As a bar or nightclub owner, cutting your overhead costs is a great way to increase profits. Whether it is basic supplies like napkins or finding a cheaper liquor supplier, any savings can add up quickly. However, sometimes you end up spending more money if you try to skimp too much on an essential tool. We’ve discussed the best lighters to get your bottle sparklers ignited before, buy what about matches? Can you light bottle sparklers with matches easily and safely at all? Or is this just another fool’s errand that will leave your accounts a little more depleted? Here is everything you need to know.

Different Types of Matches Available

Image of a Box of Stick MatchesFirst off, it’s important to know what types of matches are on the market to make an informed decision. Ultimately, there are only two different types; paper and stick matches. However, there are variations such as their length and ease of striking to consider. Additionally, you need to consider the quality of various match manufacturers if you want consistency. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the options you’ll see.

Safety Matches

Safety matches are one of the most common types that you’ll find on store shelves. Typically, they will come in two different length; standard and extra long for igniting hard to reach things like fireplaces or stoves. What makes them “safety” matches is that the head can only be struck on the included striking pad. That means you won’t have to worry about them igniting unexpectedly. However, it also means you need the box that they came in or they are essentially useless.

Strike Anywhere Matches

The next type of match that you’re likely to find easily is called strike anywhere matches. These are very similar to safety matches with one major difference: they can be ignited on any rough surface. That means you can strike them on your jeans, a stone, or any number of conveniently available items. They come in both standard and extra long, and they are also made from wood. These are a great choice if you don’t want to take the whole box along with you. However, you need to store them in some sort of container so they don’t accidentally ignite.

Paper Matchbooks

Lastly, there are the small paper matchbooks that you find at motels, diners, and bars all over the world. They are by far the most affordable, and the matchbook keeps them safe inside; plus has a strip for easy striking! You can even have them personalized with whatever text you want or a company logo. Chances are if you own a bar, nightclub, or restaurant, you’ll already have a bunch of matchbooks lying around.

Benefits of Using Matches

The main advantage to using matches to light bottle sparklers is their affordability. Overall, they are the least expensive option you have at your disposal. Additionally, they are extremely easy to locate, so you don’t need to spend a lot of time finding where to get them. Lastly, many establishments will already have them on hand; so there’s no need to make any additional purchases! When you combine their price and their availability, they can seem like a pretty attractive choice for your needs.

Drawbacks of Using Matches

Image of Multiple Used Matches in a RowThough there are some clear benefits, you really need to consider the drawbacks before you try to light bottle sparklers with matches. In order to do the job correctly, you need to have a very hot and concentrated flame. Most matches burn very cool compared to other methods used to light bottle sparklers, so this can be a major concern. Additionally, the stick will remain hot for a period of time after use. You need to soak it in water or toss it in an ashtray to be safe. Overall, these can be major problems if you plan to use them at your bar or nightclub.

Is it Easy to Light Bottle Sparklers with Matches?

In my opinion, matches are probably the most difficult ignition source to use for this purpose. In certain cases, like paper matchbooks, it can be nearly impossible. With stick matches, you can eventually get your bottle sparklers lit; but it will take a long time and probably at least two or three matches. While they are certainly affordable and you may already have them on hand, there are many other methods that are nearly as affordable and much more efficient. Imagine trying to light sparklers at a bar on St. Patrick’s Day. Obviously, you don’t want something that is a giant hassle. If you want to do the job right, I suggest choosing a different tool.

Hopefully, this has answered all your questions about how to light bottle sparklers with matches. With just a quick read, it should be clear that they are not the ideal choice for your situation. Instead, consider choosing a high quality bottle sparkler torch; or at least a handheld butane lighter! It will cost you a bit more upfront, but it will save you time and headaches over time. Not only that, but they are a much safer option, too! Good luck, and thanks for reading.