Most nightclubs offer bottle service to their guests as a way to generate higher profits. To make purchasing an entire bottle more appealing, most owners use some type of decoration. Most commonly, they choose traditional bottle sparklers because they are easy to get and very cost effective. However, if you sell a lot of VIP packages, it can be better to use an alternative. This is where LED sparklers can come in handy because they can be reused several times. But can you replace the batteries in LED sparklers after they’ve finally been used up? Here is a complete breakdown of the entire situation.

Does the Version Matter When You Replace the Batteries in LED Sparklers?

One of the most difficult things to wrap your head around is that there are different types and brands of products available. The important thing to consider as that each brand may have a different design, and some are considered “disposable” with an internal battery you can’t replace. Fortunately, the two versions we sell both have easy to replace batteries.

Our most popular option is known as premium LED bottle sparklers and they are made from very rigged and durable plastic. However, for the more budget-conscious owner, we also have a more economical option available. Conveniently, both versions have a battery compartment that is easy to access. While I can’t speak to other brands on the market, you can replace the batteries in LED sparklers purchased from our site; regardless of which version you choose.

What Type of Batteries Do LED Sparklers Take?

Image of a Coin Cell Battery and an LED BulbBuying the correct battery is important if you want your LED wands to work properly. First off, you need to make sure you get the correct size. The easiest way to do this is to open the compartment and verify what you need. All of our products use small lithium coin cell batteries, but other brands may be different. Additionally, verify the voltage that should be stamped on the old ones. Most of them are a standard 3 volt variety, but its best to check. Lastly, never buy a generic brand. This will lead to unimpressive brightness and premature failure. By choosing a premium brand like Duracell, you can ensure long-lasting life in your devices.

How Do I Open the Battery Compartment?

In order to check what size you need and replace the batteries in LED sparklers, you first need to open the compartment where they’re located. Fortunately, the cover is easy to find on our products; even on our cheaper color LED bottle sparklers. Just look on the handle for a small Phillips head screw that keeps it fastened securely. If you remove that screw, the door will come off easily and you can access the small batteries inside. Once they’ve been replaced, just put the door and screw back on and you’re all set.

How Long Should the Batteries Last?

One of the main reasons club owners choose an LED version over regular sparklers is because they are reusable. Over time, that can theoretically save you quite a bit of money. However, that plan only works if they last long enough to be a true cost-saving measure. Fortunately, LEDs are extremely efficient. So, you can expect them to last for at least 50 uses before the batteries need to be replaced. However, if you want to maximize your savings, you need to choose a very high quality brand of battery. They cost a bit more upfront, but their longevity will make up the difference. Lastly, try to limit how long they are lit up. If you are intelligent with their use, you can easily get over 100 uses before needing swap in a new battery.

Proper Disposal of the Old Batteries

After you replace batteries in LED sparklers, it’s important to dispose of the old ones properly. The lithium compounds inside them can be very corrosive, so it’s important. Additionally, it’s actually illegal in certain places to just throw them in the trash. Fortunately, there is battery recycling centers in all major cities for proper disposal. Additionally, some places even allow them to be thrown in your onsite recycling bins. However, it’s important to look into what’s legal in your particular area. Not only that, but you also have a responsibility to be ethical. To be a great club owner, you need to follow all the rules in your local jurisdiction.

As you can see, it’s actually quite easy to replace batteries in LED sparklers. Their reusable design can save you a ton of money, but only if you maintain them properly. Fortunately, finding the right batteries is easy to do. Additionally, accessing the storage compartment is simple as well. Doing these little chores may not be fun, but they can save you a lot of money. And, as you can see, it may be the easiest chore in your venue.