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Zombie Pub Crawl

Zombie Pub Crawl: Is Your Bar Ready?

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With Halloween just around the corner, you’ve probably heard the buzz about your local zombie pub crawl. For those who aren’t aware, a zombie pub crawl is when a large group of people dress up like zombies and go from bar to bar throughout a given town to have a few drinks. This can be a great way to drum up extra business during the Halloween season, but there are also some things you need to consider before you sign on if you want to make sure it’s a successful endeavor. Here are the key details that will help you determine if participating in your local pub crawl is worth your time.

Number of Bars

One of the biggest factors when determining if you should be part of the zombie pub crawl is the number of bars in your town or city. If there are only two or three bars that are part of the pub crawl, then you aren’t going to bring in enough business to make it worth the effort. Additionally, if there are way too many bars on the crawl, the customers won’t stay long enough for you to make any real money. The target number of bars on the pub crawl should be between five and seven for everyone to make money and have a large crowd of zombies.

Choose a Special

Having a great drink special is vital to having a successful role in your local zombie pub crawl. Often times the zombies will go through all of the bars on the list and then return to the one they liked the best. This means that you’ll need to go beyond the standard beer or cocktail specials that you’re used to offering and come up with something much more suitable for Halloween. Fortunately, there are many great recipes available online for this time of year that are easy to make and very delicious.

Typical Yearly Etiquette

Once you get together a good group of bars to participate in the zombie pub crawl, you’ll want to setup some good yearly rules of etiquette. Most importantly, you need to make sure all the bars take turns for who is first and last on the crawl. Most of the people are going to stay at the last location each year, so rotating that privilege is only fair if everyone is going to prosper and continue to take part in future years. Obviously it would be nice to always be the last stop, but without the other bars you aren’t going to make much money.

Being part of a zombie pub crawl is a great way to make money and embrace the Halloween season if you know what you’re doing. With the proper planning and the right conditions, you can easily make sure your bar is ready for the upcoming zombie pub crawl and you can make money hand over fist while giving your community something fun to look forward to each and every year.

Hot Dogs on the Grill

Ways to Capitalize on 4th of July Partiers

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When you own a bar or nightclub, you need to look at every single event or holiday as an opportunity to make money. Whenever there is a major holiday, there will be no shortage of people who want to head out to celebrate with copious amounts of food and alcohol. This is partially because people want to celebrate the holiday, but mostly it is because they get a day off of work. For this reason, the night before any major holiday is very busy at bars; and the 4th of July is no exception.

Though most people think about lighting up the grill in their backyard and having a few cold ones from a twelve pack in their fridge rather than going to the bar on the 4th of July, there will still be plenty of people partying; especially the night before. Additionally, there are some things you can do to make your bar or nightclub more enticing to people who would otherwise stay at home, and this can drum up even more business on Independence Day. Here are some ways to capitalize on the 4th of July partiers in your neighborhood.

Grill Food

One of the easiest, and tastiest, ways to bring in a crowd is to have them smell your bar from a mile away; literally. The nose is a very powerful tool for persuasion, so make sure you use it to your full benefit. By grilling food for your customers, you can give them that “backyard” experience and also send out a “calling card” in the form of delicious smells for blocks in every direction. You can either choose to sell various items off of your grill or you could do something cheap like hot dogs and just give them away; the choice is really yours.

Have Fireworks

Fireworks and the 4th of July go together, and using that to your advantage is always a great idea. Your customers have probably already found a local fireworks show to watch on the 4th of July, but having some outside your bar or nightclub on the 3rd can be a great attention grabber. Just make sure you pull the right permits or hire a professional company to handle the fireworks show for you otherwise you can have some trouble on your hands if something goes wrong.

Join a Bar Crawl

Though it may seem counter-intuitive to join a bar crawl with your competing bars, it can actually be a great way to get business for everyone. Bar crawls are a great way to get people who would otherwise want to stay at home on the 3rd of July to head out to hit the bar strip because they are focused on the event rather than sitting on a barstool. Customers will move from bar to bar buying a drink or two until they’ve completed the entire circuit. Hopefully you can manage to be the last bar on the trip, but it is still worth it even if you’re not and you can still capitalize on the 4th of July partiers that want to have a drink poured by a professional bartender.

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