Halloween is one of the most loved holidays by children across the country. Not only do you get to dress up in costumes, you also get to carve pumpkins. Additionally, you get to enjoy buckets of candy and stay up late watching classic scary kid’s movies! However, there are many other activities that you can do to celebrate as well, and using bottle sparklers on Halloween is becoming much more popular.

Of course, many of you probably haven’t considered using them for this spooky holiday; especially not bottle sparklers. However, there are several reasons that this style is the ideal choice for your kids to enjoy. Below, I’ll discuss some of the uses and activities that they work perfectly for. Additionally, I’ll help you decide exactly how many and what type you need for your family. Here’s the lowdown.

Different Ways to Use Bottle Sparklers on Halloween

The most important thing you need to decide is how you plan to use them for your celebration. There are some obvious ideas that may come to mind, but there are also a few interesting options that most people completely overlook. Before you can decide if gold bottle service sparklers are the right fit, you need to know your plan first. Here are some of my favorite concepts.

Make Some Halloween Cupcakes

Image of a Bottle Sparkler in a Halloween CupcakeWhenever you’re celebrating with children, it’s a great reason to bake something delicious. Sure, they will have no shortage of sweets by the end of the night; but you can still do something fun from the oven for them as well. One of the best uses of our products is to use them to decorate individual cupcakes. The small spike on the end of your bottle sparklers is perfect for placing them in a cake safely and securely. With just a simple sparkler, you can make your Halloween cake or cupcakes something your kids will adore!

Light Up Your Pumpkins

Another one of the benefits of our sparklers having a spike on the bottom is that you can stick them inside your pumpkins for a fun show. Instead of regular candles, you can put one of them in each jack-o-lantern and watch the sparks shoot from the eyes, mouth, and top of the pumpkin. However, since bottle sparklers last 50-55 seconds, the show can be a bit short. Make sure you have plenty of them on hand or switch back to regular candles after the show.

Create Spooky Special Effects

Lots of people decorate their yards for this holiday, and some goes as far to create a home-brewed “haunted house”. One unexpected way of using bottle sparklers on Halloween is to create fun special effects. Perhaps you want to create “sparks” from a grinder. Or, maybe you want to have a very surprising effect go off during the event. Either way, sparklers are a great way to do it! Just make sure you are being safe and keeping them far from the spectators; you don’t want to accidentally hurt anyone.

“Wow” Your Guests with Bottle Service

Lastly, if you’re having an “adults only” party, you can always recreate the same type of bottle service you see at the nightclubs. By simply attaching a few sparklers to your bottles, you can easily have VIP bottle service at home without the extravagant price tag. I suggest choosing something neutral like vodka and providing three or four mixer options. That way, you can keep your costs minimal while offering your guests a great experience.

What Age Can Kids Start Use Sparklers on Halloween?

Generally speaking, the normal agreed upon age for kids to start using sparklers in 7 years old. Obviously, you still need to provide extremely close adult supervision; but usually that’s a responsible enough age for kids to follow instructions. However, that rule only applies if the children are going to be lighting or holding them in their hands. Kids of any age can enjoy the show from a safe distance, so they can still participate in the fun as a spectator. Ultimately, you need to decide when your child is responsible enough to use sparklers on their own. But, on average, most people agree that 7 years old is about the right age.

Are LED or Traditional Bottle Sparklers Better?

Depending on which activity you’ll you be doing, it may be work comparing traditional versions against LED bottle sparklers to see which is a better fit. For instance, traditional versions are much more impressive inside your jack-o-lanterns. However, LED versions will last for several hours before the batteries finally die. Additionally, you can always swap out the batteries and they are ready to go again. If you plan to uses them year after year, LED bottle sparklers on Halloween is likely the better choice.

How Many Bottle Sparklers Do I Need for Halloween?

The number of items that you’ll need for your event will hinge on how you plan to use them. For instance, if you use them in pumpkins, you’ll need a few for each jack-o-lantern. Similarly, for cupcakes, you’ll need one sparkler for each cupcake. However, activities like bottle service only require a single pack of four bottle sparklers. Just make sure you consider the real-world way your activities will play out and buy enough to handle your needs.

Overall, using bottle sparklers on Halloween is by far a better option than using traditional sparklers. You can always swap in LED sparklers, but you want to avoid the “stick” type. The included anchor spike makes it extremely easy to put them on bottles, cakes, or inside pumpkins. The most important thing is that you use them to create a magical experience for the kids on this extremely spooky night. If you do it correctly, they will remember this Halloween for the rest of their lives. Good luck!