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Summer Trends for Bars and Nightclubs

Summer Trends for Bars and Nightclubs

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Summer is historically not the best time of year for sales at a bar or nightclub because there is too much to do outdoors. Many people would rather sit around a fire in their backyard with inexpensive beer that they purchased at a liquor store and enjoy the beautiful weather than belly up to an indoor bar for expensive cocktails. Additionally, many people travel during the summer months which means that on any given weekend the pool of available patrons is much smaller than other times of the year. However, with careful marketing and the proper choice of activities, you can still pack your bar with plenty of customers that are ready to pay for a great experience. Here are some summer trends for bars and nightclubs that will help you keep your venue in the red until the much more lucrative fall and winter months arrive.

Summer Music Shows

With so many fun things that people can do at home on a budget, you need to really come up with enticing forms of entertainment that can’t be duplicated outside of a bar or nightclub. For dance and nightclubs that are staying with the latest trends, make sure you’re bringing in the best DJs and EDM (electronic dance music) performers possible. For neighborhood bars, try to bring in the best known cover bands in your area to draw in as much of the available crowd as possible.

Fun Summer Cocktails

You should constantly be evolving your selection of delicious cocktails at any bar or nightclub, and this is particularly true right now with such a strong emphasis on mixology. For a summertime treat that your guests will love, you should create some delicious cocktails that are refreshing after a hot day of work in the backyard based around fruit drinks like lemonade or pomegranate. You can also put these types of drinks on special to revive sales for cocktails such as long island iced teas or Lynchburg lemonades.

Utilize Outdoor Spaces

To make your venue more enticing, consider making use of whatever outdoor spaces you have available such as a patio. If your permit allows, you should setup a temporary service station outside so your customers can buy drinks right there and people passing by can see that there’s a lot of outdoor activity at your bar. This isn’t one of the newest marketing trends around, but it’s highly effective.

Themed Events

Themed events are another great way to bring in more business during the summer and are one of the hottest trends currently. Consider having a “beach party” event, a weekend dedicated to Caribbean cocktails and cuisine, or anything else people associate with a tropical adventure. Most people don’t get to experience these things on a daily basis, so it can be a great way to offer your customers a mini vacation right in their own town or city.

Increase Your Marketing Efforts

Whenever there are less people to attract to your bar or nightclub, the first thing you should do is make sure everyone knows what you’re offering. However you happen to advertise, you should consider ramping up those marketing efforts for your bar or nightclub to bring as many people into the venue as possible.

By offering great events and activities at your venue, you can keep your business profitable during the down summer months. Just make sure to cater to customers using the best summer trends for bars and nightclubs and people will be lining up around the block for a really great time.

Boosting Revenues with Champagne Drinks

Boosting Revenues with Champagne Drinks

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Almost every bar or nightclub owner knows that staying on top of the latest trends is the best way to ensure you’re bringing in the most business possible. Without adopting the latest and greatest marketing tactics, service procedures, and nightlife products on the market, your competition will quickly gain traction and start to suck away even your most loyal customers. In recent years, there has been a massive spike in popularity with champagne; and I’m not just talking about pouring flutes of the stuff to order. With the rise of mixology, champagne has found new life as a component of some of the newest and most luxurious cocktails available, so getting in on this market is crucial if you want to stay competitive.

Besides the obvious fun and celebration factor that champagne brings to the drinking experience, there are some key benefits that this beverage brings to bar and nightclub owners. The overwhelming majority of people who order champagne drinks are woman, and that is precisely the clientele you want to bring into your establishment. We all know that where the women go, the men will follow; so here are some fun and simple ideas of how to put more champagne on your drink menu and attractive that elusive and lucrative demographic.

Simple Champagne Cocktail

Probably the most standard cocktail you can make using champagne is also one of the easiest drinks to make all time. Just take a champagne flute, drop in a sugar cube, add 3 drop of bitters, and fill the glass with champagne. Top this lovely cocktail with a lemon twist and you’re ready to start serving to a whole new type of clientele.

Air Mail

The “Air Mail” is an increasingly popular cocktail that is served in a Collins glass and will be appreciated by your male customers as well as the women. Just put 5 ounces of champagne, 2 ounces of Puerto Rican rum, ½ ounce of lime juice, and a teaspoon of honey into a shaker. Shake the concoction well and pour it unstrained over ice into the Collins glass and serve. This cockatiel is light and bubbly, but the Puerto Rican rum adds a very deep level of complexity that your customers will love.


If you don’t have the mimosa on your menu already, you should probably have your head examined. Anyone who has ever been to Cancun or another resort area in Mexico is familiar with this delicious beverage, so you should have no problem selling a ton of them when they are proximately displayed on your drink menu. Simply mix 2 parts fresh-squeezed orange juice and 1 part champagne in a champagne flute to create a carbonated and alcohol-infused treat that everyone loves. Mimosas are particularly popular as a breakfast drink, so they are a great addition to your Blood Mary specials that you run during your Sunday morning breakfast or brunch services.

Black Velvet

This delicious cocktail brings together the best of the beer and champagne worlds into one glass. In a Collins glass, create a 50/50 mix of a good stout beer (preferably Guinness) and brut champagne. Make sure you only gently stir the concoction with a plastic stir stick so you don’t disturb the natural carbonation profile of this cocktail. The black velvet will not only appeal to fans of stout beer looking to try something new but can also bring women patrons to the dark side by giving them a taste of something they likely wouldn’t consider trying otherwise.

Crafting Alcohol-Free Drink Options

Crafting Alcohol-Free Drink Options

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Even though the vast majority of your customers are going to order beer and cocktails at your establishment, every great bar and nightclub has a unique menu of signature beverages that don’t contain any alcohol whatsoever. There are a number of reasons that you should do this, but the most logical reason this is necessary is for sober cab drivers. You want your patrons to be responsible and have a designated driver so that they are safe and don’t drive home drunk, so offering beverages for that person will ensure that it doesn’t seem like a punishment rather than a duty that everyone takes turns performing. If all you have is water and soda for the sober drivers to enjoy, it can make their experience less fun and lead to less patrons over time.

On top of that, many bars also serve food during the regular evening hours and have customers that are not old enough to drink. Though most bars and nightclubs stop allowing underage patrons at a certain time during the evening, there is still a lot of money that can be made by selling them alcohol-free cocktails rather than just water or soda. It is also important to remember that crafting a memorable and unique beverage without alcohol is just as difficult and scientific as crafting a regular cocktail, so the same concepts of mixology will apply. Here are a few classic drink ideas that you can use as a foundation for your alcohol-free drink menu.


Teas are a very popular choice as a base for non-alcoholic beverages because they are incredibly versatile. Tea offers a perfect canvas for creating unique flavors, and there are several great varieties available to make things even better. Many people think of tea as a hot beverage, but it actually works quite nicely as a chilled beverage too. One of the best ways to make tea taste wonderful is to infuse it with flavors much like you would with alcohol. Consider marinating your tea with raspberries, strawberries, or another type of fruit to make it a delicious alcohol-free option for your guests.


Lemonade is another great option for alcohol-free cocktails because it is very popular and can be “jazzed up” quite easily by simply adding some other mixers from behind the bar or infusing it with fresh fruit. Additionally, you can use your lemonade concoction as a mixer itself to create alcoholic beverages that your other guests can enjoy as well. Not only will this make for a great non-alcoholic beverage, but you can also incorporate your flavored lemonade into your mixology.

Sparkling Water

While it may sound really basic and non-appetizing, sparkling water can take a very bland creation to a whole new level. Let’s face it; carbonation is just plain fun, so adding a little to an otherwise ordinary drink can really help you improve sales. Even doing something as simple as adding some sparkling water to one of your other beverages like an infused tea or lemonade can create a very unique experience, so make sure you try everything before you hang up your hat and call it a day. The bottom line is that you should not be afraid to experiment with your non-alcoholic drinks in the same way you experiment with your other beverages, and an increase in sales will be your reward.

Cocktail Infusions

The Science Behind Infusions

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Recently, mixology has taken center stage at many of the most upscale and popular bars and nightclubs, and patrons have been welcoming it with open arms. Gone are the days of simply serving draft beer and standard cocktails mixed with cola, today’s consumer is a little more demanding. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of infusions, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to sell more drinks at larger profits, as well as attractive a loyal customer base that will frequent your establishment. The science behind infusions is actually quite simple, so here’s an introduction that will help your bar or nightclub adapt and embrace the latest trends.

What are Infusions?

The concept of an infusion is actually quite simple; it is any liquor or mixer that is combined with another flavor through a process called infusing. The idea of infusing flavors into alcohol isn’t new at all, there are many different flavored vodkas on the market that use the same technique to offer a more diverse product line to their consumers. Anytime you see an orange or blackberry flavored vodka, that’s an infusion. Another popular flavor that you’ve likely seen on the rise is maple which has been infused with everything from spiced rums to 12 year old single malt scotches.

How Do I Make an Infusion?

Making your own infusions is very simple to do, but is can be a little tricky to get just right. To combine a flavor into an alcohol, you simple combine the two (or more) into one container and allow it to “marinate” for a prescribed period of time. For instance, if you wanted to make a strawberry and black pepper brandy, you would add a specific amount of brandy, fresh strawberries, and cracked black pepper into a container for a certain length of time. The amount of each item you put into the vat as well as the time you allow it to age will have a large impact of the final flavor, so you’ll need to play around until you get it just right. Chances are that you’ll go through several ideas and timings before you find a recipe that is actually worth keeping, but all that work will certainly pay off in the end.

The Benefits of Selling Infusions

Once you have an award-winning concoction infused together, you can start selling it at your bar or nightclub. Make sure you come up with a few cocktails that utilize your custom infused alcohol so your customers have a variety of choices to suit their taste buds. The biggest benefit of offering infusions is that your competition can never duplicate it and steal away your business. Even if they try to clone it, they won’t get it right unless they know the exact brands, quantities, and marinating times for your custom infusion. This means that customers who like your particular blend will only be able to get it at your bar and will come back time and again to enjoy a delicious beverage.

Whether you’re a small local bar or a big city nightclub, you’ll need to start adopting infusions to compete with the competition. The sooner you begin experimenting with different recipes, the sooner you can lock down signature cocktails that can’t be duplicated. It’s best to start off small or hire a professional mixologist to come in and help you get started, but the time or money will be well-rewarded in the end.

Beer Cocktails

The Rise of Beer Cocktails

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Things have been changing pretty drastically in the bar and nightclub business recently, and not even beer drinkers are immune to this wave of change. It used to be that you could rely on your beer drinkers to order the same tap or bottled beer on regular basis, with exception of maybe adding a couple of large green olives or a shot of tomato juice, but the new generation of drinkers has a much more elaborate and discerning taste. Essentially considered the mixology of beers, the rise of beer cocktails is well at hand and sweeping the industry like wildfire. There are a few different ways people like to have their beers mixed, and looking at all the possibilities is the first step to mastering the art.

Mixing Beers

The first method of creating beer cocktails is also the oldest, mixing two beers together to create one new “super” beer. This practice has existed for well over a decade already, but the recipes have gotten more elaborate and the frequency that they are ordered has gone up drastically. Classic versions of mixed beer cocktails include the famous “black and tan” which is an Irish stout (typically Guinness) and pale ale mixed in equal parts. Other popular choices include variations such as the “black and blue” which substitutes Blue Moon for the pale ale or the “black and brown” which uses brown ale instead of the pale ale. There is literally a list of hundreds of combinations, so you may want to study up to better serve your clientele.

Beer Cocktails

Beyond mixing two or more beers together to create a unique flavor, people are growing very fond of actual beer cocktails that combine beers and liquors to create completely new drinks. A classic example of this is known as the “Belfast car bomb” which mixes Guinness stout, Bailey’s Irish cream, and Jameson Irish whiskey together to make a shot that is unlike anything else you can buy. But recently, customers have gotten more adventurous and start using beer in place of standard mixers like cola to create beer and whiskeys, beer and rums, and beer and tequilas. One of the more popular variations mixes apple flavored ale with Jack Daniel’s whiskey to create an “Apple Jack”.

Premixed Flavored Beers

With so much popularity and so many variations out there, many companies are capitalizing on this new trend to drum up more profits. There are companies that are releasing premixed versions of these beer cocktails such as beer mixed with margaritas, beer mixed with clam and tomato juice, and even fortified beers that have liquor added directly to the batches before bottling or canning. You can even buy premixed versions of beer combinations such as black and tans which usually come in larger jugs that contain more than one serving. Though these premixed versions are already out there on the shelves, you can make a lot more money by mixing them yourself right at the bar.

As the availability of beer cocktails and premixed beverages rises, more and more customers will show up seeking them rail side. This can be a great way to draw in the younger demographic and also earn higher profit margins. Make sure your bartenders are properly trained in all the latest beer cocktails to ensure they are prepared to satisfy their customers.

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