When someone goes out to a bar or nightclub, chances are that they want to have a great night out that they’ll remember for many days to come. If they wanted an average night they could have just as easily gone to a movie or had a quiet dinner. Creating a VIP experience is the task you’re charged with. There is a big separation between what many clubs offer for service and what most potential customers are expecting. Bridging that gap is vital if you want to emerge as a top player in the nightlife industry in your area. Fortunately, a few simple and inexpensive enhancements to your venue, entertainment, and amenities can turn an average night out into an evening to remember forever.

Better Customer Service is Vital to Creating a VIP Experience

If you truly want a bar or nightclub patron to feel special, the easiest way to accomplish that is to offer better customer service than your competition. That’s the most important step to creating a VIP experience. If you make each of your patrons feel like they’re your only patron, they are much more likely to come back and also to spend more money. Best of all, there isn’t really any financial investment necessary for this improvement. Only a time investment for new training; unless of course your bar or nightclub is drastically understaffed!

Improve Perceived Value

Taking everything up a notch can allow you to charge a lot more for the same items. Plus, your guests will have a great time. Little things like cotton napkins and higher quality plates and glassware can create the perception of a classier experience. In reality, nothing about the food or drinks have changed. If you master perceived value, you can cash in on a lot of recurring customers that will have really big bar tabs.

Creating a VIP Experience by Putting On a Show

Rather than just pouring drinks, your bartenders should be able to put on a show. Customers want to be impressed by the skills of their bartender. Hiring top quality staff and letting them have some fun behind the bar is important. This should also translate into things like your VIP bottle service where something as simple as one of our gold bottle sparklers can make the entire event seem better.

Dress Up Your Venue

Last, and obviously the most expensive, we have the option of giving your venue a facelift. Often times a nice bar or nightclub will just need a fresh coat of paint. Perhaps some new lightshades, and a few new decorations to make the place feel brand new again. Even if you need to invest a little more time and money than that, it will certainly pay off on the back end when your venue is completely remodeled. After all, it is hard to feel like a VIP when you’re looking at peeling paint.

Still looking for more ways to ditch your drab bar or nightclub? Is creating a VIP experience important to you? Well, you really don’t need to look any further than your own impressions. If you would want to be treated a certain way, chances are that your guest will want that too. This is discussed in publications like Nightclub & Bar Magazine all the time. Just think of the greatest experience you can imagine. Then charge people a premium for pulling it off correctly, and watch your profits start to rise.