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Increasing Business Through Bar Promotions

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No matter how many barstools you fill each night, most bars and nightclubs can always use a little more business. Whether you only need to pack in more people on weeknights or you need more business across the board, bar promotions are your first stop on the road to more profits. However, with so many different ways to promote your bar or nightclub out there, it can be tough to know which promotions that you should focus your time and money. Here are a few classic ways to go about increasing business through bar promotions that have stood the test of time.

Word of Mouth

By far the most valuable way to advertise your bar is by word of mouth. There is nothing that generates revenues faster than happy customers recruiting more patrons on your behalf and bringing them in to have a few cocktails. On top of being very effective in terms of promotions, word of mouth advertising is essentially free. This means that not only will you reap the benefits bringing in new business but also you won’t have to pay a nickel for the privilege.

However, getting people to advertise for you via word of mouth can be trickier than it seems. First, you need to understand that word of mouth has extended to include social media now, so you need to encourage people to connect with you on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Also, you need to give them things to chatter about such as new cocktail specials and live entertainment. By getting the recipe just right, you can give your loyal customers a great platform from which to speak and great things to say when people are listening.

Event Sponsorships

Another great way of finding promotions to get your name out there for a relatively low price is to sponsor local events. These events can range from church functions to charity auctions, but almost always you can get a huge banner that has your bar or nightclub’s name in huge letters for everyone to see. Not only will the people at the event get exposed to your logo over and over again, but they will also feel good about buying food and drinks at your establishment because you give back to the community.

Host Events

When you’re ready to start putting together some big time events to attract new customers, you’ll need to put together a great plan. By following these basic steps, your events are sure to be a success:

  • Prepare: Make sure you work out a budget and plan every detail of your event. If you want to stay profitable, you’ll need to stick to your budget no matter what.
  • Make a Schedule: Having a calendar put together of the things you need to get done for the promotions event will help you be ready when the big day finally arrives. Also, you’ll want to have a schedule put together so your guests know exactly what is happening and when.
  • High Energy: No matter what type of event you’re hosting, make sure it is high energy and fun. You are more likely to encourage future word of mouth advertising if you create an experience that is worth talking about.
  • Go Until Late: Nobody likes the party to get over too early, so make sure you keep the event running as late as possible. No matter if it’s a DJ, a live band, or another type of entertainment, people usually start clearing out the minute the show is over.
Advertising Mistakes and Solutions

3 Advertising Mistakes and Solutions

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We all know that spending money on advertising for your bar or nightclub is a necessary evil, but the last thing you want to do is throw that money in the toilet. If you really need to spend money on something to help your club bring in more customers, you obviously want to put that money into the tactics that will produce the best returns. Unfortunately, all too often I hear complaints from bar and nightclub owners about how much money they’ve wasted trying a certain type of advertising campaign. With all those complaints in mind, I present to you a guide of 3 advertising mistakes and solutions so you don’t fall prey to the errors of the past.

1 – Bragging About Your Company

Often times people will try to advertise for themselves instead of hiring a professional, and that can often lead to trouble. One common theme I see too often is companies bragging about how great their business is. The problem is that most people don’t care about your company; they care only about your products.

The solution is to advertise your products with a strong focus on how they can solve the problems of the potential buyer. Rather than boasting, try using real-word scenarios and science to prove that your product or service is the right one for them. For instance, instead of “Established in 1997”, you could put “Home of the $2 Burger” outside your bar.

2 – Wait for Business to Come to You

Another big problem that I see a lot is businesses letting leads go when they should be pursuing them vigorously. Any time that you can track the habits of your customers and offer them a real value in exchange for their business, you can easily gain a repeat customer. Too often I see bars and nightclubs wasting these opportunities or trying to mindlessly push coupons on disinterested patrons.

Instead, implement trackable platforms such as social media and online newsletter subscriptions. That way, you can engage your customers directly and also see what they are most interested in when they visit your social media page or open a newsletter. Also, don’t just send an endless barrage of marketing materials to your customers; send them useful articles or news and tack on a coupon to the bottom so you can subtly advertise to them and they will actually be grateful for it.

3 – Cheapskate Advertising

Of all the things that I see through an average day, this one ticks me off the most. There is nothing sadder than a business owner who desperately wants to bring in more business but won’t spend the proper amount of money to do it. Sure, a penny saved is a penny earned, but there’s a big difference between being thrifty and cheap; and when you’re advertising for your bar or nightclub you really need to know the difference.

What you need to come to grips with is that a certain amount of your advertising will not directly show you a return. For instance, not knowing how many people that are in your bar checked out the website before they came in doesn’t mean you should scrap the website. Like all things in life, the more expensive a form of advertising is the more effective it will likely be. There’s a reason that the best types of advertising are more expensive than the others, and it’s because they actually work and will earn you tons of cash by bringing in more customers to your bar or nightclub. Whatever you do, don’t avoid spending money on the types of advertising that will work best.

In-House Marketing

How In-House Marketing Boosts Sales

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Most people who run their own business are familiar with the concept of traditional marketing such as television, radio, and internet advertising. These are all important facets to bringing in new customers and reminding old ones that you still exist, but what do you do to make those customers by more drinks while they are in your bar or nightclub? How do you turn a $10 sale from a customer into a $20 sale? The answer is called in-house marketing, and there are many ways you can use this technique to boost sales throughout your establishment.

If you have a great bar staff that has invented some unique cocktails and infusions that are ready to be displayed to the world, in-house marketing is the best possible way to accomplish that feat. Since these types of drinks are completely exclusive to your bar or nightclub, the only way your customers will even know they exist is if you put that information right in front of their faces. This can quickly make them interested in at least sampling something new and will earn you more profits in the process. Here are a few ways you can do in-house marketing that will actually increase your sales each night.

Table Tents

Table tents are a classic way to advertise specials in a bar or nightclub atmosphere because you literally place them on every single table. While your guests are waiting, they will pick up the table tent and read whatever is on it. If you promote your uniquely crafted beverages, you are sure to see an uptick in sales before the night is over. The downside is that table tents can look a little tacky in upscale nightclubs, so this option doesn’t always work.

Menu Highlights

Another great way to showcase your cocktails and infusions is to give them prime real estate in your drinks menu. The way your menu layout is designed is crucial to selling what you want because you can set it up to draw the eye to certain menu items. Consider placing the drinks you want to push in bolder text or in a box with a decorative border so the human eye automatically shifts to look at the most obvious text on the page.

Word of Mouth

Obviously, some people aren’t going to pick up a table tent or look at a drink menu because they already know what they want; or at least they think they do! Training your bartenders and servers to upsell your highest profit drinks is a great way to earn more money, better engage the customers, and offer them flavors they’ve never tried before. If a customer is ordering a vodka tonic, upsell them your infused vodka or infused tonic to try a little taste of something new. Even if you only get an extra quarter per sale that can really add up by the end of a night.

DJ Announcement

Consider having your DJ or band make an announcement over the PA systems about your latest creations or bar specials. It isn’t uncommon for them to say things like “don’t forget to tip your servers and bartenders”, so having them do a quick shout out to a specific drink can help tremendously. It doesn’t need to be a long statement or blatant advertisement; just something like “have your tried this new drink? It is delicious!” will do the job perfectly and not seem too obvious.

Jag Bombs

Cross-Promotions Improve Sales

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Most people in the bar or nightclub industry know just how important it is to increase sales, and one of the most common methods out there is known as cross-promotions. If you’ve ever received a deal on a new flavor of liquor for one of your distributors, then you already know that companies are usually willing to work with you to introduce new items in the marketplace. Rather than spending endless amounts of money taking out print and television ads trying to promote these new products, manufacturers usually rely on bartenders to push the new items via word-of-mouth. Though some type of paid advertising is incorporated into their marketing plan, there is nothing more proactive then simply putting the new drinks into a customer’s hands.

What are Cross-Promotions?

Simply put, a cross-promotion is pairing either brands or flavors together to create a new niche in the marketplace. You are probably familiar with one of the latest crazes, adding a maple flavored selection to an already successful line of products. Companies such as Crown Royal and Captain Morgan have released lines of maple flavored whisky and rum to appeal to a different type of drinker that would normally overlook their products. By simply adding a different set of flavors, you can create new signature cocktails that can become very trendy and increase sales. There are even companies creating bacon inspired cocktails to play an every American’s natural addiction to the delicious meat.

A Case Study

One of the most successful cross-promotions in nightlife history is known as the Coronarita. Capitalizing on the popularity of margaritas, Corona released special bottle holders that sit on the rim of a margarita glass and hold a bottle of Corona upside-down into the glass. As you sip on your margarita, the liquid that is removed is replaced by the beer to create a new flavor as you work your way through the beverage. Each time you take a drink, the ratio of Corona to margarita increases to keep the experience enjoyable.

Another great example is the “Jag Bomb” which simply incorporates Red Bull into a regular shot of Jägermeister. Using a special shot glass called a “barrel shot”, the Jägermeister is poured into the center section of the shot glass and Red Bull is poured into the outer ring. This design keeps the two components separate, but when they are consumed the two flavors blend together to create a delicious mixture. This shot has since been adapted to different varieties using the same principal except the Jägermeister is replaced by either vodka or cherry flavored Dr. McGillicuddy’s.

Though the industry has barely scratched the surface in regards to cross-promotion, it has emerged as one of the hottest new trends for bars and nightclubs. Mixology has been steadily on the rise anyway, but cross-promotions gives bar and nightclub owners the opportunity to create an up-sale while the customer is able to enjoy new flavors they’ve never tried before. Just talk to your liquor distributors to find out what new and exciting cross-promotion items are available and they are sure to give you several great ideas and likely even discounted prices.

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