Father’s Day is a very big deal in our country, and kids bring their dad out for cocktails and cigars on a regular basis. However, the nice weather is accommodating to cookouts. Moreover, your local competition will be offering promotions to steal away your business. So, you really need to step up your game if you want to claim your share of the market. Fortunately, packing your bar for Father’s Day is pretty straight-forward if you know what you’re doing. So, here are a few tips to help get you started.

Food and Brunch Options

If you aren’t already serving food at your bar, then you really need to create a food program for your bar ASAP; but we’ve already discussed that before. Assuming you have a normal menu and a functioning kitchen, you need to offer a Father’s Day brunch and advertise it accordingly. Brunch is the #1 seller on Father’s Day for food. For lunch and dinner options, you should focus on hearty specials involving lots of red meat. Consider items like steak, burgers, or prime rib for those hungry dads out there to create larger sales.

Whiskey, Whiskey, and More Whiskey

Image of Whiskey and a Cigar Bing Enjoyed on Father's DayWhiskey is almost every dad’s favorite drink. So, offering a plethora of cocktails using their favorite liquor is a surefire way to drum up sales! Old Fashions, Manhattans, and Jack and Cokes will be selling like hotcakes. However, you should also bring in a few top shelf bourbons and scotches to satisfy the more discerning tastes. Lastly, consider offering bottle service to your customers. You don’t need to add bottle sparklers to grab their attention; just high quality service. By having a diverse selection, you can easily capture even more sales.

Cigars Galore

I don’t normally advocate bars to encourage smoking, but Father’s Day is definitely an exception to that rule. Make sure you have a fine selection of cigars on hand to sell to relaxing patrons. Also, have specific cigar smoking area outdoors on your patio. Make sure you post signs all over the place to inform your non-smoking patrons about this area. That should help to avoid complaints since cigar smoke is so aromatic. You can also create specials around the cigars to combine a cocktail and a cigar for one low price to bolster even better sales!

Craft Beer

Craft beer is always a favorite among fathers, so make sure you bring in a wider selection. Perhaps find a local brewery that will bring in their beer choices and sell flights to thirsty dads. Or maybe you want to do a fir-kin which is where they pound a tap into the side of a specially designed keg and the beer is simply gravity fed into your glass. Whatever you do, offer a good selection of craft beers that are out of the norm. That will get those dads drinking something with flavor on their special day.

Contests or Giveaways

Father’s Day is a great time for contests and giveaways. Fortunately, you should be able to find a lot of local businesses to support you. Things like gift certificates, local brewery tours, or even a six pack of beer can be a great prize for a raffle, contest, or giveaway. Additionally, people will stay longer and drink more if they believe they have a shot at winning a prize.

Spending time with their kids is already a great experience for most dads. However, by putting together the right programs you can make it better and help with packing your bar for Father’s Day. Just make sure you focus on the interest of an average dad when you are making your plans. That way, your targeted promotions are sure to be a success.