If you are new to the bar and nightclub scene, there are many thing that you might not know. While this is true in any business, knowing the bar and nightclub scene inside and out is vital to having a thriving business. You don’t want to follow the latest club trends and have them dry up! Also, there is tons of competition in this arena. Additionally, the big sharks are out there just waiting to eat you up if you don’t know what you’re doing. Fortunately, there are some tips to help new bar and nightclub owners avoid mistakes that could cost them a small fortune or their entire business. Below, I have outlined 4 of them to help you in your process.

Poorly Designed Bar

Nothing can ruin your bar or nightclub faster than having a poorly designed bar. In fact, many new owners discover all too quickly that their bar design is very inefficient; even though they just shelled out thousands to a local contractor! You want the design of your bar to look really good to the eyes but also allow your staff to work quickly and efficiently. To achieve this, you should contact a design consultant that has some experience with nightclubs to help you design it appropriately. It’s going to cost a little more up front to hire a designer consultant. However, it will be much cheaper than having to tear out the bar and rebuild it later. Or, worse, you lose your business altogether from lack of business!

Carrying Too Many Products

Image of Too Much Liquor Stocked at a BarIt may seem like a good idea to carry every type of liquor under the sun. However, you are actually creating a massive burden for yourself if you do! Of course, there are several liquor and beer brands that are essentially required for you to have a reputable bar or nightclub. But, that doesn’t mean you need to have 30 brands of single malt scotch on your shelves. Make sure you carry all the major brands of the most popular liquors and beers. Conversely, you should try to keep the specialty drinks to a minimum.

Poor Staff Management

Managing your staff properly can mean the difference between huge profits and a total collapse of your business. If you are too rough on your staff and demand too much, you can end up stressing them out to the point that they do poor work or quit altogether. On the other hand, if you’re too lenient on your staff, they will walk all over you and possibly even steal right from the till. You need to strike a good balance of leadership and oversight. This will ensure you team isn’t overworked or taking advantage of the business.

Lousy Marketing Skills

Marketing your bar or nightclub is very important f you want to bring in new clientele. There are only so many patrons and usually a very large selection of bars and nightclubs from which they can choose. So, making yours stand out as the best is important if you hope to get your share of the market. Perhaps a visit to The Nightclub and Bar Show is in order, just to be safe. Also, make sure you identify your primary competition and are paying attention to how they market their location. This will give you some insight into how you should market your bar; especially since they’ve probably done all the trial and error for you. After all, all is fair in love and business.

Hopefully, this covers the most common mistakes new nightclub owners should avoid. If you follow this advice, you should be in a better position. If this info helped you, make sure to share it on social media. Thank you and good luck!