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Our LED foam sticks can enhance your dance floor and keep your customers thirsty! With 3 different lighting modes, these are an instant hit at any bar or nightclub. They’re also great for concerts, sporting events, or any other type of celebration.

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Our high quality LED foam sticks are precisely the novelty you need to upgrade your dance floor experience. Customers love having something in their hands while they are dancing. Additionally, the 3 various lighting modes allow them to interact any way that they choose. Overall, you will increase how long each person is on the dance floor and create a more exciting environment for your customers.

Why Buy Our LED Foam Sticks?

These are perfect for any bar or nightclub owner who is looking to enhance their customer’s experience. Typically, people who are actively dancing consume much more liquid; and that can mean a big increase in profits if you do it right. Additionally, these pair extremely well with LED sparklers to promote bottle service purchases. Furthermore, the trending clubs typically have very active dance floors. So, you will be increasing your potential from two angles simultaneously. Lastly, they are just plain fun and will make your venue a more inviting place to be.

Features and Specifications

  • Made of soft and safe foam.
  • Increases the energy on your dance floor.
  • 3 lighting modes and multi-colored LEDS.
  • Batteries are built-in so they are ready to go.
  • One of the cheapest novelties to hand out to your customers.

Best Ways to Use LED Foam Sticks at a Nightclub

There are a variety of ways that these can be used in a bar or nightclub setting. However, there are a few ideas that stand out among the rest. Here are the most popular choices that are available.

Prop to Enhance the Dance Floor Excitement

This is the most popular and commonly seen way to use them. First, hand them out or sell them before your DJ starts their set. Now, you have instantly transformed your venue into something much more exciting! Even if you just have a TouchTunes jukebox, the principal is still the same.

Favors for Big Sporting Events

Many bars have big turnouts for sporting events such as football or baseball. To make your bar more attractive to customers, hand out some LED foam sticks before the game. The fans can wave them around every time our team scores and it will make the environment much more enticing.

Trinket for the Audience at a Live Concert

Similar to ramping up the dance floor, the same can be done for live concerts. If you have bands or DJs at your venue, gimmicks like foam batons can instantly increase crowd participation. Conveniently, it will also help you attract the best talent to your establishment. Best of all, you can charge a few bucks for them and put a little cash in your pocket, too.

Special Birthday Hand-Out

Birthday celebrations are a common occurrence at bars and nightclubs. Obviously, you have to do something special for the guest of honor. Many businesses offer a free drink, but handing them an LED foam stick is cheaper and creates a much bigger impact. The flashing lights will draw attention and their friends will purchase more cocktails.

LED Foam Sticks in Action

Here is a brief video demonstrating the various lighting modes of this product. This footage is meant as an example only. The actual effect may vary slightly from this video.

Why Choose Us?

As with all of our products, we’ve compared dozens of manufacturers to find the highest quality LED batons available. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products; we never sacrifice quality just to make an extra buck. Our LEDs will last longer and shine brighter than other brands without question. We stand behind every purchase and have a strong focus on customer service.

Buying in Bulk

Take advantage of our great bulk pricing! The more you order, the more you save; so stock up for the entire year to get the best prices. We have flexible package sizes with tiered discounts available for larger venues. For wholesale LED foam stick pricing in even larger quantities, please contact us directly.

Additional information

Package Size

10 Pack ($1.90 each), 100 Pack ($1.80 each), 500 Pack ($1.75 each), 1000 Pack ($0.99 each)

9 reviews for LED Foam Sticks

  1. Haskell’s Bar

    Wanted to add energy to my dance floor. Tried glow sticks, but then I found these LED batons. Excellent quality and really made a huge difference.

  2. Cindy

    Cheap prices and fast shipping.

  3. Tim Atkins

    Best prices I’ve found anywhere for mid-sized orders. I sell them at a high school baseball vendor stand.

  4. Stan

    Ordered some for an outdoor live music event at my bar. People loved them and we had great sales.

  5. Kathy Hobbs

    LEDs are very bright and colorful. Foam is nice and soft. Great value for the price.

  6. Simon

    Great quality. Best LED batons I’ve ever purchased.

  7. Doug

    Great for our high school football pep rallies.

  8. Principal Rogers

    Bought a case for our homecoming pep rally. I”m pretty sure we will order them every year now. The kids even brought them to the football game and it made the energy extremely high. Cheap and easy way to make your event even better.

  9. Buck S.

    I like to hand these out before my son’s football games. Great way to get the team amped up.

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