Managing the inventory for any type of business is the antithesis of fun. However, it can be particularly boring if you are managing your bar inventory. Counting the same bottle and factoring how much is left with the ones on your rail can be both tedious and time-consuming. But alas, it is a necessary evil; and it’s exactly why bar organization matters! Fortunately, there are some tips to help you get your bar inventory done a little faster. Additionally, I’ll give you some important points that will help keep in focus the reasons you need to keep accurate counts. I will cover some of these topics below to keep you on track and making the most profit possible.

Lock the Storage Room

One of the easiest ways to make managing your bar’s inventory is to keep as many items locked up as possible. Your employees can only steal or misplace the bottles they can get their hands on, so keeping as many of them away from their reach as possible can make the whole process easier. Each morning (or beginning of each shift depending on how busy you are), replenish the stock at the bar. Only stock enough bottles to ensure they will get through the entire night from the locked storage room. That way, you know exactly what has left to storage room. Additionally, you can use it as a distribution warehouse when you need to reorder your bottles.

Use Software When Managing Your Bar Inventory

Using software to help you track your sales and inventory numbers can be very helpful in a bar setting. Fortunately, there are several companies that offer inventory software that is specially designed for bars. Conveniently, it helps them control loss and effectively make more profits. Additionally, using software can also make the counting process go faster. That’s because you can see what you’re supposed to have in stock and just verify the number. Also, counting your inventory blindly just adds to the stress and tediousness of the job.

Also, you should do pour tests to make sure your bartenders aren’t over-pouring their drinks. Some bartenders will do this to get a better tip from a customer, while others simple have bad pouring technique. Regardless of the reason they do it, every ounce of liquor that is over-poured is money out of your pockets as the bar owner.

It’s All About the Money

Besides the obvious tracking of sales and inventory to protect your investment and scheduling pour tests to make sure there isn’t waste happening throughout your bar, it is crucial that you put surveillance cameras around your business; especially on the cash drawers. Unfortunately, many bartenders will run scams. Typically, they end up pocketing much of the cash paid for drinks without ever ringing up the sale. Though nobody wants to think this about their employees, the fact remains that it happens all too often. Remember that it is your investment and they are your employees and everyone is there to make money; not rip off other members of the team.

Managing your bar inventory can be easy if you follow these simple tips. Remember, knowing where your money is at all times is crucial; and inventory is a huge part of it. Hopefully, I’ve helped you get a grasp on the situation and given you the tools to succeed in your venue. Good luck!