Bottle Sparklers for Nightclubs, Bars, and Restaurants

Champagne bottle sparklers for bars, nightclubs, and restaurants are a really great way to give a special experience to your customers that buy premium VIP packages. Our line of products can increase the sales of your premium packages because folks are attracted to the spectacle. Most commonly, our items are used as champagne bottle service sparklers because of the high cost associated with premium spirits. However, they also work great for liquor and wine too and last a long time. Adding a gold bottle sparkler to your VIP packages will cost less than $1. It will enable you to charge more while also increasing the number of packages your customers purchase.

More VIP Package Sales

One of the largest profit makers in the bar and nightclub industry is VIP package sales according to Bar and Restaurant Expo. Your customers are choosing to buy premium champagne, wine, or liquor for the better flavor and special treatment usually given to a group making that type of purchase. Therefore, making the presentation more interesting and exciting can go a long way too. Simply attach a few of our items with a safety clip before delivering it to the table. You can make the experience seem much more valuable and draw a lot of attention to what is being delivered.

The extra attention that they provide will cause more people to buy your VIP bottle service and also allow you to charge a little more for the trouble. Increasing the number of purchases you get each night by just adding champagne bottle sparklers to the equation is simple. It’s also an immediate way to start earning more profits on day one.

Free Shipping

For added value, we offer free shipping on all orders over $50! Our economy shipping option will be delivered via FedEx SmartPost. It’s a high quality service, and items usually arrive quickly enough for most customers. However, some club owners need their items faster and can’t wait a long time. For a small fee, we will upgrade you to ground shipping for the fastest delivery possible. As always, we try to ship each order the day it is placed. It’s part of our unwavering commitment to being a reliable source for your needs.

Wholesale Packages

Many nightclubs use a lot of our products and prefer to buy in bulk. We offer wholesale club packages in a variety of sizes. When you order at wholesale quantities, you will get the best possible pricing. You will get our same high quality products, you’ll just be paying much lower wholesale pricing. However, we will give a deeply discounted prices for buying in bulk. If you sell a lot of VIP packages, you want to make it as cheap as possible. Fortunately, our wholesale club packages are the most affordable way to go.

Attaching our Club Sparklers to your Spirits

We’ve made attaching club sparklers to your champagne or spirits as simple and safe as possible with our exclusive bottle sparkler safety clips. Each clip attaches to the bottleneck, and then you simply snap one of our items into the clip. We also offer double and triple clips if you prefer to attach multiple ones at a time. Each clip is completely reusable, and they will hold your champagne sparklers securely and safely for many uses. You can buy our safety clips individually, or they are also available as part of our wholesale club packages.

Alternatives to Gold Bottle Sparklers

We understand that local restrictions and fire codes can prevent club owners from using sparklers for bottle service packages. Fortunately, we’ve come up with a few alternatives. This will allow you to highlight your VIP package offerings without the need for an open flame. We now carry our exclusive premium LED bottle sparkler line offer all of the key features of traditional ones without the open flame. They attach to our safety clips in the same way, so there’s no need to buy new accessories. Best of all, the LED version is reusable over and over and last a long time.

It’s worth noting that there are more upfront costs. However, you can actually save a lot of money over time by choosing our LED versions over traditional champagne sparklers for premium packages. After all, they are completely reusable.

Bottle Service with LED Sparklers image

LED Items

Additionally, we offer a variety of LED items to enhance your bar or nightclub. Whether you want to create more sales or enhance the atmosphere, we have you covered. Previously, we mentioned replacing traditional items with our LED versions. Overall, they are one of the best investments you can make into your business. However, there are other ways to add excitement to your venue.

Another popular item is our LED foam sticks. They feature multiple lighting modes for a variety of cool effects. It’s a great way to add energy to your dance floor and create a fun vibe throughout your club. Also, they make for a great birthday gift; especially for children or people who like to party.

Don’t Forget the Lighters!

Sure, you could use any type of lighter to get the job done. However, our specially designed butane torches are the fastest and most reliable option available. Best of all, they are refillable over and over again to ensure you get a long usable life. Overall, there is no substitute for a high quality torch.

Customer Service Matters

If you’ve ever had a negative customer service experience, you know how frustrating it can be. Most companies try to make excuses or place the blame elsewhere. However, you will never have that happen with us! We are available to address issues or concerns during our extended business hours. Overall, that allows us to to handle any issues that arise in a way that is convenient to our customers.

Additionally, we answer each email or phone call with a real response. No recordings, automated responses, or endless phone trees. We follow the golden rule, and nobody likes to feel like just another order number.

Why Choose Our Bottle Sparklers?

We have been in the champagne bottle sparkler business for several years. We have refined our product line with the highest quality and most affordable styles of products. This gives our customers the best buying experience possible. We hand select every item that we sell to ensure the customer is getting the best quality for their money. Also, we have an amazing relationship with our suppliers. This allows us first choice when new product variations roll off the assembly line. That’s how we ensure that we always have the best items and never any factory-seconds.

We also offer the best quality products for bars, nightclubs, and restaurants at the lowest possible prices. No other company can offer the same value. Pair that with our top-notch customer service department to handle any questions or concerns about your order and you get the best quality products with your complete satisfaction in mind – guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bottle Sparklers

What Are Bottle Sparklers?2023-07-26T20:02:10-05:00

Bottle sparklers are small firework devices that emit sparks and colorful flames when lit. Typically, they are used at bars and restaurants to enhance their bottle service offerings for VIP customers. They can also be used during special occasions like parties, weddings, or other events.

What Benefits Can I Expect When Using Them at My Club?2023-12-26T07:15:27-06:00

There are a number of key benefits you’ll gain by using them in your bar or nightclub. First, nightclub sparklers will draw more attention to you bottle service offerings and increase sales. Second, it will enhance your VIP service presentation to make your customers more satisfied. Lastly, the experience will increase your average customer spend and generate more repeat business. All of these things added together will increase your revenue and your profitability.

How Do I Attach Them to a Bottle Correctly?2023-07-26T20:51:20-05:00

The only correct and safe way to attach them to a bottle is with the help of a special safety clip. These clips come in 3 different size to accommodate a different number of items. The most popular option is a single clip, but you can optionally choose a double or triple clip for more versatility.

How Many Should I Attach at Once?2023-07-26T20:54:49-05:00

If you purchase the optional triple safety clips, you can safely attach up to 3 sparklers to a bottle at once. However, most club owners prefer to stick to only using 1 at a time for a more cost-effective presentation. In the end, it’s really just a matter of your personal preference.

How Long Does it Take for Bottle Sparklers to be Shipped?2023-07-26T20:58:17-05:00

After placing your order, nearly all orders are shipped on the same day. If you place an order after business hours or on a weekend, they will be shipped the next business day. Once your order is shipped, it will take between 1-10 business days for it to arrive; depending on your chosen shipping method. However, most orders arrive at their destination in around 3 business days.

What is the Fastest and Easiest Way to Light Them?2023-12-26T07:27:22-06:00

Fortunately, the design of these sparklers make them much easier to light than other versions. Instead the traditional “stick” design, these have a paper “cap” that ignites a column of powder inside the tube. So, nearly any lighter can do the job efficiently. However, we still recommend using a high quality torch to make the job as fast, simple, and safe as possible.

Can I Order in Bulk to Get Better Pricing?2023-07-26T21:11:06-05:00

Yes, we have larger package options available for people who own multiple venues or just like to save money. Our bulk bottle sparkler packages offer the deepest discounts that get better with larger quantities. They are the same high quality products, but you get the best pricing possible due to the larger volume.

Are Bottle Sparklers Legal to Use at My Venue?2023-07-26T21:14:13-05:00

Generally speaking, our products are considered “novelty items” and are not regulated the same way as other types of fireworks. As such, they are legal to use in most states throughout the country. However, some cities and counties have their own laws and guidelines in place. Additionally, some insurance providers prohibit their use as a term of your policy. Before you use them at your place of business, verify your local laws and insurance underwriting to be certain.

Should I Choose the Traditional or LED Version?2023-07-26T21:18:05-05:00

Overall, most bar owners prefer to use traditional gold bottle sparklers due to the presentation and the affordable pricing. However, there are a number of reasons that an LED substitute could be a better fit for your needs. First, if you have laws prohibiting the traditional versions, the LED style would allow you to adhere to the regulations. Second, you can actually save money over time since the LED style is reusable. Lastly, some business owners are simply not comfortable carrying around flammable items around their patrons. For all of these reasons, we offer both styles to accommodate your needs.

Can They Be Used for Other Purposes or at Other Types of Events?2023-07-26T21:21:47-05:00

Though we mostly cater to bar and nightclub owners, there are other times when bottle service can be beneficial. For instance, perhaps you are having a party at home. You can decorate your bottles in the same way that they do at a real club. Or, perhaps you are planning a wedding. You can make your champagne toast much more enjoyable by simply attaching a few sparklers to the bottles ahead of time.

Additionally, they also work great as a cake sparkler. They feature a small anchoring spike on the end to securely hold it into any type of cake. With such a versatile design, they can be used at weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, graduations, and so much more!

Why Should I Choose Sparkler City as My Vendor?2023-07-26T21:29:50-05:00

Since 2006, we have been the leading supplier of bottle sparklers in the United States. We have made strong relationships with the top manufacturers, so we always have the highest quality and longest-lasting products. Additionally, our excellent reputation has provided us with hundreds of repeat buyers. That allows us to buy in larger quantities than anyone else and pass those savings onto your, our valued customers. Furthermore, the scale of our operation allows us to process and ship orders faster than any other competitor in the market. Lastly, we have a strong focus on customer service and stand behind every item that we sell. If you want the best sparklers, best prices, fastest shipping, and reliable customer service, we are the only serious choice out there.

Image of VIP Bottle Sparklers on a Nightclub Bar

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