Nightclubs are vastly different from ordinary bars for a variety of reasons. However, the most drastic difference lies in the products you are actually selling. At a normal bar, people show up for cocktails and a bite to eat. Conversely, nightclubs are more about the experience than a particular menu offering. So, in order to be profitable, you must provide a fun and exciting experience to your patrons. Here are 5 ways to increase energy at a nightclub and promote a more profitable mentality.

Offer VIP Bottle Service Packages

One of the easiest and most profitable ways to add excitement is by offering bottle service packages. Customers are willing to pay top dollar for high profile seating and special attention. Additionally, it actually cuts down on labor costs if executed correctly. However, people need to see the incentive to paying for a VIP seat for it to work right. Ideally, you should provide a special area reserved for VIPs and present your service in an exciting way. The best way to do this is using bottle sparklers as a decoration and carrying the package through your busy club. This will market your VIP packages to everyone in the club and make the purchasers feel very special.

Your Music Choice Can Increase Energy at a Nightclub

One of the most important factors to increasing the energy level at your venue is your music choice. The right music can get people dancing and drinking all night while the wrong choice can drive customers out the door. Fortunately, there are several automated DJ systems available these days to solve your problem. Additionally, you can always hire an actual DJ if you want someone to actively hype the crowd. Whichever you choose, make sure to balance the intense music with a slower song periodically. The idea is to create a dance/purchase cycle so your customers have an opportunity to visit the bar and catch their breath.

Use the Proper Dance Floor Lighting

Lighting is another aspect of the dance floor that can control the mood of the crowd. Again, balance is really important if you want to increase energy at a nightclub. Your goal should be to make the dance floor highly visible from everywhere in your establishment. Additionally, you want the lights to be fairly active, but not so wild that it ends up overwhelming your customers. However, if you can find the right balance, you can expect longer visit times and higher profit margins for your trouble.

Embrace Glow Sticks and LED Items

Image of LED Foam Sticks at a ConcertLighting and music can go a long way to perfecting the mood of your club. However, adding interactive items and props for your patrons can add that final layer of excitement. One of the most popular and cost-effective methods of achieving this is to offer glow sticks and LED items to the crowd. Glow sticks can be configured in an endless variety of ways. Some people will prefer bracelets, and some people will prefer necklaces. Similarly, you can provide LED foam batons to give them something interactive to hold in their hands. Not only will they stay in your club longer, but most people are actually willing to pay for these add-on items. So, it can actually be an additional revenue stream for your business, too.

Train Your Staff to Be Positive

Lastly, the attitude of your staff will dictate the atmosphere of your venue more than most people realize. If you have a bartender with a bad attitude, customers are not likely to come back for another cocktail. Similarly, if you train servers only to take orders instead of selling your profit-makers, the result will be a thinner margin. By training your staff to be friendly, helpful, and energetic, you can create an atmosphere of fun that you customers will appreciate.

Overall, the most important things to consider involve the overall experience that you r customers will perceive. If you want to increase energy at a nightclub, lighting, music, and staff attitude are at the top of the list. However, if you upgrade your offerings to include bottle service packages and LED items for the dance floor, you will be firing on all cylinders. Good luck, and I hope you find that perfect balance for your business!