Wholesale Bottle Sparklers

Club Packages

If buying larger quantities of bottle sparklers at wholesale prices is what you’re after for your bar or nightclub, we have put together a great selection of club packages to give you the perfect mix of bottle sparklers and sparkler safety clips to stock you up.

Gold Pack #1

(500 Gold Sparklers,
50 Single Clips)


Gold Pack #2

(1000 Gold Sparklers,
100 Single Clips)


Full Product Description

Each wholesale club package of bottle sparklers and sparkler safety clips are available in in your choice of either gold or color. The #1 packages includes 500 bottle sparklers and 50 single sparkler safety clips while the #2 packages include 1000 bottle sparklers and 100 single sparkler safety clips. These are the perfect packages for your bar or nightclub if you go through a lot of bottle sparklers and want to get the best possible wholesale prices.

*Outside packaging of sparklers may vary in color based on availability.

Club Packages of Wholesale Gold Bottle Sparklers

Club Packages of Wholesale Color Bottle Sparklers