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Summer Trends for Bars and Nightclubs

Summer Trends for Bars and Nightclubs

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Summer is historically not the best time of year for sales at a bar or nightclub because there is too much to do outdoors. Many people would rather sit around a fire in their backyard with inexpensive beer that they purchased at a liquor store and enjoy the beautiful weather than belly up to an indoor bar for expensive cocktails. Additionally, many people travel during the summer months which means that on any given weekend the pool of available patrons is much smaller than other times of the year. However, with careful marketing and the proper choice of activities, you can still pack your bar with plenty of customers that are ready to pay for a great experience. Here are some summer trends for bars and nightclubs that will help you keep your venue in the red until the much more lucrative fall and winter months arrive.

Summer Music Shows

With so many fun things that people can do at home on a budget, you need to really come up with enticing forms of entertainment that can’t be duplicated outside of a bar or nightclub. For dance and nightclubs that are staying with the latest trends, make sure you’re bringing in the best DJs and EDM (electronic dance music) performers possible. For neighborhood bars, try to bring in the best known cover bands in your area to draw in as much of the available crowd as possible.

Fun Summer Cocktails

You should constantly be evolving your selection of delicious cocktails at any bar or nightclub, and this is particularly true right now with such a strong emphasis on mixology. For a summertime treat that your guests will love, you should create some delicious cocktails that are refreshing after a hot day of work in the backyard based around fruit drinks like lemonade or pomegranate. You can also put these types of drinks on special to revive sales for cocktails such as long island iced teas or Lynchburg lemonades.

Utilize Outdoor Spaces

To make your venue more enticing, consider making use of whatever outdoor spaces you have available such as a patio. If your permit allows, you should setup a temporary service station outside so your customers can buy drinks right there and people passing by can see that there’s a lot of outdoor activity at your bar. This isn’t one of the newest marketing trends around, but it’s highly effective.

Themed Events

Themed events are another great way to bring in more business during the summer and are one of the hottest trends currently. Consider having a “beach party” event, a weekend dedicated to Caribbean cocktails and cuisine, or anything else people associate with a tropical adventure. Most people don’t get to experience these things on a daily basis, so it can be a great way to offer your customers a mini vacation right in their own town or city.

Increase Your Marketing Efforts

Whenever there are less people to attract to your bar or nightclub, the first thing you should do is make sure everyone knows what you’re offering. However you happen to advertise, you should consider ramping up those marketing efforts for your bar or nightclub to bring as many people into the venue as possible.

By offering great events and activities at your venue, you can keep your business profitable during the down summer months. Just make sure to cater to customers using the best summer trends for bars and nightclubs and people will be lining up around the block for a really great time.

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5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Bar

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If you’re looking to make a little more money with your bar or you’re just trying to keep the doors open, it can seem like it’s too late to do anything about the underlying issues. Most marketing campaigns take a lot of time to setup, money to get them off the ground, and time to actually see results. Since all three of those things are something you likely won’t have in abundance, throwing in the towel may seem like the sensible choice. However, before you give up completely, there are a few things that you can try to see some immediate results. These 5 ways to immediately improve your bar will work best if you have a long-term strategy in place as well, but if push comes to shove these may just keep your lights on and your doors open.

Know Your Customers

Attracting the right type of customers to your bar is the most reliable way to get repeat customers. By knowing your customers and targeting your bar to their wants and needs, you can create an environment where they want to return on a frequent basis. Additionally, if you target a specific demographic, chances are you will build new friendships among your customers since they will have similar interests. This is good for your customers, but more importantly it’s going to improve your bar and bottom line.

For instance, if your customers buy bottle service, make enhancements. Decorate your offerings with champagne bottle sparklers or other adornments to increase sales. Perhaps you could diversify the spirits that you offer. Tailor it to your guests and watch the profits come in.

Appear Exclusive

A big part of making people want to come to your bar is because they know it will be a good time. Creating the impression that your bar is exclusive will generate more desire to get in the doors and thus will encourage each customer to spend more money. Additionally, you can use this edge to improve the customer experience, so in the end you are creating a truly exclusive experience.

Build Entertainment Relationships

Every area has a few local bands or entertainment acts that are a cut above the rest, and whatever bar books them will draw in the most business on that particular night. This is why it’s so important to build good relationships with these bands and entertainment acts so you can keep them at your bar instead of somewhere else. Just remember that the money you spend on your entertainment helps to build your bar’s brand over the long term. So, spending a little more is something worth considering.

Perfect Your Operations

Sloppy operations not only reduce your overall profitability, but it also makes the experience less fantastic for your guests. Go through your processes and operations including evaluating each of your employees. Make sure you properly train your staff for success. Eliminating waste and making things more streamlined will make you more money and will improve the long term outlook for your bar.

Embrace the Latest Trends While you Improve Your Bar

Trends come and trends go, but you can make a lot of money if you can stay on top of what’s hot and what’s out of style. Make sure you get a subscription to every appropriate bar and nightclub website and magazines that are in your area and actually take the time to read through them and learn how to improve your bar. By offering the latest trends to your target demographic, you’ll be providing exactly the service they want and creating an experience that your competition will find difficult to match.

Boosting Revenues with Champagne Drinks

Boosting Revenues with Champagne Drinks

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Almost every bar or nightclub owner knows that staying on top of the latest trends is the best way to ensure you’re bringing in the most business possible. Without adopting the latest and greatest marketing tactics, service procedures, and nightlife products on the market, your competition will quickly gain traction and start to suck away even your most loyal customers. In recent years, there has been a massive spike in popularity with champagne; and I’m not just talking about pouring flutes of the stuff to order. With the rise of mixology, champagne has found new life as a component of some of the newest and most luxurious cocktails available, so getting in on this market is crucial if you want to stay competitive.

Besides the obvious fun and celebration factor that champagne brings to the drinking experience, there are some key benefits that this beverage brings to bar and nightclub owners. The overwhelming majority of people who order champagne drinks are woman, and that is precisely the clientele you want to bring into your establishment. We all know that where the women go, the men will follow; so here are some fun and simple ideas of how to put more champagne on your drink menu and attractive that elusive and lucrative demographic.

Simple Champagne Cocktail

Probably the most standard cocktail you can make using champagne is also one of the easiest drinks to make all time. Just take a champagne flute, drop in a sugar cube, add 3 drop of bitters, and fill the glass with champagne. Top this lovely cocktail with a lemon twist and you’re ready to start serving to a whole new type of clientele.

Air Mail

The “Air Mail” is an increasingly popular cocktail that is served in a Collins glass and will be appreciated by your male customers as well as the women. Just put 5 ounces of champagne, 2 ounces of Puerto Rican rum, ½ ounce of lime juice, and a teaspoon of honey into a shaker. Shake the concoction well and pour it unstrained over ice into the Collins glass and serve. This cockatiel is light and bubbly, but the Puerto Rican rum adds a very deep level of complexity that your customers will love.


If you don’t have the mimosa on your menu already, you should probably have your head examined. Anyone who has ever been to Cancun or another resort area in Mexico is familiar with this delicious beverage, so you should have no problem selling a ton of them when they are proximately displayed on your drink menu. Simply mix 2 parts fresh-squeezed orange juice and 1 part champagne in a champagne flute to create a carbonated and alcohol-infused treat that everyone loves. Mimosas are particularly popular as a breakfast drink, so they are a great addition to your Blood Mary specials that you run during your Sunday morning breakfast or brunch services.

Black Velvet

This delicious cocktail brings together the best of the beer and champagne worlds into one glass. In a Collins glass, create a 50/50 mix of a good stout beer (preferably Guinness) and brut champagne. Make sure you only gently stir the concoction with a plastic stir stick so you don’t disturb the natural carbonation profile of this cocktail. The black velvet will not only appeal to fans of stout beer looking to try something new but can also bring women patrons to the dark side by giving them a taste of something they likely wouldn’t consider trying otherwise.

2015 Bar and Nightclub Trends

Bar and Nightclub Trends for 2015

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Though we still have a little time yet this year, there are some clear and decided trends emerging that will shape the course of the bar and nightclub industry in 2015. In past years, we have witnessed the utilization of social media platforms to advertise and generate buzz about our venues, as well as a rise in the popularity of beer and wine dinners. While those trends have now become staple parts of the bar and nightclub industry, there are still many things that are just over the horizon. Looking forward to 2015, here is some bar and nightclub trends that you need to pay attention to in order to stay ahead of the pack and emerge as the hottest venues for 2015 in your area.

Think Outside the Box

Life was pretty easy when you could order pre-mixed cocktails in a bottle and run-of-the-mill frozen margarita mixes, but today’s patrons have a much more discerning taste and expect much more. With mixology trending in full-swing and a bounty of new flavors hitting the shelves, you need to think outside the box with complex cocktails that push the boundaries of what were once considered classic drinks.

Spice Things Up

Patrons will simply not tolerate simple syrups and standard bitters in their cocktails anymore. With people searching for new and exciting flavors at every bar and nightclub this side of the Mississippi River, you need to have unique and original flavors infused into your mixers to make your cocktails much more interesting and exciting. Additionally, this is an opportunity to make your cocktails taste different than anyone else’s because they literally will be different.

Ramp Up Social Media

This may seem obvious, but social media is only getting more active right now. There are more sites offering conversation tools and more access to networks on mobile devices than ever before, so communication among your patrons will only get more common in the near future. Your best bet is to embrace all new social media as it surfaces to ensure you don’t miss the next big thing. Eventually, people will be so connected that they yearn for genuine human interaction rather than synthetic friendships and conversations; but until then you need to stay with social media trends.

Modernize Your Classic Cocktails

Though you don’t want to change the foundation of the most popular and time-tested cocktails in your arsenal, there is nothing wrong with adding a modern edge to them to attract the younger clientele that will soon be dominating your tables and barstools. Offering classic Manhattan cocktails with bacon and maple-infused spirits can be a zesty change-up, or you can use new technologies such as liquid nitrogen or gloss ice to chill your cocktails in a modern and refined way. No matter how you dress up your classics, it can be a great way to rebrand a traditional drink and market it to a new generation of bar and nightclub patrons.

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