One of the most important things that people overlook is accessories. For many products, adding on an accessory is just a way to squeeze more money out of consumers. However, bottle sparkler accessories actually have a critical purpose for safety and presentation. Depending on when and where you are using your items, you will need certain things to do it correctly. Here is a breakdown of what exists and which items are needed to make your display spectacular.

The Different Accessories for Bottle Sparklers

There are many different bottle sparklers accessories available on the market, but you may not need them all. However, it’s very important to get the ones you actually do need; and that can be difficult to discern. Here is a quick breakdown of the various accessory options so you can be better educated.

Safety Clips

Double Bottle Sparkler Clip imageHow you fasten your sparklers to the bottles is one of the most important aspects of using them safely. All too often, people use homemade devices to try to keep them on the neck. However, the only safe way to do it is to use sparkler clips so they stay secure. Regardless if you are using them at home or in a nightclub, these clips are an absolute necessity. If you value your safety in any way, always use the proper equipment. Luckily, they are universal and work for every version that we sell; both traditional and LED.

Extra Batteries

When most people think of sparklers, batteries are the furthest thing from their mind. However, there are certain situations where batteries can be very important. Typically, this is most important if you choose LED sparklers because that is what provides the electricity. For most people, the included battery pack will provide plenty of use over the life of the wand. However, commercial use can use them up quite quickly; so make sure you have some extras in your store room.

Torch Lighters

Another important bottle sparkler accessory to have on hand is a proper tool for igniting them quickly. Though any type of lighter will get the job done, there is only one device that will do it both instantly and safely. Overall, bottle sparkler torch lighters are the only real choice for a serious business owner. You can probably skip it if you are just using them once in your home. However, if you use them for VIP services, you should always have the proper type of torch on hand to maximize your labor costs.

Activities That Benefit from Bottle Sparkler Accessories

Now that you know the different accessories that are available, it’s time to take a look at the various activities they’re used for and what’s required. The items you’ll need will vary greatly depending on how you plan to use them. Here’s a breakdown to make everything a little bit clearer.

Bottle Service

Using our products for VIP packages like bottle service is by far the most popular choice. When it comes to choosing your accessories, it all comes down to whether you’re using a traditional version or an LED version. For traditional bottle sparklers, you’ll need to make sure you have both clips and a torch to have everything you need. However, LED versions require clips and batteries; so you can see why this is so important. Never take chances with the safety of your guests and always get the right items for the job!

Champagne Toasts

Champagne Bottle Sparkler in Action imageFor a simple champagne toast, you really only need to have safety clips on hand. Since it’s a one-time event, buying a special torch would be a poor use of money. Similarly, LED versions will not run out of battery life if you only use them for a short period of time. Obviously, you could choose to snag those accessories if you plan to use them multiple times; but usually our products are only used once in a champagne toast scenario.

Cake Decorations

One of the coolest features of our products is that they are also able to be used on cakes. Fortunately, you don’t need a special accessory to attach them safely since they come with a little spike built into the design. That means you don’t need batteries or clips for this activity! However, using a good torch lighter is extremely important because you need to get them all lit instantly or the show won’t be very exciting. If you want it to be an amazing experience, always have the right type of sparkler torch when using them on cakes.

Which Bottle Sparkler Accessories Do I Really Need?

Hopefully, learning about the different bottle sparkler accessories that are available has helped make your shopping experience easier. Additionally, you should have a better understanding of how each item will be used depending on your activity or application. Generally speaking, you always need to buy clips if you are attaching them to a bottle. Similarly, you should always have backup batteries if you are using LED sparklers in a commercial setting. Lastly, torch lighters are always the best ignition source, but they are considered “optional” since they are mainly for convenience.

In the end, only you can decide which accessories are needed for your situation. All I ask is that you think it through and make the choices that create the safest environment. Whether it’s guests at a party or customers in your club, you have a big responsibility; and these items are a small price to pay to do the job right. Good luck and I hope you have a fantastic experience!