When you operate a bar or nightclub, creating excitement is vital to keep customers coming back. You probably aren’t the only club in the area, so creating regular patrons is the key to your success. One of the best areas to target is your dance floor since it is the most exciting place in your venue! Fortunately, there several great ways to use LED foam sticks to achieve your goals. They are cheap, reusable, and nobody in your venue will overlook them.

What are LED Foam Sticks, and How Do I Use Them?

Also known as LED batons, these are one of the most versatile items you could have on hand. They are about 18 inches long and are made from flexible foam. Inside, there are several multi-colored LED lights. Best of all, you can change the lights into various blinking patterns or keep them on full time! They arrive complete with a battery installed; simply click the button to select a lighting pattern or turn it off. There are several great ways they can be used in your bar or nightclub for a variety of activities. From live music events to weddings, here are my 10 favorite ways to use LED foam sticks.

Add Excitement to the Dance Floor

Whether you hire a DJ or allow your customers pick their own music on the jukebox, interactive items can add excitement to the dance floor. Many venues have used glow sticks or necklaces in the past. However, these are by far a much more exciting and versatile option. By passing a few of these around, you will encourage your guests to dance. By creating this type of fun atmosphere, you can easily keep your customers coming back for more. It is a very modest expense to keep your club packed with customers night after night.

Ultimate Wedding Favors

Many bars and nightclubs generate revenue by hosting weddings. Part of what makes a wedding venue desirable is the little details that you offer. This is one of the best ways to use LED foam sticks! Normal reception table items like candy or confetti are inexpensive, but they lack creativity. Similarly, flowers are also borderline cliché at this point; plus they are also prohibitively expensive. This option will be affordable, interactive, and make the attendees remember your wedding venue forever. Simply pass them out at the door and watch the dance floor explode!

Special Birthday Party Favors

Image of People Celebrating a Birthday at a NightclubFoam batons also make for a fun treat for the birthday guest of honor. Some clubs like to give away a free drink or a free special dessert. However, this option is much more cost-effective and will set you apart from other local competitors. Simply give one to any customer who is celebrating their birthday. Additionally, you should consider having the staff sing a birthday song for them. Other customers will see the spectacle and remember to come back when it’s their birthday. Of course, you can still provide your free drink or dessert; this is just an inexpensive add-on.

Live Music Events

If you have a live stage in your venue, then LED foam sticks can make the show better for everyone. First off, the added energy in the crowd will inspire the performers to be at their best. That alone will add to the vibe of the entire venue, but then you also get the added impact of the batons. When you combine the two, it will make the experience feel much more special to your patrons. Best of all, you can expect a packed house the next time you offer live entertainment.

Big Sporting Events

Similar to having live music, certain sporting events can be a great time to hand out some party favors. Perhaps your football team made it to the big game or you’re watching the local college team play during March Madness. By handing out LED batons, the crowd can feel like they’re part of the action! However, there are certain types of sporting events where these are not appropriate. One example is during MMA fights; the last thing you want to do is stir up that crowd! Otherwise, they are a great item to make it more exciting for everyone to watch.

Interesting Door Prizes

Giving your patrons random “gifts” as they enter the bar can be a fun way to make things more interesting. Ideally, you want to have a variety of items to keep everyone on their toes. Items such as beach balls, LED sparklers, and glow sticks are all common choices. However, you can add even more variety by handing out foam sticks, too.

Ladies Night Freebies

Ladies night is always a big event attracting many women for inexpensive drink specials. However, your real moneymaker is going to be the men who open their wallets deep to make an impression. Some clubs sell roses for people to give away, but this product can do the job even better. Everyone will love how unusual they are, and it can be a fun way for new people to break the ice. Best of all, they are the least expensive item to use for this purpose.

Enhance Bottle Service

Most clubs use sparklers to enhance their bottle service packages, but LED foam sticks are another add-on item that you can actually leave with your customers. When you deliver bottle service, the sparklers will only last for about 30 seconds. Furthermore, you can’t leave the sparklers unattended and you must dispose of them properly afterwards. However, with batons, your guests will have an item to take home to remember the fun evening that they enjoyed. What could possibly entice repeat business better?

Include One with a Special Cocktail Purchase

Image of a Bartender Creating a Special CocktailWhether you bought in bulk or just want to push a cocktail with the highest profit margins, it is common to include a small trinket with certain drink purchases. Perhaps you already put a little umbrella in certain drinks, or you have a special shot that includes a keepsake glass. You can use these in a very similar way by giving them to each customer who buys a specific cocktail. All you need to do is choose a colorful libation and advertise the add-on item. Once you sell a few, you won’t be able to stop selling them all night long.

Ways to Use LED Foam Sticks to Generate Extra Revenue

Lastly, some bars and nightclubs prefer to sell items behind the bar to generate extra revenues. Typically, you’ll see things like t-shirts, jackets, or collectable glasses with the establishment’s name on them. However, you can take things up a level by offering other fun things for your customers to enjoy. Best of all, you’ll actually make money instead of spending it to have people light up the room with LED foam sticks!

Which Ways to Use LED Foam Sticks Should I Choose?

One of the coolest things about this product is that you can use them in so many fun and interesting ways. However, many club owners are wondering which ways to use LED foam sticks will bring in the highest profits? Unfortunately, each venue is different so you’ll need to be creative with your options. If you have a big stage or a dance floor, the decision should be obvious. However, if you are a smaller bar, using them for birthdays might be the best fit. No matter which option you choose, you will be rewarded with higher customer retention as a result. And, if you play your cards right, you could see a spike in business from the word-of-mouth buzz around town!