Almost every bar or nightclub owner knows that staying on top of the latest trends is the best way to ensure you’re bringing in the most business possible. Without adopting the latest and greatest marketing tactics, service procedures, and nightlife products on the market, your competition will quickly gain traction and start to suck away even your most loyal customers. In recent years, there has been a massive spike in popularity with champagne; and I’m not just talking about pouring flutes of the stuff to order. With the rise of mixology, champagne has found new life as a component of some of the newest and most luxurious cocktails available, so getting in on this market is crucial if you want to stay competitive.

4 Fun Cocktails Made With Champagne

Champagne brings an obvious fun and celebration factor to the drinking experience. Additionally, there are some key benefits that this beverage brings to bar and nightclub owners. For instance, the overwhelming majority of people who order champagne drinks are woman. Fortunately, that is precisely the clientele you want to bring into your establishment! Wherever the women go, the men will follow; so here are some fun and simple ideas of how to sell more champagne cocktails. You can even use these for your VIP services complete with gold bottle sparklers. With the right menu and presentation, you can attract that elusive and lucrative demographic. Here are my 4 favorite recipes.

Simple Champagne Cocktail

This is probably the most standard cocktail you can make using champagne; and also one of the easiest drinks to make all time. Just take a champagne flute, drop in a sugar cube, add 3 drop of bitters, and fill the glass with champagne. Top this lovely cocktail with a lemon twist and you’re ready to start serving to a whole new type of clientele.

Air Mail

The “Air Mail” is an increasingly popular cocktail that is served in a Collins glass and will be appreciated by your male customers; as well as the women. Just put 5 ounces of champagne, 2 ounces of Puerto Rican rum, ½ ounce of lime juice, and a teaspoon of honey into a shaker. Shake the concoction well and pour it without straining over ice into the Collins glass and serve. This cocktail is light and bubbly, but the Puerto Rican rum adds a very deep level of complexity that your customers will love.


If you don’t have the mimosa on your menu already, you should probably have your head examined. Anyone who has ever been to Cancun or another resort area in Mexico is familiar with this delicious beverage, so you should have no problem selling a ton of them when they are prominently displayed on your drink menu. Simply mix 2 parts fresh-squeezed orange juice and 1 part champagne in a glass. The result is a carbonated and alcohol-infused treat that everyone loves! Moreover, mimosas are particularly popular as a breakfast drink. So, they are a great addition to your Blood Mary specials that you run during your Sunday morning breakfast or brunch services.

Black Velvet

This delicious cocktail brings together the best of the beer and champagne worlds into one glass. In a Collins glass, create a 50/50 mix of a good stout beer (preferably Guinness) and Brut champagne. Make sure you only gently stir the concoction with a plastic stir stick; you don’t disturb the natural carbonation profile of this cocktail. The black velvet will appeal to fans of stout beer looking to try something new. However, it can also bring women patrons to the dark side. By giving them a taste of something they likely wouldn’t consider trying otherwise, you can create a new fan.

No matter which of these champagne cocktails you choose, they should boost sales. People love trying new things, and these are very approachable choices. Just make sure to properly promote the cocktails to your customers and you should see an immediate impact.