If you own a bar, nightclub, or restaurant, there are many things you’ve considered to boost profits. Whether it’s cutting costs or expanding your menu, everything is on the table. However, one of the easiest and most cost-effect options is to utilize bottle sparklers in your sales program. How is that going to help? Here are three ways that sparklers can increase your sales and crank up your profits to new levels.

VIP Bottle Service Packages

One way to earn bigger profits is to increase the average check size for each guest. Sure, you could increase prices, but that will ultimately turn off your regulars and tourists that can find better prices elsewhere. Instead, consider enticing them to make a larger purchase.

Overall there, are two ways to accomplish this task. First, you can offer new items or extend your menu with food or desserts. The second way is to offer bottle service packages that cost more money. Remember, when you’re selling bottle service, you are selling an experience. To make it spectacular, you need to add some bottle sparklers to the package.

Bottle sparklers can increase profits from both directions. First, it makes your customers want to spend more because it is such a cool experience. Having a special table with a full selection of mixers can make you feel very special. However, it also draws attention because of the sparklers, so you will sell even more packages. It’s essentially a “snowball effect”. With each package you sell, it will cause you to sell another more quickly. This effect is cumulative, and can lead to big profits in a short period of time.

Image of Sparklers for a Birthday Being LitBirthdays and Anniversaries

For bars and restaurants, birthdays and anniversaries can be a goldmine. Lots of bars offer a free drink to the birthday person, but adding in a sparkler can make it even better! It will bring all the right attention, and increase the average bill for the birthday party. Best of all, restaurants can use the same sparklers for a piece of cake or other special birthday dessert. Again, it will get everyone in the restaurant wanting to come back for their birthday.

For anniversaries, you can offer champagne bottle service to the happy couple. Instead of giving them a deep discount, you can jazz it up with a few sparklers. That will make the anniversary celebration better, and also pad your bottom line nicely!


Weddings are one of the most under-leveraged areas of most establishments; and sparklers can increase your sales in this industry drastically. If you have a space that can entertain at least 50 people, there is a lot of money in becoming a wedding venue. In fact, it can easily become one of the most lucrative parts of your business!

Typically, you can increase your sales by anywhere from twenty to eighty percent. Even if you are only able to host smaller wedding parties, that niche is growing rapidly. If you take things up a notch and offer accoutrements that others don’t, you can corner that whole segment. For instance, you can place LED bottle sparklers at each table to add some excitement to the décor. This, of course, would be in addition to the traditional ways that sparklers are used at weddings. Small touches make all the difference, so embrace your space and create something beautiful. Trust me; your reservation book will be packed to the gills!

These are just three easy ideas that sparklers can increase your sales rapidly. Whether you are short on cash or just want to pad your club’s bottom line, these ideas don’t require much effort or monetary investment. No matter what you decide to try, sparklers can add a lot to the profitability of your bar, nightclub, or restaurant.