The year is over, but there are some clear and decided trends emerging that will shape the course of the bar and nightclub industry in 2022. In past years, we have witnessed the utilization of social media platforms to advertise and generate buzz about our venues. Moreover, there’s been a rise in the popularity of beer and wine dinners. Those trends have now become staple parts of the bar and nightclub industry. However, there are still many things that are just over the horizon. Looking forward to 2022, here is some bar and nightclub trends that you need to pay attention to. These tips should keep you ahead of the pack and emerge as the hottest venue for 2022 in your area.

Think Outside the Box

Life was pretty easy when you could order pre-mixed cocktails in a bottle and run-of-the-mill frozen margarita mixes. However, today’s patrons have a much more discerning taste and expect much more. With mixology trending in full-swing and a bounty of new flavors hitting the shelves, you need to think outside the box with complex cocktails that push the boundaries of what were once considered classic drinks.

Spice Things Up

Patrons will simply not tolerate simple syrups and standard bitters in their cocktails anymore. With people searching for new and exciting flavors at every bar and nightclub this side of the Mississippi River, you need to have unique and original flavors infused into your mixers to make your cocktails much more interesting and exciting. Additionally, this is an opportunity to make your cocktails taste different than anyone else’s because they literally will be different.

Ramp Up Social Media

This may seem obvious, but social media is only getting more active right now. There are more websites offering conversation tools and more access to networks on mobile devices than ever before! So, communication among your patrons will only get more common in the near future. Your best bet is to embrace all new social media as it surfaces to ensure you don’t miss the next big thing. Show off those bottle sparklers that your use for bottle service! Eventually, people will be so connected that they yearn for genuine human interaction rather than synthetic friendships and conversations; but until then you need to stay with social media trends.

Modernize Your Classic Cocktails

It’s hard to change the foundation of the most popular and time-tested cocktails in your arsenal. However, there is nothing wrong with adding a modern edge to them to attract the younger clientele. If all goes well, they will soon be dominating your tables and bar stools. Offering classic Manhattan cocktails with bacon and maple-infused spirits can be a zesty change-up. Or, you can use new technologies such as liquid nitrogen or gloss ice to chill your cocktails in a modern and refined way. No matter how you dress up your classics, it can be a great way to rebrand a traditional drink and market it to a new generation of bar and nightclub patrons.