Snowmobiling is one of the most fun and relaxing outdoor activities. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people participate in it each and every year! Almost every state in the northern United States adores snowmobiling. Additionally, there are tens of thousands of miles of snowmobiling trails throughout those states. Many people think that the local residents are the primary people who indulge in snowmobiling. However, there are actually quite a lot of tourists who come for this purpose as well; particularly when they are done with the holiday rush. So is there any value to setting up your bar to cater to snowmobilers? Here are some tips for opening a bar on a snowmobile trail.

Location Matters

Image of a Gas Pump at a Bar on a Snowmobile TrailThe most important aspect of catering to snowmobilers during the winter months is your location. You simply must be located on a snowmobile trail in order for this to work, or at least be accessible via snowmobile from the trail. If you can’t get to your bar by snowmobile, you can pretty much forget it. Also, regardless of whether or not your bar is directly on the snowmobile route, you need to put up advertising just like any other business would. Consider putting up billboards along the trails to let riders know what you offer, where you’re located, and how far they have to ride before they reach your bar.

Other Amenities Like Food and Gas

If you really want to bring in the snowmobiler crowd, you’ll need to offer more than just a bar. Most importantly, you need to offer hot food to warm up the cold riders. Also, having a gas pump for the snowmobiles will also make your bar a desirable destination for riders. Lastly, consider having hot showers or even hotel rooms available for rent to the riders so they can do multi-day rides on the trail. Try to think of anything a snowmobiler would want on their trek and offer it to them to be successful in this endeavor.

What Happens to your Bar on a Snowmobile Trail During the Off-Season?

Unless you’re located in the farthest reaches of Canada or Greenland, snowmobiling alone won’t be able to support your bar. When there isn’t snow on the ground, you’ll need to find other sources of income. Luckily, being located on a snowmobiling trail usually means that you’ll be nearby great hunting and fishing areas. Try to setup your business plan to capitalize on these types of outdoor activities during the snowmobiling off-season to make your bar as profitable as possible.

Each year there are millions of dollars spent on snowmobiling; and that’s in addition to people vacationing for holidays like Christmas. Hopefully, you can easily grab a large piece of that market if you have everything in place. All you need to do is have a great location for your bar on a snowmobile trail. Also, offer good drinks and food as well as gas; and maybe even accommodations for bad weather! The key is to put together a great plan to bring in the snowmobiling crowd and couple that with a solid off-season program. That way, you can make money hand over fist at your bar location.