With summer upon us, putting together a game plan to maximize your revenues is vital for your bar or nightclub to have a profitable season. Potential customers are eager to enjoy their summer if enticed properly. So, if you offer them what they want, you can enjoy big summer bar profits for the whole season. However, if you don’t entice your customer base; they will be just as content to stay home and drink in their backyard with friends. The key is to offer them something at your bar or nightclub that they can’t get anywhere else in town. Fortunately, I have a few simple tips to accomplish that and achieve maximum summer bar profits.

Staff Preparation is Crucial to Summer Bar Profits

Having a trained and prepared staff is crucial if you want to attract more customers over the summer season. That means making sure you have enough bartenders and servers hired to accommodate any demand that may arise; as well as making sure that bar staff is properly trained. Ideally, a well-trained staff will be reliable and know their jobs well. If you succeed, guests will stay longer and keep coming back to your bar; which will lead to massively higher profits.

Image of an Outdoor Event at a Bar in the SummerPlan Summertime Events

Events are the lifeblood to any successful summer marketing program for a bar or nightclub. So, this is where much of your attention needs to be devoted in the months leading up to summer. You’re going to want to book a great variety of bands and entertainment. Additionally, come up with themed party nights such as beach attire, or even a toga party! However, make sure you book the most popular local bands in your area as soon as possible. Often times, they will get snatched up quickly for summer shows. If you create events that are entertaining and make your customers feel like it is an exclusive experience, you can expect to see large summer bar profits.

Leverage the Experience for Summer Bar Profits

The experience your customers have at your club can determine their check size. People are always willing to pay more for an experience that they will never forget. Ideas can range from karaoke nights to live entertainment, but subtle things work well, too. Consider pushing your VIP bottle service packages at a significant discount. Encouraging groups to spend even $10 more can boost your profit margins. Don’t forget to make it special with a fun song or by using bottle sparklers to draw in attention. The more emphasis it brings to the customers, the more enticing it will be to purchase.


No matter how great your summertime event strategy is, it will be all for not if you can’t market it properly. You need to do all of the standard methods; social media, your website, and even radio ads if you’re in a large enough market. However, never underestimate the power of in-house marketing. By putting table tents of your next event on every table and having large banners boasting upcoming parties or bands, you will directly market to your best demographic of all: people who already want to come to your bar or nightclub.

Summer bar profits are critical for most businesses. Conversely, you could have a completely empty venue if you don’t know how to attract customers. It all starts with having a well-trained and competent staff that is ready to work. With a good base, everything else stems from there. Once you have a great staff in place, you can focus on putting together summertime entertainment and marketing. Furthermore, your bar or nightclub should be packed each night. If you can conquer those three factors, you can easily have a very profitable summer at your venue.