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How to Use Bottle Sparklers Properly

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Here at Sparkler City, we get a lot of questions about how to use bottle sparklers properly. These questions range from basic safety procedures to how you attach them to your bottle. Even what the best way to light them is. In light of the high demand for the answers to these types of questions from our loyal bar and nightclub customers, we have decided to put together this page for your reference purposes.

How to Use Bottle Sparklers Safely – The Basics

It’s important to remember that bottle sparklers are combustible just like any other type of fireworks that you’ve handled in the past. The fact that they are commonly used indoors and around large groups of people has nothing to do with the fact that they can still be dangerous if not handled properly. Never point a burning bottle sparkler at any person or object and always make sure it is far away from anyone or anything. Just remember to use common sense and treat them like the fireworks they are and you shouldn’t have any problems while using them.

Attaching Sparklers to Bottles

Attaching your sparklers to a bottle is very simple; provided you have all the right equipment on hand. You will need a sparkler safety clip to do this correctly because any other method can lead to problems. Simply attach the larger side of your safety clip to the neck of your favorite bottle of wine, liquor, champagne, or other adult beverage and fasten the sparkler into the smaller side of the clip. Your bottle sparkler should now be sturdy and secure and awaiting the moment that you light it up.

Lighting a Bottle Sparkler

Lighting bottle sparklers is a fairly painless and simple process. Unlike regular sparklers, you light the entire tip area of these to get them going. There is a small piece of (what appears to be) tissue paper covering the end, and that’s what you want to light. You can use a match, lighter, candle, blowtorch; it doesn’t really matter. Just make sure you keep your hand out of the way when it starts throwing out its sparks.

Delivering a Bottle to a Table

When carrying your bottle service customers their sparkling bottle, it is important to keep it away from the guests until they have finished emitting sparks. Don’t let the customer handle the bottle during the performance, nor should you set the bottle on the table. Your best choice is to hold it in the air in a visible area away from the table until the sparklers are finished and then remove the used sparklers and clip before you set it down for the customer to enjoy their drinks. Not only will this allow them the full show, but it also prevents any unintentional injury to the customers. You need to educate your employees on how to use bottle sparklers correctly. When mastered, this can make your customers feel like VIPs while at your club!

Extinguishing Bottle Sparklers

After you’ve learned how to use bottle sparklers, they’re finished burning, and you’ve removed them from the bottle along with the safety clip, it can be tempting to toss them in the trash. After all, if your hand isn’t on fire while holding them, they are obviously safe to chuck into the trash. Wrong. Small embers that could still be cooling can easily light paper or other trash even if you believe it is completely extinguished. To be completely safe, you should always extinguish your used bottle sparklers entirely. Do this by submerging them in water before tossing them in the trash. Also, always keep a high quality fire extinguisher on hand, too.

Many bars and nightclubs keep a bucket behind the bar on busy nights and then empty all of the used bottle sparklers into the trash at the end of the night. Part of knowing how to use bottle sparklers properly is making sure they’re completely extinguished. Then you can confidently attend to the customers in your bar or nightclub and focus on other tasks.

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New Products: LED Bottle Sparklers, Foam Sticks, and Double Sparkler Clips

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Sparkler City is proud to announce a new selection of items for our bar and nightclub customers! We have added a group of LED items that will help you take your customer experience to the next level including LED bottle sparklers and LED foam sticks to really get your dance floor hopping. Additionally, we have added double sparkler safety clips that allow you to attach two bottle sparklers to a bottle at one time. Each of our new products has its own advantages, so here are some details on each individual item.

LED Bottle Sparklers

With bottle service being so popular, using sparklers is starting to trend. Instead of using regular sparklers, we now offer the option to use premium LED bottle sparklers instead. They offer many advantages over the traditional version. First, they are reusable which saves money. Second, they won’t break any fire codes. They are the most exciting of our new products!

LED Foam Sticks

Our LED foam sticks are another new addition to our LED items family and are unlike anything else you’ve ever seen! Each stick is made from foam material so it is soft to the touch and contains a series of LED lights that can flash in a variety of patterns. Simply click the button to select the flashing pattern you like best and let the LED fun begin! Hand our LED foam sticks out to bring more energy to your dance floor during DJs or live performances, and you could even sell them to earn more income.

Double Sparkler Clips

We are the only website to offer our double sparkler clips which make them our exclusive item! Our double sparkler clips are perfect for any time that you want to place two bottle sparklers on one bottle at the same time! They are completely compatible with both our gold and color bottle sparklers, plus they are fully reusable so you don’t need to buy them over and over again.

Why We Add New Products

Sparkler City is proud to bring cutting-edge new products into the mainstream, and these are just our latest additions. We are always on the lookout for new products that will help you boost sales and profits, so make sure you check back often. Please share this on your favorite social media platforms like Facebook to help to get the word out, and also rest assured that every new item we add to our store is hand-selected for quality so you know you’re getting the best quality in the business.

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