Most people in the bar or nightclub industry know just how important it is to increase sales. Among the obvious candidates, cross-promotions improve sales impressively. You’ve probably received a deal on a new flavor of liquor for one of your distributors before. If so, you already know that companies are usually willing to work with you to introduce new items in the marketplace.

Nobody wants to spend endless amounts of money taking out print and television ads trying to promote these new products. So, manufacturers usually rely on bartenders to push the new items via word-of-mouth. Of course, they will also do some type of paid advertising in their marketing plan. However, there is nothing more proactive then simply putting the new drinks into a customer’s hands. If you take the time to garnish it with a bottle sparkler, you can really take things the extra step!

What are Cross-Promotions?

Simply put, a cross-promotion is pairing either brands or flavors together to create a new niche in the marketplace. You are probably familiar with one of the latest crazes: adding a maple flavored selection to an already successful line of products. Companies such as Crown Royal and Captain Morgan have released lines of maple flavored whisky and rum. It’s meant to appeal to a different type of drinker that would normally overlook their products. By simply adding a different set of flavors, you can create new signature cocktails. Hopefully, they can become very trendy and increase sales! There are even companies creating bacon-inspired cocktails to play an every American’s natural addiction to the delicious meat.

A Case Study on How Cross-Promotions Improve Sales

One of the most successful cross-promotions in nightlife history is known as the Coronarita. Capitalizing on the popularity of margaritas, Corona released special bottle holders that sit on the rim of a margarita glass and hold a bottle of Corona upside-down into the glass. As you sip on your margarita, the liquid that is removed is replaced by the beer to create a new flavor as you work your way through the beverage. Each time you take a drink, the ratio of Corona to margarita increases to keep the experience enjoyable. This is a great item to put on your menu when you’re preparing your venue for summer.

Another great example is the “Jag Bomb” which simply incorporates Red Bull into a regular shot of Jägermeister. Using a special shot glass called a “barrel shot”, the Jägermeister is poured into the center section of the shot glass and Red Bull is poured into the outer ring. This design keeps the two components separate. However, when they are consumed the two flavors blend together to create a delicious mixture. This shot has since been adapted to different varieties using the same principal. However, the Jägermeister is replaced by either vodka or cherry flavored Dr. McGillicuddy’s.

What This Teaches Us About How Cross-Promotions Improve Sales

The industry has barely scratched the surface in regards to cross-promotion. However, it has emerged as one of the hottest new trends for bars and nightclubs. Mixology has been steadily on the rise anyway, but cross-promotions gives bar and nightclub owners the opportunity to create an up-sale. Meanwhile, the customer is able to enjoy new flavors they’ve never tried before. Just talk to your liquor distributors to find out what new and exciting cross-promotion items are available. They are sure to give you several great ideas and likely even discounted prices.