle sparklers to give our customers the best buying experience possible. We hand select every item that we sell to ensure the customer is getting the best quality for their money. Also, because we have such a great relationship with our suppliers, we get the first choice when new bottle sparklers roll off the assembly line to ensure we always have the best items and never any factory-seconds.

Sparkler City offers the best quality bottle sparklers at the lowest possible process. No other company can offer the same value. Pair that with our top-notch customer service department to handle any questions or concerns about your bottle sparkler order and you get the best quality bottle sparklers with your complete satisfaction in mind – guaranteed.