Whether you are at home or in a nightclub, choosing the best lighter for bottle sparklers will enable you to do the job quickly and safely. In general, nearly any type of lighter can do the job in a pinch. However, certain style will make the job as easy as possible. Additionally, you need to consider all the patrons that you’ll have sitting and watching you do it. Here is a breakdown of the various ignition sources available and details on which will be the best solution. Hopefully, this will lead you to the best way to light bottle sparklers for your needs.

Windproof Lighters

Windproof lighters are available at most stores, and that makes them a popular choice. There are several generic brands available, but the most popular brand is Zippo. However, the design of bottle sparklers requires that you turn the lighter on its side. Since they work on the principle of a wick that is soaked in fluid, this can easily lead to burnt fingers. Overall, windproof lighters are not an ideal choice for lighting this type of product.

Butane Lighters

Handheld butane lighters are by far the most common type that most people have lying around. Their biggest benefit is that they are easy to find and very inexpensive. However, they are also disposable so you have to keep purchasing them over time. Additionally, they suffer from the same setbacks as their windproof counterparts. Butane lighters work great in a pinch, but for bars and nightclubs you should consider something a little more practical.

Propane Torches

Propane is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to light traditional gold bottle sparklers. However, they are very large and cumbersome; both features that are a huge hindrance in a bar environment. Additionally, you can’t buy propane tanks at just any store. Usually, you need to go to a home improvement center or a hardware store to find the right ones. If you don’t mind the size and hassle, they can be a great choice. However, most people prefer to find something smaller for everyday use.

Barbecue Grill Lighters

Barbecue grill lighters offer several key advantages over the design of traditional handheld ignition sources. First, they have a long tube on them so you can position the flame rather easily. Additionally, they feature a trigger that is much easier on your fingers versus a friction wheel. However, they have one deficiency that makes them a lackluster choice; they don’t create a lot of heat. To light your bottle sparklers quickly, it requires temperatures over 1000 degrees. Since barbecue lighters only generate around 700 degrees, it will take more time to get the sparks flying. If you sell a lot of bottle service packages, this can become a problem over time.

Sparkler Torch Lighters

Image of Bottle Sparkler TorchesIf you want the absolute best tool for the job, you should look no further than a sparkler torch lighter. They offer all the benefits of a propane torch with one distinguishing feature: they are much smaller and can easily fit in your hand. Additionally, they only require common butane canisters for refilling purposes. These are sold at most stores, so you won’t spend a lot of time tracking them down like propane tanks. Overall, they are the best lighter for bottle sparklers because they’re the easiest, most efficient, and most cost-effective way to get the job done.


In my opinion, matches are one of the last resort options for lighting bottle sparklers. They are very difficult to handle, and they burn up too quickly to be efficient at lighting our products. Additionally, they are completely useless if they get wet; and you will be using these behind a bar! However, they are by far the cheapest option so they still gain traction for some club owners. Overall, the price to hassle simply isn’t worth it and you should definitely stick to other options for your venue.


Candles are one of the most popular ways to light sparklers at weddings because they will already be on the reception tables. However, this is much less likely in a nightclub setting because of the fire risks. Additionally, candles suffer from the same shortcomings as some of the other options since they don’t create a very hot flame. Lastly, you have to tilt the bottle sparkler at an angle or risk covering your expensive bottle in wax; and that is a giant hassle. Sure, they work for traditional “stick” versions; but the tubular design of our products present unique challenges. Overall, they are not a good fit for bottle service scenarios.

Punks and Incense

On holidays like the 4th of July, many people light a “punk” or a stick of incense to make lighting fuses quick and easy. When dealing with fuses, this can be a fast and safe decision. However, punks do not do a very good job on bottle sparklers because there is too large of an area to ignite. Sadly, you need to have a very large flame to do the job quickly. Additionally, they are really only helpful if you need to light several items one after another. Overall, it’s just not a good fit for the nightclub industry.

Other Sparklers

Lastly, it’s very popular to use the first lit sparkler to light the others. This method is fantastic for traditional “stick” versions, but it doesn’t work well at all for bottle sparklers. In fact, it can create some serious safety concerns since they perform more like a fountain than a sparkler. Similar to punks or incense, this method should be reserved for holidays, weddings, and events with more traditional products being used.

Overall, the best lighter for bottle sparklers is always going to be the specialized handheld torch. While other methods will work, they are fast, efficient, and very cost-effective. Additionally, they are reusable so they will save you money over time. If you were just using sparklers on your bottles at home, you could use pretty much any ignition source. However, in a commercial environment, you should stick with the right tool for the job. By choosing the torch, you will be safe, professional, and have a reliable way to do the task every single time.