Christmas is widely regarded as the most important holiday in the United States. Though the origins can be argued as “Christian” in nature, most families celebrate in very secular fashion. For instance, Santa Claus is not a religious figure, and neither is the act of giving presents. So, many cultures have various traditions and practices to contribute; and that can include using bottle sparklers on Christmas.

As a holiday, it’s actually broken into two distinct days of celebration. Day one is called “Christmas Eve”, and the next is called “Christmas Day”; which is considered the official holiday. There are different traditions for each date, so bottle sparklers can show up in a variety of situations. Here are some different ways to use them as part of your celebration.

Different Ways to Use Bottle Sparklers on Christmas

There are so many ways to use our products; it can be difficult to think of them all for the average Joe. To simply the process, I’ve put together a large list of ideas to serve as a guide. Hopefully, it will give you the perfect activity to enhance your holiday experience.

Holiday Champagne Toasts

In a nightclub setting, sparklers are used for bottle service on a regular basis. In a private setting, they can be used for champagne toasts as well. It’s common to see this at events like weddings, anniversaries, and graduations, so using them on Christmas for this purpose shouldn’t seem unusual. Just attach a few to your favorite bottle of champagne before you pop the cork. Trust me; there isn’t a better way to grab everyone’s attention before you make your toast!

Stocking Stuffers

Another fun and popular option is to give them out as a stocking stuffer. Most people include candy, small toys, and even fresh fruit in their stockings. However, using bottle sparklers on Christmas for this purpose can be a very exciting twist! Best of all, they can use them throughout the year at birthdays or other fun events!

Garnish for Hot Cocoa or Egg Nog

Image of a Bottle Sparkler Garnishing a Mug of Hot CocoaGarnishing a special beverage is not unusual. Whether it’s marshmallows or a little bamboo umbrella, garnishes can really define the entire libation. On Christmas, the most popular beverages are hot cocoa, egg nog, and wassal. Though bottle sparklers are typically used to garnish cocktails, there’s no reason you can’t do the same with a seasonal offering. Nothing lights up the season like a sparkler in the warmth of your own home!

Decorate Christmas Cupcakes or Other Treats

Whether it’s a holiday or not, using sparklers to decorate a special dessert or cake is a very common practice. On Christmas, it can be fun to add some to your cupcakes or other treats for a better presentation! Fortunately, they come ready to use with an anchoring spike already attached. Just stick them in, light the tip, and you’re ready to dazzle your guests.

Unveiling Ceremony for your Christmas Light Display

Decorating your house and outdoor vegetation is another extremely common tradition in America. Some people spend weeks creating elaborate light displays for the neighborhood to enjoy. In addition to lights, some people add inflatable characters, projectors, and even animatronic scenes to their displays. When it comes to plug-in the power cord, many people gather their family for the “unveiling”. To contrast with the artificial light, consider using traditional gold bottle sparklers during the unveiling ceremony. Trust me; the combination of lights, snow, and fire will mesmerize everyone there to witness the show.

Replace the Star on your Christmas Tree

Lastly, there are some really cool ways to use our products as alternative to traditional Christmas tree lights. Obviously, you would never put an open flame near a tree. However, there are versions of our products that don’t create any heat or flames whatsoever. They are called LED bottle sparklers, and they offer many more uses since they are safely operated using batteries. Most commonly, people will swap out the star or angel on the top of their tree for an LED wand. With multiple different lighting modes, if can be a great way to change up your design and created a cool light show at the same time!

Should I Choose Traditional or LED Bottle Sparklers for Christmas?

LED Bottle Sparklers imageDepending on where you live in the country, it’s probably pretty cold outside during the month of December. Though most of our products are designed to be used indoors safely, some people prefer to avoid the risk. However, there are certain situations where a traditional version is preferable. That’s why deciding between regular and LED sparklers can be such a daunting task.

Overall, I tend to sway people towards the traditional version when possible. With the exception of decorating a tree, the offer very little safety risk when used correctly. Obviously, you should use your own judgment when it comes to safety. If you are going to have a packed house or have abnormally low ceilings, choosing an LED version may be prudent. However, if you want to best experience possible, using traditional bottle sparklers on Christmas will provide the best result.

How Many Bottle Sparklers Should I Buy for Christmas?

When determining how many items you want to buy, it’s important to think your entire activity through. For instance, if you plan to put them in your stockings, you’ll want a package for each fuzzy sock. Conversely, if you plan to use them during a toast, you’ll only need a single package. However, finding where to buy bottle sparklers locally is often times a futile pursuit; which means you’ll likely be ordering online. Since it takes about a week for them to arrive, I always suggest ordering more than you think you’ll need. It’s better to have too many than not enough, and you can find other uses for them throughout the year.

Hopefully, this guide has shown you all the various possibilities of how to use bottle sparklers on Christmas. Whether you want to decorate a cake or garnish some cups of cocoa, they can easily become part of your traditions. My family has been using them at our house lighting ceremony for years, and the kids always love it. Whatever you choose to do, merry Christmas from all of us and good luck!