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Our double bottle sparkler clips are a fun twist on the classic design of our single clips. They will securely hold up to two bottle sparklers at a time, and they are compatible with all types of bottles. Additionally, their durable design is completely reusable and work with both traditional and LED versions of our products.

  • Designed specifically to hold up to 2 bottle sparklers securely.
  • Durable design; made from thick, rugged, plastic.
  • Completely reusable for years of enjoyment.
  • The safest choice when delivering VIP services to your patrons.
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Safety needs to be the top priority when delivering bottle service to your customers. Sadly, too many bar and nightclub owners use crude make-shift contraptions to attach their sparklers to the bottle neck. However, we have eliminated that issue with our cutting-edge double bottle sparkler clips! Whether you are attaching one or two at a time, they will be held secure during the entire performance.

Additionally, we had durability in mind when designing these; they are made from high quality plastic to last for years. Furthermore, they can be reused hundreds of times so you won’t need a bunch of them taking up space. Lastly, the design allows you to decide between displaying either one or two bottle sparklers. This allows for more flexibility in your presentation. No need to keep single clips on hand, too; these will do the job of both.

Benefits of Our Double Bottle Sparkler Clips

In reality, there’s only one way to properly attach one of our products; a safety clip. I really can’t stress enough how dangerous using homemade alternatives can be compared to using our clips. However, there are other features and benefits beyond safety, and I’ve listed a few of them below.

  • Eliminate the need for having single clips in your inventory.
  • Make tape, rubber bands, and other unsafe alternatives a thing of the past.
  • Attractive design that will mesh well in your establishment.
  • Made from durable plastic with a sturdy design so they can be reused many times.
  • Works with bottle from almost every manufacturer. Flexible and universal snap-fit design.
  • Universal design allows you to attach them to champagne, wine, or spirit bottles of all designs.
  • Allows for using either one or two bottle sparklers making it an extremely great value.
  • Compatible with our traditional versions as well as our premium and color LED sparklers.

Why Should You Choose Our Double Bottle Sparkler Clips?

It’s very important to buy the right type of clips for your venue. Though most club owners opt for the single version to save money, our double bottle sparkler clips add extra versatility. Additionally, they are not very much more expensive; so the cost factor is nearly irrelevant. If you want to safely offer bottle service and have options at your disposal, the double clip is the way to go.

Additionally, we back all of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. As a whole, our company is proud to offer the best selection, lowest prices, and highest quality products in the industry. No other company can offer the quality and customer service that we are known for at our low prices. Our reliability and years of service have made us the #1 bottle sparkler company in the USA.

Make-Shift Alternatives That Should Be Avoided

Before you think about skipping over buying clips, here are a few of the things other people have tried along with their possible consequences. Sadly, there are far too many bar owners out there that are still using improvised devices for their VIP services. Not only is this dangerous, but it may actually be more expensive than using the proper equipment. Prior to introducing our various sizes of sparkler clips, people were forced to figure it out on their own. So everyone can learn from history, I’ve put together this short list of the dumbest ideas I’ve heard.

  • Rubber Bands: May snap and send your sparklers flying.
  • Zip Ties: May melt causing problems and too difficult to remove from the bottle.
  • Adhesive Tapes: Unreliable at best and might also break causing issues. Additionally, certain types like duct tape can leave sticky residue on the glass.
  • Hose Clamps: Much too time-consuming to be practical. Additionally, you may crack the bottle if you over tighten them.
  • Wire or String: Either one can break leading to issues. Additionally, mechanic’s wire can be sharp and cause injury to your hands.
  • Glues and Other Adhesives: Glue will never work for this job. Unfortunately, there is far too little contact area between the two items. Additionally, the bottle sparkler would be permanently attached to the bottle; and your customers wouldn’t appreciate that hassle while pouring.

How Many Should I Buy for My Club?

Our double bottle sparkler safety clips can handle either one or two sparklers, so you don’t need very many. Additionally, they are reusable so you won’t have problems there. However, items do break or go missing from time to time, so having a few extras is a good idea. Normally, having one clip for every 20 sparklers ordered is the standard recommendation. However, since they are double clips; you can do one for every 15 items ordered.

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5 reviews for Double Bottle Sparkler Clips

  1. Vincent

    Like that you can do either 1 or 2 bottle sparklers with these clips. Much more versatile than the single clips I’ve purchased before.

  2. Chester

    Spaces out the sparklers perfectly. Very cool performance.

  3. Johnny Simpson

    I usually only attach 1 sparkler to my bottles, and these work great for that. But for birthdays I now add 2, and these work for that as well. Very versatile.

  4. Lance

    Great price point for a durable plastic sparkler clip.

  5. Randle W.

    This was a cool surprise. I accidentally ordered these instead of single clips. Didn’t realize you can just put 1 in if you want. I actually prefer these now and it was a happy accident! Good quality too.

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