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Types of Bottle Sparklers: Choosing Between a Gold or LED Sparkler

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Many bar and nightclub owners offer bottle service to their customers. This is a great source of revenue and offers a cool experience to customers. However, with a few different types of bottle sparklers available, some club owners still aren’t using them. This is in spite of clear research that shows how the presentation of your bottle service can increase sales.

So, we’ve made this handy guide to help you know what the differences are between the different types of bottle sparklers. Hopefully, this will help put some of you holdouts over the edge.

Traditional Bottle Sparklers

Originally, there was only one version of bottle sparkler available. Though there are color versions available, the most popular option is to use gold bottle sparklers in bars and nightclubs. The use of gold bottle sparklers is considered industry-standard in most venues. They are cheap, reliable, and readily available, and that hits the key requirements. However, here are some things to consider before you choose this type.

Length Matters

When you’re shopping for your club, remember that length matters. Many companies make different types of bottle sparklers in various lengths. That results in a wide array of sparkle duration differences. Make sure you choose a length that will last long enough for your bottle service to be delivered to the tables.

Quality Matters

Some so-called “discount” suppliers send out generic products that premium suppliers reject. We proudly sell high quality bottle sparklers that are first picked from the manufacturer. That means a higher quality product, and a better return on your investment.

Check Your Fire Codes

Before you order sparkler with the intent to use them inside your bar or nightclub, check your local fire codes. You may need special permitting, or additional safety features in your venue. In some areas, it’s not legal to use them at all. Don’t run the risk of getting shut down or worse. Check with your local fire authorities first!

LED Bottle Sparklers

The latest craze in the club world has come in the form of… you guessed it; LEDs. The latest item to make their mark on the industry are LED bottle sparklers. They are a great option if local fire codes or other barriers prevent you from using the real deal. There are a few different types that are available, as well as reasons they are superior to the real thing in some ways. Here’s what you need to know.

They Are Reusable

One of the benefits of choosing LED bottle sparklers is that they are reusable over and over again. Unlike real ones, they can be used for dozens of customers over time. Though they have a little higher upfront price tag, they end up saving you a lot over time. However, it’s important that you buy a premium quality product if you plan to use them often. Cheaper versions will wear out or burn out much sooner.

Lower Priced Options are Available

If you are looking to buy a few for a party or only occasional use, there are lower priced options available outside the premium versions most bars and nightclubs choose. You might consider something like these color LED bottle sparklers that are much lower priced. They are considered a “value line” product. That means they are not built as well as some other types. However, they usually work without a hitch, and they can be used for at least a few nights without problems.

Meet All Fire Codes

Another fantastic feature of using LEDs is that they won’t conflict with fire codes. Since there’s no open flame, there is no fire risk. That makes using them viable in places where regular types of bottle sparklers are not allowed. It also keeps the air clean for the dance floor, and they can double as LED wands!

Deciding Between the Different Types of Bottle Sparklers

Whether you choose the regular version or LED, both types have the ability to increase your bottle service sales. If you have local fire restrictions to contend with, then LEDs are a logical choice. The fact that they’re reusable makes LEDs an attractive option as well. However, at the end of the day most bar and club owners will stick with traditional types of bottle sparklers instead. They are known as the industry-standard for a reason, and they are something that many customers have come to expect and enjoy.

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Storing Bottle Sparklers Properly

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If your bar or nightclub has a lot of customers who buy bottle service, then chances are you will want to buy in bulk to get the best possible price. You can save a ton of money if you buy your bottle sparklers by the case rather than buying individual packages. So crunching the numbers and buying as many sparklers as you can within reason is always the best choice. However, you need to make sure you are storing bottle sparklers properly so they don’t become damaged or accidentally ignite. Here are some tips to help you keep them stored safely and wisely to keep your investment intact.

Storing Bottle Sparklers in a Dry Space

Likely, you’ll be using these as a garnish for your VIP bottle service. So, the most likely place to keep your supplies is behind the bar. This can be incredibly convenient for your bartenders and servers because they will be very close by when someone orders bottle service. However, there are a lot of liquids flowing behind a bar. Unfortunately, you can easily get your supply wet by accident and ruin the whole box.

There’s a way combat this problem while still reaping the benefits of keeping them where they’re needed the most. Only stock enough supply behind the bar as necessary to complete a shift. Consider storing bottle sparklers in a dry storage area so if there is an accident you won’t need to throw out your entire supply. You may also want to invest in some cheap dry storage containers for the sparklers you have in normal use.

Storing Bottle Sparklers Away From Flame

Some people operate a bar or nightclub that allows smoking. You may be concerned about something accidentally igniting the rest of your supply. Keeping them away from potential fire hazards and open flame is essential to the safety of your customers. Storing bottle sparklers in an area where they can be subject to catching fire is never an option. Also, always keep the container that you store them in closed when you’re not reaching in to grab some. Furthermore, storing them near heat sources such as a furnace or in the kitchen a bad idea. This is just asking for problems.

LED Bottle Sparkler Storage

Many clubs choose to use LED bottle sparklers instead of traditional ones. They can last a lot longer, and they are reusable over and over again. However, they still need to be stored properly. The most important thing is to remove the batteries if they are going to be stored for more than a month. Decaying batteries are the easiest way to destroy LED bottle sparklers. Additionally, it presents a potentially harmful scenario for you, your customers, and your patrons.

Other Considerations When Storing Bottle Sparklers

There are a lot of other considerations to take into account when determining how many bottle sparklers to order. It also determines where they will be stored. Obviously, you need to have enough storage space on hand to accommodate the quantity you order to make buying wholesale bottle sparklers worth the cost savings, but you also don’t want to have too many on hand for long periods of time.

As a rule, we suggest only keeping a maximum of a six month supply of bottle sparklers on hand at any given time. This keep your costs reasonable and limits the amount of storage space that you’re taking up. Also, it keeps your liabilities reasonable in case of an issue. For instance, your sparklers might get wet and you’d need to throw them all out. By keeping a reasonable supply on hand, you can get the best price while mitigating the risk of throwing money down the drain.

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Creating a VIP Experience

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When someone goes out to a bar or nightclub, chances are that they want to have a great night out that they’ll remember for many days to come. If they wanted an average night they could have just as easily gone to a movie or had a quiet dinner. Creating a VIP experience is the task you’re charged with. There is a big separation between what many clubs offer for service and what most potential customers are expecting. Bridging that gap is vital if you want to emerge as a top player in the nightlife industry in your area. Fortunately, a few simple and inexpensive enhancements to your venue, entertainment, and amenities can turn an average night out into an evening to remember forever.

Better Customer Service is Vital to Creating a VIP Experience

If you truly want a bar or nightclub patron to feel special, the easiest way to accomplish that is to offer better customer service than your competition. That’s the most important step to creating a VIP experience. If you make each of your patrons feel like they’re your only patron, they are much more likely to come back and also to spend more money. Best of all, there isn’t really any financial investment necessary for this improvement. Only a time investment for new training; unless of course your bar or nightclub is drastically understaffed!

Improve Perceived Value

Taking everything up a notch can allow you to charge a lot more for the same items. Plus, your guests will have a great time. Little things like cotton napkins and higher quality plates and glassware can create the perception of a classier experience. In reality, nothing about the food or drinks have changed. If you master perceived value, you can cash in on a lot of recurring customers that will have really big bar tabs.

Creating a VIP Experience by Putting On a Show

Rather than just pouring drinks, your bartenders should be able to put on a show. Customers want to be impressed by the skills of their bartender. Hiring top quality staff and letting them have some fun behind the bar is important. This should also translate into things like your VIP bottle service where something as simple as one of our gold bottle sparklers can make the entire event seem better.

Dress Up Your Venue

Last, and obviously the most expensive, we have the option of giving your venue a facelift. Often times a nice bar or nightclub will just need a fresh coat of paint. Perhaps some new lightshades, and a few new decorations to make the place feel brand new again. Even if you need to invest a little more time and money than that, it will certainly pay off on the back end when your venue is completely remodeled. After all, it is hard to feel like a VIP when you’re looking at peeling paint.

Still looking for more ways to ditch your drab bar or nightclub? Is creating a VIP experience important to you? Well, you really don’t need to look any further than your own impressions. If you would want to be treated a certain way, chances are that your guest will want that too. This is discussed in publications like Nightclub & Bar Magazine all the time. Just think of the greatest experience you can imagine. Then charge people a premium for pulling it off correctly, and watch your profits start to rise.

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How to Use Bottle Sparklers Properly

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Here at Sparkler City, we get a lot of questions about how to use bottle sparklers properly. These questions range from basic safety procedures to how you attach them to your bottle. Even what the best way to light them is. In light of the high demand for the answers to these types of questions from our loyal bar and nightclub customers, we have decided to put together this page for your reference purposes.

How to Use Bottle Sparklers Safely – The Basics

It’s important to remember that bottle sparklers are combustible just like any other type of fireworks that you’ve handled in the past. The fact that they are commonly used indoors and around large groups of people has nothing to do with the fact that they can still be dangerous if not handled properly. Never point a burning bottle sparkler at any person or object and always make sure it is far away from anyone or anything. Just remember to use common sense and treat them like the fireworks they are and you shouldn’t have any problems while using them.

Attaching Sparklers to Bottles

Attaching your sparklers to a bottle is very simple; provided you have all the right equipment on hand. You will need a sparkler safety clip to do this correctly because any other method can lead to problems. Simply attach the larger side of your safety clip to the neck of your favorite bottle of wine, liquor, champagne, or other adult beverage and fasten the sparkler into the smaller side of the clip. Your bottle sparkler should now be sturdy and secure and awaiting the moment that you light it up.

Lighting a Bottle Sparkler

Lighting bottle sparklers is a fairly painless and simple process. Unlike regular sparklers, you light the entire tip area of these to get them going. There is a small piece of (what appears to be) tissue paper covering the end, and that’s what you want to light. You can use a match, lighter, candle, blowtorch; it doesn’t really matter. Just make sure you keep your hand out of the way when it starts throwing out its sparks.

Delivering a Bottle to a Table

When carrying your bottle service customers their sparkling bottle, it is important to keep it away from the guests until they have finished emitting sparks. Don’t let the customer handle the bottle during the performance, nor should you set the bottle on the table. Your best choice is to hold it in the air in a visible area away from the table until the sparklers are finished and then remove the used sparklers and clip before you set it down for the customer to enjoy their drinks. Not only will this allow them the full show, but it also prevents any unintentional injury to the customers. You need to educate your employees on how to use bottle sparklers correctly. When mastered, this can make your customers feel like VIPs while at your club!

Extinguishing Bottle Sparklers

After you’ve learned how to use bottle sparklers, they’re finished burning, and you’ve removed them from the bottle along with the safety clip, it can be tempting to toss them in the trash. After all, if your hand isn’t on fire while holding them, they are obviously safe to chuck into the trash. Wrong. Small embers that could still be cooling can easily light paper or other trash even if you believe it is completely extinguished. To be completely safe, you should always extinguish your used bottle sparklers entirely. Do this by submerging them in water before tossing them in the trash. Also, always keep a high quality fire extinguisher on hand, too.

Many bars and nightclubs keep a bucket behind the bar on busy nights and then empty all of the used bottle sparklers into the trash at the end of the night. Part of knowing how to use bottle sparklers properly is making sure they’re completely extinguished. Then you can confidently attend to the customers in your bar or nightclub and focus on other tasks.

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Bottle Sparklers in New York – Coming Soon

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After several unsuccessful pieces of legislation and two vetoes from current Governor Andrew Cuomo, the state of New York has finally passed a bill that will legalize the sale and use of certain small fireworks including bottle sparklers. For the most part, this new law is being met with a lot of celebration and optimism. However, it is certainly not without its opponents. Not everyone wants bottle sparklers in New York City or State. That’s why this law was so difficult to pass in the first place. And no doubt it will have a lot of restrictions and red tape surrounding its implementation.

Why They Were Outlawed

The biggest slice that was taken out of the law during its inception is the city of New York itself. The law specifically excludes the use or sale of fireworks within the city. The vast majority of families and businesses in the state are still subject to cold war era restrictions and fears that somehow it is easier to build destructive items out of sparklers and consumer grade fireworks than the raw materials themselves that are readily available at any sporting goods store. However, with the history that New York City has in recent decades; you can hardly blame them.

Since then, the only thin you could use legally were LED bottle sparklers. Though they are better than nothing, they just don’t pack the same punch. However, the wait will be over soon!

How Bottle Sparklers in New York City is Possible

The law will allow New York residents outside of the main city to buy and use small fireworks. But only from June 1 through July 5 and from Dec. 26 through Jan. 2, respectively. This means that at least some New York families will be able to enjoy the great American pastimes like using sparklers on the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve. That’s at least a step in the right direction. However, since each municipality will need to adopt the law independently, hopeful citizens should not expect to be able to buy sparklers for their upcoming New Year’s Eve celebration. However, you should definitely be hopeful for the 4th of July a few months out. You may even be able to get some heart shaped sparklers for that upcoming wedding that you have in late spring.

The Upside

On a more positive note, this does mean that businesses throughout the state will soon be able to enjoy the same marketing tactics and freedoms that bars and nightclubs in other areas of our country have enjoyed for decades. That is the ability to use bottle sparklers in New York nightclubs and bars. Cities like Rochester, Buffalo, and other population centers will soon be selling sparklers for both consumer and business use. That’s really great news for the economy at large. Venues will be ordering wholesale bottle sparklers in no time, and the die shall be cast.

The bottom line is that even though the law is still very restrictive. It only allows sparklers during certain times of the year and in certain areas. But hey, it is still better than nothing. Historically, fireworks laws only get less strict with time, so I feel confident that they will be completely legal sooner than later. Until then we should just try to enjoy what we are given. Let’s be thankful the using bottle sparklers in New York legally will soon be a reality that we can enjoy.

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Wholesale Club Packages of Bottle Sparklers – Now Available

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At Sparkler City, we always strive to give our customers exactly what they want. We received a high demand for wholesale club packages of bottle sparklers from our bar and nightclub customers. So, we are proud to announce that we have put together 4 new packages to give you the items you want at the best possible prices!

Package #1

The first option is what we call package #1, and it includes 500 gold bottle sparklers and 50 of our reusable single bottle sparklers clips. It’s the perfect choice for small and mid-size bars and nightclubs that want to stock up with a single purchase. There’s no substitute for the original, and you’ll get 500 of them ready to go out of the box!

Package #2

The second option is what we call package #2. It includes a whopping 1000 bottle sparklers and 100 of our reusable single bottle sparkler clips. This package is ideal for bars or nightclubs that go through a lot of bottle sparklers with their bottle service and want to get the best possible wholesale pricing. After all, bottle sparklers have been featured in magazines and show like Bar Rescue. Most people agree they can add value to your club.

Why Buy Our Wholesale Club Packages of Bottle Sparklers?

Though we have lowered the prices on our wholesale bottle sparklers when you buy in larger quantities, you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving the same high quality bottle sparklers that have made Sparkler City famous. As always, we stand behind every one of our items 100%, and that’s why we’ve grown to be the largest bottle sparkler retailer in the United States.

Whether they will be used for bottle service or another purpose, our quality standards are high. We hand select every product we carry. That includes our wholesale club packages of bottle sparklers. We buy in bulk so we can give you the best prices possible. Everything we do is with the customer in mind. That’s why we are the #1 supplier in the industry, and we work tirelessly to stay there.

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Bottle Sparklers vs. Regular Sparklers

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.If you aren’t very familiar with the different types of sparklers on the market, it may be tough to distinguish the differences. Many people have the misconception that a sparkler is a sparkler. However, there are actually several different types in a variety of shapes, colors, and effect styles. To help bar and nightclub owners compare bottle sparklers vs. regular sparklers, we have written this comparison. This will help you understand what makes sparklers designed for bottles perfect for use in a bar or nightclub environments.

Regular Sparklers

Regular sparklers are the style of sparklers that most people have in mind when mentioning the subject. They are exclusively constructed with a bamboo stick or steel wire as the foundation. Regular sparklers are held in the hand and usually resemble the form of a stick. Regular sparklers come in several different lengths starting at 8 inches and going all the way up to over 50 inches in length. Additionally, they are available in a large variety of colors such as red, blue, green, or even neon colors; but most commonly you will see sparklers in gold color. Lastly, they can come in a variety of different shapes other than the standard stick style such as hearts, stars, or numbers for a variety of applications.

There are many great uses for regular sparklers out there, and there are even designs to accommodate those specific uses. For instance, there are sparklers that have specially designed packages for birthdays or weddings. Another feature of wedding sparklers is that they are low smoke so they can be used indoors, a trait that they share with bottle sparklers. Overall, there are hundreds of different types of regular sparklers on the market ranging from regular gold colored ones to fancy shapes that make vibrant neon colors. Knowing how you plan to use them is vital when deciding between bottle sparklers vs. regular sparklers.

Bottle Sparklers

Bottle sparklers are very unique in the fact that they are not shaped nor do they perform like regular sparklers. They are different than a stick with powder stuck to the sides that burns. These produce an effect that is similar to a fountain style firework. As a bottle sparkler burns, it creates a shower of sparks that shoot out the top of the device and rain down gently in all directions. This makes for a much larger display for your guests to see while keeping the hot sparkle in the air away from the bottle and your hands as you carry it to the table.

Additionally, this fountain style design eliminates the smoke that is produced by most traditional types of sparklers. With the exception of wedding sparklers, the majority of sparklers produce too much smoke to be safely used indoors. Bottle sparklers produce a low enough level of smoke that this isn’t a concern. You can enjoy them indoors all night long! Additionally, their thick tubular design allows them to be attached to the bottle neck with a sparkler safety clip to be safe and secure without any worries. This a feature that is not available with any other sparkler design.

The Bottom Line: Bottle Sparklers vs. Regular Sparklers

In the end, you can see that a bottle sparkler offers a unique set of features. That make them the ideal choice for use in a bar or nightclub. When comparing bottle sparklers vs. regular sparklers, how they will be used matters. Though you can find a colorful or smokeless sparkler elsewhere, no other style combines all those features the way that these do. These off a unique combination of size, color options, effect style, and low smoke production. That coupled with the safety features makes bottle sparklers the king of bar and nightclub bottle service accessories.

Bottle Service Science

The Science Behind Bottle Service

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When most owners think of offering bottle service in their club, they are thinking about really fast ways to make a quick dollar without needing to put in too much more effort from their staff. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to increase profits, but it is important to realize that there is much more science behind bottle service than one would imagine. Actually, nearly everything in a bar or nightclub is based on science rather than just personal taste, so knowing the numbers and perfecting the art is something anyone can learn with the right information handed to them. Here are some basic tips to help you get the science of bottle service right for your bar or nightclub.

What Type of Bottles

The most important element of selling more bottle service is to know what your customers want. Though you may occasionally get a request for another type of high-end liquor, most customers will be ordering vodka or champagne. This is an important piece of the science, because you want to know what to offer your customers when you approach them as potential bottle service customers. It is always best to put together a simple and effective bottle service menu to help guide your customers to the right option for their needs, not try to offer them something they don’t want to drink. Vodka mixes well with a variety of items, and champagne stands perfectly all by itself.

Promos Earn Profits

Putting together promotional packages for your high-end spirits will always help you sell more. Consider creating packages that include a full bottle of premium vodka such as Grey Goose or Belvedere coupled with a smaller bottle of liquor such as tequila that is better for taking shots. This type of package allows your guests to mix vodka drinks during their evening and have a few shooters, and you can usually work out combo deals with your liquor distributors. Don’t be afraid to discuss coupling premium vodkas and champagnes with other liquors that your distributor offers in exchange for a volume discount because this is a really great way to earn extra profits without increasing prices.

Make It a Big Deal

When you deliver your bottle service package to a customer, you want to create a massive spectacle so that everyone in the bar or nightclub notices. The science behind this is twofold; to impress the buyer by making them feel important and to sell more bottle service packages. Part of the justification of spending $500 on bottle service is the “VIP status” it indicates to everyone else in the club, and this will have a dramatic impact on the number of packages you sell in an evening.

One of the most classic ways to draw attention to bottle service is to use bottle sparklers to literally direct people’s eyes on the spectacle. Nothing turns more heads than sparks flying everywhere in a dark club, so this is the classic go-to for nearly every hotspot. However, sparklers may not be practical in some bars or nightclubs because of fire codes or local laws prohibiting their use, so another option may be LED wands that create a similar effect. There are several great options out there to draw attention to the bottles as they are being served, so research some options that work for your venue because it is one of the most crucial elements of the science behind bottle service and increasing profits.

Welcome to Sparkler City

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Sparkler City imageSparkler City is proud to be an industry leader for bottle sparklers for bars, restaurants, and nightclubs to increase the sales of bottle service and other high profit items. We are always offering up product updates and free industry-related tips to help bar and nightclub owners get the most out of their businesses. We will be updating this blog section on a very regular basis with these bottle sparkler ideas and business tips, so be sure to check back very often. From everyone at Sparkler City, we wish you big success and well-wishes with everything at your bar, restaurant, or nightclub!

Why Choose Sparkler City?

At Sparkler City, we are committed to excellence in customer service. You have a lot of things to do running a bar or nightclub, and buying bottle sparklers should be an easy task. We make ordering simple, and we back our orders with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ll receive exactly what you ordered every time, or we will make it right immediately.

Who is Behind Sparkler City?

The people behind Sparkler City are no strangers to the industry. We also sell sparklers for weddings online, and have been in the fireworks industry as a whole for over 10 years. We have the experience to get the highest quality bottle sparklers possible at the lowest prices. We transfer those savings onto you, making Sparkler City the best value for sparklers for your bar or nightclub.

How Shopping Works?

Like any other shopping site, our site is simple to use! Just add the bottle sparklers or other items that you want to your cart, and the checkout securely. We will ship your order quickly, usually same day if you order before the early afternoon. Your order of bottle sparklers will show up at your bar, nightclub, restaurant, or home in a timely manner. You’ll be ready to treat your customers like VIPs in no time! It’s really that simple!

Whether it’s your first time ordering bottle sparklers online or you are just looking to get a lower price, we urge you to give our new website a try. You won’t find a better selection or cheaper prices on bottle sparklers anywhere. Plus, our website is so simple to use. Thank you for your interest in our company, and we hope we can supply you with sparkling profits!

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