When it comes to selling bottle service packages, there are a few nights that stand out from the rest. Obviously weekends are a popular time, but the average Friday night pales in comparison to a busy holiday. Most people think about increasing their promotions for St. Patrick’s Day and other obvious occasions. However, offering Valentine’s Day bottle service is actually one of the best times to generate more sales. Couples are willing to spend a lot for their romantic evening, so it has huge potential. Here are 10 of my favorite ways to create a better VIP experience and boost sales at the same time.

Cater Your Valentine’s Day Bottle Service Towards Couples

Image of a Happy Older Couple on Valentine’s DayOn most evenings, you will get a wide array of different alcohol choices from customers being your VIP packages. However, Valentine’s Day is unique in that most couples will only be ordering wine or champagne. By recognizing this in advance, you can more effectively create packages that will be appealing to patrons. Choose sexy brands like Ménage à Trois wine to compliment the romantic theme and you are sure to have a winning menu. Lastly, make sure your menu is geared towards romance with plenty of hearts and soft colors to embrace the holiday spirit.

Provide Customized Labels for the Bottles

One of the easiest ways to make your Valentine’s Day bottle service feel more intimate is by adding some custom labels to your wine or champagne. For instance, you could write “bubbling with love” on your stickers and place them over the existing product label. First off, this creates a “house brand” situation that is very appealing to customers. Second, it allows you to offer lower cost spirits for a higher price because of the new branding. As long as you are honest about the real contents of the bottles you should be in compliance with any laws.

Don’t Cheap Out on the Glassware

For many holidays, bars and nightclubs are tempted to use cheap plastic cups. Not only does that eliminate the need to do dishes, it prevents any accidental broken glass situations. However, Valentine’s Day is a very different type of occasion! First, people tend to be better behaved than during other, more frenzied, celebrations. Second, you want your customers to feel appreciated and relaxed during their evening. For these reasons, you need to make sure to provide high quality champagne flutes and wine glasses. You don’t need to offer various types of crystal stemware, but something elegant is a nice touch.

Make it Part of a Meal Package Deal

One of the biggest differences between bottle service on Valentine’s Day compared to other situations is the dining aspect. Most couples want to have dinner out as well, so pairing the two can be super lucrative. Obviously, some people would rather enjoy a quiet dinner first before heading to the nightclub for bottle service. However, if you also have a kitchen, bundling the two together can be a great way to get customers to spend a bit more money. If done correctly, you can easily stretch $100 tickets into $200 or more without any additional labor expenses!

Create a Romance-Inspired Cocktail Offering

Whenever you are tailor-making your VIP services for a particular holiday, it’s good to have some signature cocktail recipes on hand to set the mood. When it comes to Valentine’s Day bottle service, the obvious choice is romantic cocktails. My personal favorite is the Strawberry Cobbler Martini which looks as beautiful as it tastes. However, you can’ go wrong with classic champagne cocktails like a Mimosa or a Bellini. Additionally, make sure to embrace cocktails infusions and mixology to take your flavors to dizzying new heights. By adding these concepts the presentation, you can take your romantic cocktails to the next level.

Encourage a Classier Dress Code from the Staff

For a lot of nightclubs, an employee dress code is already going to be implemented. However, some venues are much looser on their policies when it comes to attire. No matter what the norm is at your bar, it’s never a bad idea to step things up on important nights. In terms of Valentine’s Day, you should certainly enforce a more elegant dress code for your servers to make the evening more special. Couples will be more relaxed and feel more pampered by employees in button-up shirts and dress pants. By focusing on the patrons, you can easily see more people shell out for upgraded bottle service packages.

Add Other Romantic Items to the Presentation

While focusing on the presentation of your Valentine’s Day bottle service is undoubtedly important, it’s not the only thing to consider. Additionally, you need to think about the other elements that affect the way people perceive your offerings. Beyond glasses, the alcohol, and the mixers, some additional accessories can help set the mood. A few examples include small candles, chocolate-dipped strawberries, or even rose petals on the server’s tray. No matter what romantic decoration you settle on, it can really transform your VIP services into something special.

Use Valentine’s Day Bottle Service Garnishes to Complete the Presentation

Image of Cocktails with a Lit Sparkler as a GarnishBesides the small decorations added to the server tray, you really should focus on decorating the bottles and cocktails themselves. Sparklers have long been added to champagne before pooping the cork to make things more glamorous. However, you can also garnish your cocktails with a bottle sparkler in place of bamboo umbrellas or fruit skewers. The great thing about incorporating sparklers into the presentation is that it can work for literally any type of drink. With things like tiny umbrellas, you really can only match them up with tropical cocktails.

Add a Romantic Bottle Topper

Bottle toppers are another way to make buying VIP packages more appealing. Obviously, I’ve mentioned that sparklers are often used for this type of situation. However, there are also toppers that feature a simple LED light that can be elegant, too. Additionally, if you want to make a really big impact, you can opt for LED sparklers that are kind of a combination of both these worlds. They feature various light patterns that will create all the pizzazz of regular bottle sparklers without any of the hassles. By adding one to each order, you can ensure your Valentine’s Day bottle service will create the biggest “wow” factor possible.

Hire an Elegant Music Performer

Lastly, you should consider hiring some sort of live entertainment to accompany your server when the packages are delivered. It could be something as simple as a violinist to serenade the couples, or something as involved as a string quartet to play romantic melodies for the patrons to enjoy. If you want to entertain the whole room, a harpist is another elegant option. In some rare cases, you could even hire a poet to recite verses to enchanted lovers. However, I usually suggest sticking with musicians because they are less intrusive and can really set the stage perfectly.

As you can see, there are several ways to improve your Valentine’s Day bottle service offerings for couples. Whether you want extremely expensive glassware or just attach sparklers to your bottles, adding that little extra can make their day much happier. In the end, you’ll be rewarded if you go out of your way to create an enchanting atmosphere. Good luck and I hope you have a breathtaking Valentine’s Day!