Whether you’re getting your venue ready for its debut or you’re giving an existing venue a makeover, lighting is a crucial part of giving your bar or nightclub its new identity. Lighting impacts the experience of the customer before they even set foot inside your doors because the energy (or lack thereof) will be seen from the curb. For instance, LED lights are always better than fluorescent lights in dark-lit bars. It isn’t always the first thing that you think about when designing your bar or nightclub. However, it should certainly be given the same amount of time and consideration that you give to the other aspects of the planning process. Here are some lighting ideas for your bar or nightclub design process.

Brainstorming Lighting Ideas for Your Bar

Now you’re ready to start digging into your lighting concept. However, there are a few things that you’ll want to consider. There are a lot of different types of lights that can be used in your bar or nightclub, but there are certain rules you want to follow due to both regulations and how it will affect your customer’s experience. Below you will find some lighting ideas for your bar or nightclub design project along with some key things to consider along the way. With some education and careful planning, you can get the perfect atmosphere while following all regulations to achieve the best bar or nightclub in town.

Types of Bar and Nightclub Lighting

There are several different styles of lighting on the market today. However, knowing when each type is the proper choice can be a bit challenging. Here is a quick overview of the different types of lighting that you might consider for your bar or nightclub.

  • Recessed lighting: which includes lighting that is functional (such as house lighting) and architectural, with decorative trims.
  • Indirect lighting: this is where you see the light from the source indirectly such as a back-lit bottle shelf.
  • Surface-mounted lighting: light fixtures that are mounted to surfaces including walls or ceilings.
  • Track lighting: light fixtures that are placed on a moveable track system. It allows you to direct the lights at specific areas of the room.
  • Accent lighting: lights that accent features of a room. Such as those seen under a bar top or lining a staircase.
  • Flat light technology: a light source that resembles a roll of tape. It can be used in areas where other lighting fixtures can’t. It is very similar to a flat version of rope lighting.
  • External Factors: these are other lighting factors that may play a role in your design. Things like LED bottle sparklers can make a big impact, as well as other items like LED foam sticks.

Regulations Surrounding Lighting

While planning the lighting for your bar or nightclub design job, you need to adhere to your local regulations. Most importantly, you need to make sure you use approved commercial-grade lighting fixtures in accordance with the law. Fire codes are another thing to consider. You may be required to provide a certain number of lumens in all areas of your venue for safety reasons. Additionally, there are many states and cities that have strict energy laws. They can force you to pay a fine if you exceed your maximum energy consumption allowance. With careful planning of your lighting design, you can avoid these fines while still having the right experience for your patrons.

Balancing the Lighting Ideas for Your Bar with Proper Design

After carefully considering the information from above, you need to take your time and focus on a balanced design. Yes, you want the club to feel amazing once you’re inside. However, you also want to drive some of that energy outside so even people driving by notice that there’s a fun time happening at your bar or nightclub. It’s a great way to increase the quality of your customers’ experiences. But you also want people to be able to see easily inside the venue. Therefore, make sure you section off the “mingling” areas from the dance floor and keep the effects lighting where it belongs. With the right lighting ideas for your bar and proper balance, you can have a fun venue for socializing and mingling while still creating a fantastic dance experience those who wish to partake.