Almost every nightclub in the world is indoors so you can control the environment and avoid nasty weather. Additionally, it eliminates bugs and other pests from overtaking your bar. However, since many clubs offer bottle service packages, it can lead to some concerns about using our products. One of the most common questions we receive is “can bottle sparklers be used indoors”? To help clear the air (pun intended); I’ve decided to cover every aspect in one simple guide. Here is what you need to know if you’re on the fence about ordering.

Smoke Concerns

One of the biggest concerns that club owners have is whether or not they will smoke out their guests. This is a very valid concern, because most venues don’t have windows that they can easily open for fresh air. Fortunately, are gold sparklers for bottle service are considered smokeless; so you don’t need to worry about unwanted air pollution.

No matter what type of sparklers we’re discussing, the natural color of the sparks will always be gold. As long as you avoid color versions, you will never need to worry about smoke issues. However, color sparklers contain a variety of pigments to alter the appearance of the smoke. These pigments, in fact, are what produce the vast majority of the issue. If you’re wondering can bottle sparklers be used indoors without smoke issues, the answer is yeas; provided they create gold colored flames.

Fire Concerns

Another major concern I hear often is whether or not there is a fire risk from using our products inside a club. Obviously, there is no way to eliminate the risk 100% because you’re dealing with an open flame. However, by following the proper procedures, it’s incredibly unlikely. Here are the most important safety steps to bear in mind.

Always Use a Safety Clip

Image of a Sparkler Safety ClipThe easiest way to ensure an incident-free experience is to use the proper equipment. Some club owners are stingy and try to circumvent certain expenses. However, you should never do this when it comes to safety! Always secure your items properly using bottle sparkler safety clips so they remain in place for the duration of the performance. As long as your sparklers can’t move, the weight of the bottle will virtually eliminate any potential mishaps.

Train Your Staff Properly

Next, you need to make sure your staff knows the proper procedures. The steps are quite simple as I’ll layout in detail. First, you set the selected bottle on the bar top. Second, you attach the safety clip to the neck. Third, you insert the sparkler into the clip and check that is securely fastened. Lastly, you light the tip and have your server escort it to the VIP table. By following this process exactly, you greatly stack the odds in your favor.

Use the Proper Type of Lighter

Lastly, the way you light your items will play a major role in how safe it ends up being. Items like matches remain hot for a long time after use, and a careless bartender may toss it in the trash prematurely and create a fire. I always suggest using our special sparkler torch lighters because they are the safest tool for the job. They light bottle sparklers instantly, and then they cool off within seconds. Best of all, they will last you for years because they are refillable with commonly found butane gas.

Concerns Regarding Customer Safety

After potential fire risks, the next biggest concern is always the overall safety of the guests. Though this is the most important concern, it always seems to be less likely from a common sense point of view. However, a careless action can lead to an injury and a subsequent lawsuit. Here is what you need to know to keep your patrons safe while receiving their VIP treatment.

Never Hand the Bottle to the Customer

Image of a Customer Holding a Bottle SparklerBy far the best way to keep your customers safe is to eliminate any physical contact with the bottle sparklers. To achieve this, simply train your servers to hold the bottle at a safe distance until the performance has concluded. If your guests can never be near the flames, you never have to worry about an accidental burn situation.

Light Them at the Bar

Another key tip for safety is to light your bottle sparklers at the bar instead of at their VIP table. First off, it is much more dramatic to carry the sparkling bottles through the club and deliver it after the performance is over. Not only will it build anticipation, it will advertise your VIP service packages to other people in the room. However, the most important benefit is that you are lighting them in a controlled environment; and it’s the same person doing the job every time.

Keep the Bottle Secure until the Performance is Complete

When carrying the items to the tables, you may occasionally arrive before they are finished. I already discussed that you should never hand it to the customer, but you also shouldn’t set it down on the table. Make sure your train your servers to hold onto the bottles until the show is over before setting it down for your customers to mix cocktails. Proper training is essential so you can use bottle sparklers indoors without any incidents.

Discard the Spent Sparkler before Allowing Your Guests to Enjoy Their Bottle

Lastly, you need to remove both the safety clip and the used bottle sparklers from the neck before you allow your customers to have free reign. The spent packaging can remain hot for a while and someone could easily bump it and sustain an injury. The server needs to be in charge of discarding the spent sparkler immediately, and submerging it in water is the only 100% foolproof way to make sure it’s done right.

Alternatives to Regular Bottle Sparklers for Indoor Use

Of course, after reading all of these concerns you may be a little hesitant to use them on your VIP service packages. Fortunately, there are some great alternatives available that eliminate all of the smoke, fire, and customer safety concerns entirely. My favorite option is to use bottle sparklers with LED lights rather than ones made from flammable powders. There is no smoke, no heat, and no open flames to contend with; so they are by far the safest option. Additionally, since they are powered by batteries, they can be used over and over again. Though they cost more upfront, they will end up saving you a lot of money if your sell a lot of packages; and eliminate your hesitance completely.

Can Bottle Sparklers Be Used Indoors Safely?

After reviewing all the important factors, you need to weigh the risk and reward of garnish your bottle service packages with sparklers. Personally, I have never heard story of something going wrong because we always stress the importance of safety. Additionally, I always instruct our customers to follow the right procedures and train their staff properly. However, it’s nice to know that there are LED versions available as well for owners without the stomach for any risks. Nevertheless, bottle sparklers can be used indoors safely when you execute it correctly. Good luck and I hope you sell lots of VIP experiences!