Since bottle sparklers have a different design than traditional versions, lighting them is different, too. In fact, the entire performance of this item is unusual by comparison, so it’s okay to be a bit confused. Fortunately, learning how to light a bottle sparkler only takes a few basic steps. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Attach a safety clip to the neck of the bottle you will be using.
  2. Insert the bottle sparkler into the safety clip. Make sure it is surely seated in the clip.
  3. Place the bottle in an open area such as on a tabletop. Never put your face over the bottle while lighting.
  4. Using your chosen ignition source, light the top of the sparkler “tube”. You need to get the packaging going for the sparkler to ignite, and this may take a second or two.
  5. Enjoy the show!

Remember, bottle sparklers perform more like a fountain, so be prepared. The performance will consist of sparks shooting out the end in an upward pattern.

Different Ways to Light a Bottle Sparkler

Knowing how to light a bottle sparkler is important, but choosing your ignition device is important, too. There are several common methods that people use to light them, but some have clear advantages over others. Here are a few different ideas along with their pros and cons.


Lighters are a popular and simple option for lighting bottle sparklers. Standard butane lighters are probably the most popular, but barbecue grill lighters are easier to use. The open flame is large enough to do the job quickly and efficiently. However, you should avoid windproof lighters or anything that uses a liquid fuel. It can spill out and create a potentially risky situation; particularly with the powders used in the making of gold bottle sparklers.

Gas Torches

There are a variety of different gases used in common torches; the most common are Propane, MAPP gas, and Acetylene. For traditional versions, torches can be a fast way to light several at a time. However, you typically won’t be lighting more than three of these at a time, so torches are overkill. If you do decide to use a torch, avoid MAPP and acetylene. Propane is the only gas stable enough for safely lighting your bottle sparklers.

Image of Using a Candle to Light Bottle SparklersCandles

Candles may seem like a risky idea, but they are actually one of the safest. The open flame will get them lit quickly, and they are very stable sitting on a hard surface. Best of all, there are no risky fuel sources that can lead to complications.


Matches are readily available at most bars or nightclubs, but they are terrible for lighting sparklers. They are small and cumbersome, which can be a recipe for frustration. It can be difficult to get the tip lit before the match is burning your fingers. Moreover, if you are lighting more than one, it can only be called a lesson in futility. Trust me; matches are probably the worst way to try to accomplish your goal.

Things You Should Never Try

Lastly, there are a few bad ideas that are worth mentioning. You would think that people wouldn’t try most of these, but sadly they do.

  • Gas or Electric Stove: I know, there’s probably a stove right there in the kitchen at your bar. However, chances are you will burn yourself or the sparkler will light prematurely. Either way, it’s just a bad idea.
  • Toaster: This is another ridiculous idea that I’ve heard of people trying. One person even dropped one inside a toaster as they were trying to get it lit. You can imagine what happened next.
  • Microwave: This one doesn’t even really make sense, but I have a friend who tried it in a pinch. Luckily, nothing really happened when he tried it. However, you can see how it may end badly in certain situations.

Best Practices for Lighting them for Bottle Service

Besides making things easy, there are also a few good practices you should observe when patrons are involved. You need to make sure you customers have a safe and happy experience, so great care needs to be taken when introducing an open flame into the room. With the proper steps in place, offering bottle service with sparklers for decoration is a very safe practice.

The most important thing to do is light them in the back before entering the main room. There are two reasons for this. First, it creates a dramatic effect that will make it a more spectacular experience. Second, you won’t have to worry about customers interfering with the lighting process.

Furthermore, you want to make sure that you never put the bottle sparklers in a place that may be dangerous. Never under any circumstances place the bottle with lit sparklers on the customer’s table. Stand there and hold it at a safe distance until they have finished. To be extra safe, you should discard them immediately and only leave the bottle behind for the guests to enjoy.

The Importance of Safety Clips

Lastly, I want to emphasize the importance of safety clips. The most important thing when learning how to light a bottle sparkler is safety. Fortunately, we offer safety clips in three different sizes for any situation. By creating a safe and stable platform, the lighting process will go smooth and simple.