These days, more people than ever are interested in products that are friendly to the environment. In food service, companies are swapping to recycled paper goods and compostable packaging. In other industries, the shift to reusable components has been underway for over a decade. But what about VIP bottle service? Are bottle sparklers eco-friendly, or is there an alternative to make them fit that shoe?

While there are many factors to consider before drawing a conclusion, the good news is that you certainly have options if you want your bar or nightclub to “go green”. Here are some deeper details on the subject so you can make an Earth-conscious choice for your business and your customers.

What are Bottle Sparklers Made From?

Diagram Showing the Anatomy of a Bottle SparklerThe first step in determining if it’s eco-friendly to use bottle sparklers is to look at their construction. If you go the traditional, combustible, route, they are made primarily of cardboard and paper. Essentially, it’s a small tube that is made in a similar fashion to a toilet paper roll. The diameter is precisely designed so it snaps into all universal sparkler clips. Then, they wrap decorative paper on the outside and add a small anchoring spike on the bottom that holds it all together. Inside the tube is where the pyrotechnic compound is stored that actually creates the sparks. Once you light the end, a chemical chain-reaction begins and the results is the performance we’ve all come to expect.

What Makes Bottle Sparklers Eco-Friendly?

Now that you understand the construction of them, let’s look at their environmental friendliness. To make things concise, I’ve broken this into two subsections; proper disposal and how to recycle them. Here are the details on each factor to help you get the full picture.

Are Bottle Sparklers Recyclable?

Since they are made from paper and plastic, it should be obvious that bottle sparklers are recyclable in most regions of the United States. However, you need to make sure that your sanitation company offers single-sort recycling for this to be true! In some municipalities, the consumer is required to separate paper, plastic, and metals into separate bins. If you happen to live in one of these areas, you’ll need to pull off the anchoring spike and separate the materials accordingly. Luckily, the spike pops right off; so this only take a second and you’re all set.

Disposing of Bottle Sparklers

Some businesses are located in regions where recycling simply isn’t available. Sadly, that means the leftover carcass of your sparkler is destined for the dump. But are bottle sparklers eco-friendly in landfills? Fortunately, the paper portions will biodegrade over time. However, the anchoring spike will remain for centuries since it’s made of plastic. If you don’t have recycling available, it certainly puts a dent into your plans of stating environmentally conscious.

Most Eco-Friendly Bottle Sparkler Options

LED Bottle Sparklers imageNow that you understand the mechanics at play, let’s take a closer look at the options available for purchase. There are two main categories of bottle sparkler products available; traditional and LED. Here is a breakdown of each so you can understand the pros and cons.

Traditional Versions

For most club owners, classic gold bottle sparklers are the go-to choice for VIP bottle service. They are affordable and never disappoint, but they aren’t reusable so there’s always waste. Fortunately, most communities have recycling programs that make eco-friendly disposal of bottle sparklers a possibility. However, they still create a small carbon emission and are single-use only. Therefore, they are sadly not the most environmentally-friendly choice available.

LED Sparklers

If your priorities are bottle sparklers eco-friendly and reusable, then avoiding traditional versions is the right choice. Instead, consider some premium LED bottle sparklers that you can use hundreds of times! As an added bonus, you get a lot more versatility than you would with ordinary versions. For instance, you can toggle between various lighting modes to create different patterns. Furthermore, you can replace the batteries to help cut down on environmental impact, too. Lastly, they are made from recyclable plastic. So, as long as you recycle the batteries appropriately, you will be going as Earth-conscious as possible while still decorating your bottle service offerings.

Benefits of Choosing Eco-Friendly Bottle Sparklers Over Traditional Ones

As I mentioned before, there are tons of great reasons to choose an LED version over a traditional combustible sparkler option. To give you a better snapshot of what makes them a great option, I’ve put together a complete list of all their benefits below.

  • No lighter necessary.
  • Much safer since there is no open flame.
  • Can be reused over and over again.
  • Batteries are included and already installed.
  • You can replace the batteries in your LED sparklers.
  • You can switch between various lighting patterns.
  • Can be held in hand as a wand.
  • Compatible with all our sparkler safety clips for attaching to bottles.
  • Smaller footprint behind your bar.
  • Won’t violate any fire codes or require additional liability insurance.
  • Legal for commercial use in all 50 states.
  • Made from recyclable plastic.
  • The most eco-friendly sparkler option.
  • Legal for commercial use in all 50 states.

Are They the Right Fit for My Venue?

In the end, you need to decide what the best fit is for your venue. I always suggest choosing reusable bottle sparklers since they offer so many benefits. However, there is simply no replicating the excitement from delivering bottle service with an actual sparkler attached. Obviously, there are bottle sparklers eco-friendly enough for any venue, you just need to look at all the factors before deciding. Hopefully, this breakdown has shown you all the facets to consider making your choice simple. Good luck and thank you for caring about the Earth!