As you know, one of the most important factors of having a successful bar is to choose the right location. Depending on what market you’re trying to cater to, there are several choices that can prove to be very profitable. One of the best demographics that you can choose if you want to make a lot of money with your bar is the 21 to 30 year old crowd. Overall, they tend to go out more often and they aren’t afraid to spend a lot of their cash. For this reason, opening a bar on a college campus can be very profitable. However, there are also several things to consider before you choose your exact venue location.

First off, there are a lot of pitfalls that come along with catering to college aged adults. The unfortunate truth is that many people under the age of 21 also hang out with college kids. So, making sure you aren’t serving minors is a very big deal. Additionally, binge drinking and fighting can be a huge problem with a younger demographic such as college kids. Ideally, security needs to be of paramount concern including surveillance systems in your venue. However, as long as you put the proper pieces in place, you can make a killing having your bar on a college campus. Here are some key things to keep in mind that will allow your business to thrive.

Underage Drinking

Image of Underage Kids at a College NightclubProbably the most obvious problem with having your bar near a college campus is that an abundance of underage people will be attempting to sneak in and drink illegally. Not only will this get you a hefty fine, it can possibly shutdown if you are careless. Moreover, you can get a bad reputation in the community if you have multiple offenses! Your best bet is to make sure that you card every single customer at the door. Additionally, have the proper equipment to check for fake IDs. College kids can be pretty savvy these days, especially with all the technology they have at their disposal; so fake IDs are very prevalent on college campuses across the US.

Is an 18 Plus Night a Good Idea?

Many college students hang out with people under the age of 21. So, it can seem like a great idea to have “18 plus” nights at your bar. This is usually done by having an area where everyone can mingle together and a separate area where the people over 21 can go to buy drinks. The problem is that it can be difficult to keep track of who is 21 or not; especially with bottle sparklers and glow sticks scattered throughout your nightclub. Additionally, preventing people over 21 from buying drinks for minors secretly is challenging. As attractive as it may seem to let minors into your bar, they don’t spend much money. And it can lead to your bar being shut down permanently. The bottom line is that it simply isn’t worth the risk, so you should avoid implementing this type of event.

The Importance of Security

We all know that youth and alcohol can create some pretty wild situations. So, having a bar on a college campus comes along with great responsibility. You are responsible for the safety of every single customer; and letting a bunch of rowdy college kids get out of control is absolutely not allowed. You can create a fun environment for everyone to let loose while still being safe. However, it involves having ample security in place. Make sure you have plenty of properly trained bouncers to handle any situations as they arise. Also, be proactive about cutting people off when they are approaching any level of intoxication.

Opening a bar on a college campus can be challenging to control. However, every location will have its own set of problems with which you’ll need to contend. Just make sure you put the proper systems in place and properly train your staff. Then, you can have a very successful bar on any college campus and make a lot of money; all while keeping your customers safe.