While it can be very easy to think of your bartenders as the ones who make you profit, a good businessman knows that every employee is actually an expense and should be looked at as such. Of course, your bartenders are people too; but when it comes to budgeting they need to be effective at generating profits in order to be an asset rather than a liability. Almost every bar or nightclub has that one bartender who is steps ahead of the rest in speed, sales, and friendly personality.  However, that doesn’t mean they can’t still improve; or at the very least lead the rest of the staff in the right direction. Here are 4 tips to improve drink sales at your bar or nightclub, and most of them involve the staff.

Hire People Who Are “Naturals”

Almost everything a person does as a bartender or server in a club can be taught; except for basic hospitality. Though some people are good at faking it, you simply can’t teach a person to be hospitable. If you don’t like people and can’t genuinely smile at customers when they ask for something, then the bar and nightclub business is probably not for you. Only hire staff members that seem like they will naturally enjoy the job. Then, load them up with all the knowledge they need to do the job right; even just if it’s just teaching them about reusable bottle sparklers. This is a surefire way to improve drink sales quickly.

Make Sure They’re Educated

Image of a Server Smiling at Her CustomersThere is nothing worse than a bartender or server that doesn’t know what they are talking about, and this “fly-by-night” approach can quickly lose you customers. For instance, if a scotch connoisseur asks a server for their recommendation on a brand based on their specific tastes and they have no idea what they’re talking about, this can quickly make a good customer stand up and go to the next club. As the owner of a bar or nightclub, it’s your job to make sure the management staff is training the rest of the crew properly; including giving them the knowledge they need to do their job right. It is better to admit to a customer that they aren’t sure. Then, find a staff member who can answer it correctly instead of guessing with your fingers crossed.

Positive Reinforcement and Rewards

It is easy to snap on a staff member if they do something wrong or lose you money. However, it is more important to reinforce their excellence with rewards. You don’t have to give out money or free stuff; just verbal praise to let them know they’re doing a good job. It is much easier for an employee to want to exceed expectations and seek the approval of management and ownership if there’s something in it for them that is more than just their paycheck. You can make mention of their good work to other employees to encourage them to do the same. Additionally, it gives you more credibility when it does come time to discipline a staff member.

Steady Pace and a Smiling Face Improve Drink Sales

It is important that you create an environment where your bartenders and servers are not overwhelmed. If they are too stressed, they won’t be able to preform properly. You want your staff to be fast and efficient, but everyone has their line; and you want them to stay on the correct side of it! Bartenders and servers that are smiling and appear relaxed can sell more drinks. Additionally, they will provide better service to the customers in general. Furthermore, train your team to work at a steady and speedy pace. However, don’t overwork them too much. Lastly, make sure there is plenty of staff on hand for times that you know it will be very busy. These tips will keep a quality staff happy.

By following these 4 simple tips, your bar will improve drink sales very quickly and profits start to rise. You will also see higher employee retention, which will also earn you more money since the staff will be well-educated. The longer you can keep your bartenders and servers in your employment the better you club will run.