One of the challenges that bar and nightclub owners face regularly is getting their bottle service sparklers lit. Unlike traditional versions, the sparklers used for bottle service have a flat top that requires an even flame for ignition. Sadly, that means conventional items like matches are not an ideal choice to get them lit. However, most types of lighters will do the job quickly and efficiently. But can you light bottle sparklers with a BBQ lighter? Are there better options available to get the task done? Here is a quick breakdown of what you need to know.

How to Light Bottle Sparklers with a BBQ Lighter

The process of getting things lit is pretty straight-forward, but it’s always wise to go over the steps a few times for good measure. Here is a step-by-step guide that is specific to BBQ lighters.

  1. First, make sure you are in a safe and open area where there is no risk of fire or harm to anyone around you. Always stay far away from any customers or spectators.
  2. Next, remove the sparkler from its packaging and attach it to the neck of the bottle. This can be achieved by popping it into a sparkler safety clip to hold it in place during the performance.
  3. Hold the bottle firmly and steady it with your other hand or place it on a flat surface to ensure it doesn’t fall over. This will keep it stable during the lighting process.
  4. Use your BBQ lighter to ignite the sparkler. Hold the flame close to the tip until it catches fire and starts to produce sparks.
  5. Once it has been ignited, carefully carry it to the VIP table. Make sure to hold the bottle in your hand and never place it unattended on a table near customers.
  6. When the show is finished, carefully remove it from the bottle and dispose of it properly in a safe and responsible manner. I suggest running some water over it to ensure it’s completely extinguished before tossing it in the trash.

What Type of BBQ Lighter Works Best?

Image of the Two Types of BBQ Lighters AvailableIn general, there are only two types of BBQ lighters commonly found on store shelves. Most people are familiar with the standard design that features a fixed gas tube extending from the handle. However, there is a second type that features a flexible tube that can be positioned to reach hard to access places. For the best results, I suggest that you light bottle sparklers with a BBQ lighter that has a fixed tube. Obviously, the flexible version can be used in a pinch. However, the stability of a fixed tube will always be the safest choice. Furthermore, the long tube will keep your hand far away from the sparkler as it ignites to avoid any injuries or other mishaps.

Are there Better Options than to Light Bottle Sparklers with a BBQ Lighter?

Of course, it’s not always ideal to use a BBQ lighter for this job. In fact, there are several other options that can do the task quicker and safer. Personally, I also suggest choosing a bottle sparkler torch lighter that is specifically designed for this purpose. They feature an intense flame, can be refilled with butane, and won’t take up nearly as much space as a grill lighter. Best of all, they can be added to your order with just a single click. That makes it easy to take the hassle out of shopping! Overall, they are the best alternative for both utility and safety.

Whether you need something fast or you want to keep your hands protected, choosing to light bottle sparklers with a BBQ lighter is a smart choice. While there are other ignition sources that work better, very few of them are as readily available at nearly any store. By choosing the right type, you can get several years of use at your bar or nightclub for just a few dollars. Good luck and remember to always put safety first!