If you’re looking to make a little more money with your bar or you’re just trying to keep the doors open, it can seem like it’s too late to do anything about the underlying issues. Most marketing campaigns take a lot of time to setup, money to get them off the ground, and time to actually see results. Likely, all three of those things are something you won’t have in abundance. So, throwing in the towel may seem like the sensible choice. However, before you give up completely, there are a few things that you can try to see some immediate results. These 5 ways to immediately improve your bar will work best if you have a long-term strategy in place as well. However, if push comes to shove, these may just keep your lights on and your doors open.

Know Your Customers

Attracting the right type of customers to your bar is the most reliable way to get repeat customers. The key is knowing your customers and targeting your bar to their wants and needs. If successful, you can create an environment where they want to return on a frequent basis. Additionally, you should try to target a specific demographic. Chances are you will build new friendships among your customers since they will have similar interests. This is good for your customers, but more importantly it’s going to improve your bar and bottom line.

For instance, if your customers buy bottle service, make enhancements. Decorate your offerings with champagne bottle sparklers or other adornments to increase sales. Perhaps you could diversify the spirits that you offer. Tailor it to your guests and watch the profits come in.

Appear Exclusive

A big part of making people want to come to your bar is because they know it will be a good time. Creating the impression that your bar is exclusive will generate more desire to get in the doors and thus will encourage each customer to spend more money. Additionally, you can use this edge to improve the customer experience, so in the end you are creating a truly exclusive experience.

Build Entertainment Relationships

Every area has a few local bands or entertainment acts that are a cut above the rest. Not coincidentally, whatever bar books them will draw in the most business on that particular night. This is why it’s so important to build good relationships with these bands and entertainment acts. Ideally, you want to keep them at your bar instead of somewhere else. Just remember that the money you spend on your entertainment helps to build your bar’s brand over the long term. So, spending a little more is something worth considering.

Perfect Your Operations

Sloppy operations not only reduce your overall profitability, but it also makes the experience less fantastic for your guests. Go through your processes and operations including evaluating each of your employees. Make sure you properly train your staff for success. Eliminating waste and making things more streamlined will make you more money. Also, it will improve the long term outlook for your bar.

Embrace the Latest Trends While you Improve Your Bar

Trends come and trends go, but you can make a lot of money if you can stay on top of what’s hot in the market. Make sure you get a subscription to every appropriate bar and nightclub website and magazines that are in your area and actually take the time to read through them and learn how to improve your bar. By offering the latest trends to your target demographic, you’ll be providing exactly the service they want and creating an experience that your competition will find difficult to match.