Basic Bottle Sparkler Safety

Whether you’re using them at your bar or nightclub or in the privacy of your own home, bottle sparklers need to be used properly to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Improper use of bottle sparklers or any other type of fireworks can lead to fire or injury, so following the correct safety procedures can mean the difference between a fun evening and a trip to the hospital. Below you will find our basic guidelines for bottle sparkler safety that will help to ensure the safety of you, your patrons, and your guests.

  1. Bottle sparklers should only be used by adults or under the very close supervision of adults.
  2. Never hold bottle sparklers in your hand while they are lit or while you are lighting them.
  3. Never point a lit bottle sparkler at another person or animal.
  4. Never put your face or any other part of your body over your bottle sparklers while they are lit or while you are lighting them.
  5. Always use a bottle sparkler clip to attach your sparklers to the bottle. Never use homemade contraptions such as clear tape, twist ties, or rubber bands.
  6. If you are using bottle sparklers indoors, make sure you have proper clearance for the sparks to avoid the possibility of injury or fire.
  7. Hold the bottle with lit sparklers attached far enough away from your guests to ensure the sparks do not hit them. Wait for the sparklers to finish before setting their bottle on the table.

Though all of these safety precautions should be observed, you should always use common sense when using bottle sparklers or any other type of fireworks. Sparkler City is not responsible damage or injury caused by the use of our bottle sparklers, so be sure that you are using them responsibly. Due to the nature of bottle sparklers, we cannot endorse the use of bottle sparklers indoors. However, since the vast majority of our customers buy them for this purpose, please do so responsibly if you choose to use them indoors.