There are a lot of facets to running a successful bar or nightclub. In no particular order, your club’s location, the design and layout of your venue, and the quality of your drinks each play a major role in drumming up repeat business. However, one of the most overlooked pieces to the recipe is your server and bartender staff that will be the face of your operation. Without having competent and friendly staff to greet and serve your customers, having everything else in perfect order won’t do you the least bit of good.

From the customer perspective, the reason they are going out to a nightclub in the first place is to escape the rigors of daily life and unwind. Most of your customers are willing to pay a premium for this type of experience, and when they pay that fee they expect to have high quality service from a friendly staff. Unfortunately, the nightlife industry is riddled with angry and inexperienced staff members all over the place, so you need to take the necessary steps to make sure you’re hiring the best crew possible. Here are some key things to consider when you’re doing your hiring to help you attract the best talent to your nightclub that you possibly can.

Actually Call Their References

One of the biggest mistakes that most business owners commit is taking an applicant’s credentials at their word. It really isn’t hard to make up a laundry list of prior experience to make yourself look good on paper, and you’d be surprised at how often people are actually doing this to attempt to get a job that is way above their experience level. To combat this, you need to require a few references from qualified people on each applicant’s resume and actually follow up with those references via a phone call. Also, you need to make sure those people are real references and not just some of the applicant’s friends from high school or college trying to make them look more experienced than they actually are.

Use a Probationary Period

If you want to run a top-tier nightclub, then chances are you are going to be setting your servers and bartenders up for success in the form of higher tips. This is both through volume and actual check amount since customers at high class nightclubs typically have a larger bill and tip at a higher percentage than those at ordinary establishments. By holding your staff to a 30 day probationary period, you can encourage them to do the highest quality of work possible and learn good habits. As a reward, they will be receiving a bucket of cash in the form of tips and that alone can be enough to keep them performing at the highest level possible.

Create a Desirable Workplace

Lastly, you can’t get the top talent in any city without creating a desirable workplace that is fun, friendly, and encourages teamwork. As soon as a notable bartender is soured on your nightclub, they will tell other top bartenders in the area and nobody with any real skill or talent will apply for a position. You don’t want to make work a free-for-all where people break the rules and steal from the till, but attracting the best talent to your nightclub is best achieved by making work a place where your employees are happy to be.