Bottle service changed everything at nightclubs. However, it didn’t start showing up until the mid-1990’s after clubs started catering to European and Asian clients. These customers saw high end bottles at their table as a status symbol. Generally, it was in a bar and nightclub owner’s best interests to push the idea of having a bottle directly on the table. After all, it was a surefire way to sell more drinks with less labor involved! This push lead to a huge surge in bottle service popping up at nightclubs across America and a new trend was born.

Bottle Service Set the Standard

Until bottle service became the standard for VIP treatment, clubs needed to rely on bartenders and waitresses serving the drinks directly to the customer. Though this got the job done and brought in revenues for the bar, it was slow and inefficient. It resulted in clubs bringing in a fraction of their potential revenue. On top of that, the customers were unable to enjoy their evening as well because they were standing in line at the bar or waiting for a waitress to refill their drinks. By simply placing a bottle on the table, each guest became their own bartender. Miraculously, a staff of five could now serve a room of two hundred people without even breaking a sweat!

Image of People Dancing at a NightclubWhy Does this Matter?

This was, without a doubt, one of the biggest game-changers in the history of the nightclub industry. No longer were clubs simply for dancing and socializing with the occasional drink. Now, they were full-fledged alcohol destinations that were bringing in the masses for an evening of drinking and partying with their friends. Businessmen quickly flooded the market with their limitless credit cards and $5000 suits. They took over the VIP areas while the ownership of the clubs shifted from artistic people to business-minded groups. Many club owners even began using bottle sparklers to increase attention. Some see the bottle service as the catalyst for ruining the club scene forever. However, others see it as the great money-maker that made the club scene more profitable than ever before.

Is There a Downside to How Bottle Service Changed Everything?

However, it’s not all glitz and glamour with bottle service; there are a few pitfalls to consider as well. By placing bottles on every table, you are opening yourself to a new set of potential problems. If there is a fight at your nightclub, the glass bottles are readily available to be used as weapons and the shattering glass can injure the innocent bystanders. This type of scenario is more common than you think, and the ensuing lawsuit can devastate you financially.

For this reason, any club that decides to offer bottle service needs to have ample security. However, you’ll be able to cut down on the number of waitresses and bartenders you’ll need on staff. So, you can hire more security guards and turn them into liquor deliverymen as well. They can transport the bottles to the table just as easily as a traditional waitress. But hand-delivery of a bottle from a security guard will allow them to assess the people at the tables and spot potential problems before they get out of control.

So, What Have We Learned?

All in all, bottle service changed everything about the nightclub industry and the way we treat our VIP clients. Truthfully, not everyone is in love with the idea of bottle service. However, it has made the entire industry more profitable and popular. Of course, there are some who will never fully embrace the concept of bottle service at their establishment. However, it has become a crucial feature that many customers are looking for. It will surely earn you more money if you welcome it with open arms.