Depending on the area you serve and the theme of your bar or nightclub, bringing in the right clientele is very important to be successful. If you fail to reach your intended audience, you’re venue is likely to close in a very short period of time. Additionally, all of the advertising dollars that you spend will go to waste which will only make the matter worse. By knowing who you want to target and how to properly go about it, you can bring in the right clientele to your bar or nightclub and thrive for many years to come.


Most bar owners completely overlook the importance of staffing when it comes to catering to a specific demographic. For instance, if you’re targeting a younger crowd that will bring in a lot of energy to your establishment, having a slow bartender that is in their 50’s is probably not what they’re looking for in a club. Instead, you should hire a younger staff that will add to the energy of your club so that your key demographic will feel like they’re in the right place. Also, training your servers properly can go a long way, too.

Promotions and Events

Another key to bringing in large crowds of your preferred clientele is gearing your promotions and events towards that specific demographic. Again, if you’re after a younger crowd, consider bringing in DJs and playing dance music rather than relying on a jukebox or classic rock radio stations. A band that covers music from the 70s won’t appeal to a younger clientele, but having a DJ that plays the latest club music will create an environment that is desirable to your core audience.

VIP Bottle Service

Offering VIP bottle service automatically brings in the right crowd. Simply put: they will be spending more money. Bottle service attracts big spenders, and that improves sales. Just add a few gold bottle sparklers and deliver them to your packed tables.

Venue Décor

Creating the look and feel of a vibrant club is also important when bringing in the right clientele. Dark wood interior and a musty “dive bar” feel is perfect for people in their 30s and 40s. However, you need something more modern and chic to bring in that bar goers that are in their twenties. Choose a modern color scheme and flattering lighting. It will make your bar or nightclub the perfect experience from the moment your patrons walk through the door.

Bringing in the Right Clientele With Advertising

How and where you advertise will also play a very large role in bringing in the right clientele. If you’re putting ads in the local newspaper, you’re going to attract a much older crowd. If you’re targeting your customers via social media and search advertising, you’re more likely to reach your preferred clientele. Best of all, when you advertise digitally, you can literally choose who sees you ads and who doesn’t. This allows you to target a specific demographic of clientele. Additionally, it will save you money compared to using the “shotgun” approach. Ideally, you won’t be paying for a bunch of ad views for people who won’t be interested in your brand.