There are many ways that people use sparklers, and attaching them to bottles one of them. Sure, it is more common to see them held in a hand or placed in a cake; but it isn’t unheard of to attach them to a variety of objects. So, if you’re asking yourself how to attach a sparkler to a bottle, then this post is for you.

First off, you need to make sure you purchase the right product. You can’t just attach any old sparkler to the neck of a bottle; you need to buy something very specific called bottle sparklers. This type is specifically designed for this purpose, and they are compatible with specially designed safety clips. Only with the proper items should you attempt to attach a sparkler to a bottle.

Basic Steps to Attach a Sparkler to a Bottle

Once you have the correct sparklers and clips, simply complete the following steps.

  1. Prepare your bottle for attachment. Be sure to wipe off any excess water or condensation prior to attachment. This will ensure a tight grip, and also avoid any water from getting on your device.
  2. Attach the large side of the clip to the bottle’s neck. It should be a tight fit as the clip expands around the neck as you push it into place. The clip should hug the bottle neck perfectly, creating a stable location.
  3. Attach the bottle sparkler to the smaller side of the clip. Be sure that the end you light is pointed up, and the end with the red spike is pointed down. It will snap in similar to how the clip fit around the bottle’s neck.
  4. You are now ready to enjoy the performance. Be sure to follow all proper safety measures and enjoy.

Image of a Bucket of Water for Extinguishing Bottle SparklersRemoving the Sparkler and Clip

Once the show has concluded, you’ll need to dispose of the used bottle sparkler and remove the safety clip. This is important since the sparkler clips are completely reusable. Additionally, you want to make sure they are completely extinguished, and that you dispose of them safely. Here are the basic steps to follow.

  1. Begin by removing the spent sparkler from the clip. Hold the end that is attached to the bottle while popping the sparkler out. Make sure you have somewhere safe to set it; ideally in a bucket of water or sand. The item may still be extremely hot, so great caution should be used.
  2. Next, hold the base of the bottle firmly and pull the clip from the neck. It will take a good tug, but it is very easy to do.
  3. Once removed, wipe down your clip and store it somewhere convenient. Dispose of any packaging and discard the used bottle sparkler.

Which Types of Bottle Sparklers are Compatible?

Though there are a variety of brands and various lengths of bottle sparklers available, our safety clips are completely universal. That means they will work with every single type of product on the market; even our competitor’s items! The key here is that they are all the same diameter, and that is how the clips secure them into place. In fact, these clips will even work with our LED bottle sparklers for a completely reusable solution.

With all the cool engineering that’s happening these days, learning how to attach a sparkler to a bottle is an easy job. The specialized safety clips make it fast and convenient, and they are completely reusable. With a standardized diameter across different brands, you can be confident that they are compatible with anything that comes your way. Whether you have a small bistro or you go through thousands at your nightclub, having a quick and easy solution for your bottle service packages is a valuable asset. I hope these instructions were easy to follow, good luck!