LED Items – Shop Our Selection

Our LED items are all the rage in the bar and nightclub industry! They’re very inexpensive and add a great dynamic to any establishment. Though they require more upfront investment, they will save you a lot of money over time. Additionally, they’re fully reusable and they come with everything you need; even the batteries are already installed! Whether you need an alternative to regular bottle sparklers or just want to jazz up your dance floor, we have the items that you need.

What Products Do We Offer?

We offer a wide variety of items for bars, nightclubs, and other venues. From bottle sparklers to basic lighting options, our catalog is always growing. Here is a quick breakdown of the different options we have. Remember, orders over $50 ship free; so the more you order, the more you save.

LED Bottle Sparklers

Our LED bottle sparklers are the highest quality available in the industry. Each wand offers multiple lighting effects, bright “white” lights, and the batteries come already installed. Best of all, they are completely reusable; so you will end up saving a lot of money in the long run. Optionally, for more budget-minded customers, we have a “value line” of products that are much more affordable. Our color LED bottle sparklers are roughly half the price of our premium versions! However, the quality isn’t as high and they will not last as long as their higher quality siblings. Nevertheless, we have options that will fit the needs of your venue.

Party Lanterns

Additionally, we have LED party lanterns to add the perfect ambiance to your dance floor! These round globes feature a small light inside to create a warm glowing effect that is ideal for nightclubs. They are available in white or in 6 different color options. Additionally, they work great for wedding venues, restaurants, or anyone who stands to benefits from improved lighting. Best of all, the come ready to go right out of the box; simply pop them open and flip on the light. They even include a small hanging tab to make decorating your venue a cinch!

LED Foam Sticks

Adding some lighting to your dance floor is a great way to increase the energy in the room. When your customers are more energized, they are more likely to stay longer and spend more money. Our LED foam sticks are by far the most cost-effective way to enhance your club’s mood! Each baton features 3 different lighting modes so your customers can choose how they function. Additionally, the soft foam design makes them lightweight and flexible; so you never need to worry about injuries! Like all of our electronic items, they come with the batteries installed and can be used multiple times. Whether your customers take them home or you get to reuse them, they are cost-effective on every front.

Quality LEDs at Affordable Prices

Sadly, many of the products you buy these days are made from poor quality electronics. For decades, the idea of these lights meant that they would last a very long time and also be incredibly energy efficient. However, with increased demand many factories are pumping out sub-par quality. Fortunately, all of our products are made from the highest quality materials to ensure a fantastic performance. Whether you’re buying reusable LED bottle sparklers or new lighting for your venue, we have the perfect product for you.

Buying Options at All Levels

Often times, you need to buy way too many of a product to get a good deal. However, we understand that not everyone needs 10,000 bottle sparklers on hand at all times. So, we have decided to offer great packages at every price point! We offer buy options ranging from boxes of 40 to full cases containing 240 units. Optionally, for larger venues, we offer bulk packages of our items to save you money. These kits contain all the LED sparklers you’ll need, plus the accessories you need to ensure a perfect experience. Whether you only need a few or a few hundred, we have you covered.

Fast Shipping at Zero Cost

Additionally, we are proud to offer free economy shipping on all order over $50! For all smaller order sizes, we offer the same lighting-fast shipping services for a small fee. We use the top parcel handling services in the country to get your products delivered as quickly as possibly. Best of all, there are no shipping restrictions on these products! That means we can get them to your door faster than we can with our conventional sparklers.

Are LED Sparklers Better Than Regular Bottle Sparklers?

Depending on your situation, each version of our products has certain benefits and drawbacks. I won’t lie; I personally think that our traditional bottle sparklers are the best item we carry. However, you can’t have sparks flying in every type of venue! Luckily, our products are 100% safe to use anywhere without any of the worries or hassles associated with traditional versions. First off, you won’t need to light them since they turn on with the push of a button. Second, ventilation isn’t required since they don’t produce any smoke. Lastly, they are completely reusable; so they are much less expensive than regular versions over time. When you add these all up, it’s clear that LED sparklers are far superior compared to regular versions; but they’re both amazing.