.If you aren’t very familiar with the different types of sparklers on the market, it may be tough to distinguish the differences. Many people have the misconception that a sparkler is a sparkler. However, there are actually several different types in a variety of shapes, colors, and effect styles. To help bar and nightclub owners compare bottle sparklers vs. regular sparklers, we have written this comparison. This will help you understand what makes sparklers designed for bottles perfect for use in a bar or nightclub environments.

Regular Sparklers

Regular sparklers are the style of sparklers that most people have in mind when mentioning the subject. They are exclusively constructed with a bamboo stick or steel wire as the foundation. Regular sparklers are held in the hand and usually resemble the form of a stick. Regular sparklers come in several different lengths starting at 8 inches and going all the way up to over 50 inches in length. Additionally, they are available in a large variety of colors such as red, blue, green, or even neon colors; but most commonly you will see sparklers in gold color. Lastly, they can come in a variety of different shapes other than the standard stick style such as hearts, stars, or numbers for a variety of applications.

There are many great uses for regular sparklers out there, and there are even designs to accommodate those specific uses. For instance, there are sparklers that have specially designed packages for birthdays or weddings. Another feature of wedding sparklers is that they are low smoke so they can be used indoors, a trait that they share with bottle sparklers. Overall, there are hundreds of different types of regular sparklers on the market ranging from regular gold colored ones to fancy shapes that make vibrant neon colors. Knowing how you plan to use them is vital when deciding between bottle sparklers vs. regular sparklers.

Bottle Sparklers

Bottle sparklers are very unique in the fact that they are not shaped nor do they perform like regular sparklers. They are different than a stick with powder stuck to the sides that burns. These produce an effect that is similar to a fountain style firework. This is a relatively new product design for the industry. As a bottle sparkler burns, it creates a shower of sparks that shoot out the top of the device and rain down gently in all directions. This makes for a much larger display for your guests to see while keeping the hot sparkle in the air away from the bottle and your hands as you carry it to the table.

Additionally, this fountain style design eliminates the smoke that is produced by most traditional types of sparklers. With the exception of wedding sparklers, the majority of sparklers produce too much smoke to be safely used indoors. Bottle sparklers produce a low enough level of smoke that this isn’t a concern. You can enjoy them indoors all night long! Additionally, their thick tubular design allows them to be attached to the bottle neck with a sparkler safety clip to be safe and secure without any worries. This a feature that is not available with any other sparkler design.

The Bottom Line: Bottle Sparklers vs. Regular Sparklers

In the end, you can see that a bottle sparkler offers a unique set of features. That make them the ideal choice for use in a bar or nightclub. When comparing bottle sparklers vs. regular sparklers, how they will be used matters. Though you can find a colorful or smokeless sparkler elsewhere, no other style combines all those features the way that these do. These off a unique combination of size, color options, effect style, and low smoke production. That coupled with the safety features makes bottle sparklers the king of bar and nightclub bottle service accessories.