Creating a valuable product or experience is very important at a nightclub. In fact, 3 out of 4 customers claim the experience is the most important reason they frequent venues. Bottle service is one prime example of this type of experience; especially if you decorate them with bottle sparklers. However, there are plenty of other great VIP services you can offer your guests in addition to the classic lineup. To help give you inspiration, I’ve put together a list containing 4 ways of using bottle sparklers at a nightclub to enhance the energy levels. If you incorporate some of these ideas, you’ll be on the path to higher profits in no time!

VIP Bottle Service

Of course, there’s really only one place to start a list like this; and that’s with the most popular concept of them all. For over a decade, bar and nightclub owners have been using bottle sparklers at a nightclub to increase sales for their VIP service sales. Bottle service is one of the top income-producing products in a club’s arsenal, and doing it right is half the battle. By utilizing sparklers and offering premium bottles of spirits, you can always see an uptick in sales. Just make sure to focus on every detail being special and you can easily enjoy the added revenue.

Sparkling Cocktails

Image of a Bartender Decorating a Cocktail with a SparklersInstead of selling a whole bottle, you can entice customers to a specific cocktail with the right garnishes. Garnishing a cocktail with a sparkler may seem like a lot of effort, but you can easily charge double because of the presentation. Furthermore, people will share their photos on popular social media platforms. That type of marketing is worth its weight in gold, and you can only get it organically. With a great cocktail program and garnishing them memorably, you create a money-making machine that’s hard to top.

Stage Pyrotechnics

For a totally different concept, consider using them as pyrotechnics for your live bands. Most venues want to provide a “wow” factor during their big events. Sure, you could hand out LED batons made from foam or fill the room with fog; but having a trademark is always a great way to go. Lighting is a big help, but you can only do so much in tight quarters. Furthermore, bottle sparklers are inexpensive, readily available, and generally safe for indoor use. Imagine that big guitar solo kicking in at the same time a dozen sparklers ignite! It’s not quite as huge as a stadium tour. However, it is a cheap and effective alternative for nightclubs that are more realistic in their intentions.

Birthday Cupcake or Dessert Shot

Lastly, you should never overlook the benefit of offering a tasty treat for people celebrating milestone events. Situations like birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations are a huge draw for bars and nightclubs. Furthermore, it’s an easy way to charge a lot for an inexpensive item! Consider decorating a cupcake with a sparkler or create a special “sparkling” dessert shot. They are unlikely to be your biggest sellers, but they can easily generate you the highest profit margins if done correctly.

What if Using Bottle Sparklers at a Nightclub is Illegal in my Area?

In certain situations, a bar or nightclub is forbidden to use bottle sparklers due to fire code. This could be because of the local fireworks laws, or it could simply be an ordinance from the fire marshal. Either way, know what alternative you have available is a great choice. Personally, I think that LED sparklers are the best option because they fit all the requirements while remaining legal. They may not have the same energy level as the real thing, but at least you’re providing a presentation that people can recognize. Additionally, they are completely reusable; so you’ll end up making more money in the long haul.

No matter how you size it up, using bottle sparkler at a nightclub is a huge perk for both the customers and the business. Not only can you charge more, but you will be creating an experience that customers will come back for. Of course, using sparklers is not the only way to achieve this feat; but it is by far the easiest and most cost-effective way I’ve found. Explore your options and make an educated decision that’s right for your venue. As long as you’re pursuing growth, your bottom line only has one way to go.