LED Foam Sticks

LED Foam Sticks

Our LED foam sticks can really take your dance floor energy to whole new levels! With 3 different lighting modes featuring multi-colored LEDs, these LED foam sticks are an instant hit at any bar or nightclub.

10 LED Sticks

($1.90 per stick)


100 LED Sticks

($1.80 per stick)


500 LED Sticks

($1.75 per stick)


1000 LED Sticks

($0.99 per stick)


Full Product Description

Our high quality LED foam sticks will light up your bar or nightclub with fun and excitement! Each one comes ready to go featuring a replaceable battery that is included and installed and 3 awesome lighting modes (*see video) utilizing multi-colored LED technology. Each LED foam stick is approximately 18 inches long and 1 1/2 inches in diameter, so your customers will love their large size and bright LED lights. Perfect for turning up the excitement on your dance floor during live acts or DJs, LED foam sticks are a very inexpensive way to make the experience at your bar or nightclub even better for your paying customers. Each LED foam stick is packaged individually so you can hand them out to your patrons or even sell them during a specific event.

*This video is meant as an example only. The actual effect may vary slightly from this video.