Most people who run their own business are familiar with the concept of traditional marketing such as television, radio, and internet advertising. These are all important facets to bringing in new customers and reminding old ones that you still exist. However, what do you do to make those customers buy more drinks while they are in your bar or nightclub? How do you turn a $10 sale from a customer into a $20 sale? Fortunately, there is an answer; and there are many ways that in-house marketing boosts sales throughout your establishment.

If you have a great bar staff that has invented some unique cocktails and infusions that are ready to be displayed to the world, in-house marketing is the best possible way to accomplish that feat. Since these types of drinks are completely exclusive to your bar or nightclub, the only way your customers will even know they exist is if you put that information right in front of their faces. This can quickly make them interested in at least sampling something new and will earn you more profits in the process. Here are a few ways  in-house marketing boosts sales at your venue.

Table Tents

Table tents are a classic way to advertise specials in a bar or nightclub atmosphere because you literally place them on every single table. While your guests are waiting, they will pick up the table tent and read whatever is on it. If you promote your uniquely crafted beverages, you are sure to see an uptick in sales before the night is over. The downside is that table tents can look a little tacky in upscale nightclubs, so this option doesn’t always work.

Menu Highlights

Another great way to showcase your cocktails and infusions is to give them prime real estate in your drinks menu. Or, perhaps you have a few alcohol-free cocktails that you want to draw attention to. The way your menu layout is designed is crucial to selling what you want. This is because you can set it up to draw the eye to certain menu items. Consider placing the drinks you want to push in bolder text or in a box with a decorative border. The human eye automatically shifts to look at the most obvious text on the page, so this can pay off huge.

Word of Mouth In-House Marketing Boosts Sales Huge

Obviously, some people aren’t going to pick up a table tent or look at a drink menu because they already know what they want; or at least they think they do! Training your bartenders and servers to upsell your highest profit drinks is a great way to earn more money. Also, they will better engage the customers, and offer them flavors they’ve never tried before. If a customer is ordering a vodka tonic, upsell them your infused vodka or infused tonic to try a little taste of something new. Even if you only get an extra quarter per sale, that can really add up by the end of a night.

DJ Announcement

Consider having your DJ or band make an announcement over the PA systems about your latest creations or bar specials. It isn’t uncommon for them to say things like “don’t forget to tip your servers and bartenders”. So, having them do a quick shout out to a specific drink can help tremendously. It doesn’t need to be a long statement or blatant advertisement; just something like “have your tried this new drink? It is delicious!” will do the job perfectly and not seem too obvious.

No matter how you look at it, in-house marketing boosts sales quickly and effectively. Whether you use one of my examples or come up with your own, it can be a success. Just put the proper resources into your cross-marketing plan for the best results. Like anything else, your effort and patience will determine the outcome. However, if you take it seriously, in-house marketing boosts sales better than most other techniques.