Whether you’re having a huge going away party or you need a stellar bar for your wedding reception, finding a way to pull it off has been quite a challenge – until now! When I first saw this interesting invention, I didn’t know if I should laugh hysterically or give the creators a round of applause. After much research and some careful thought, I decided on the latter because of how many uses you can find for a pop-up nightclub and how portable they really are.

The concept is quite simple; a truck shows up at a pre-disclosed location and drops off a few large rectangular boxes that resemble shipping or storage containers. With a little bit of work and the help of some ingenious design, the containers stack and open up into an extravagant nightclub that will leave your guests astounded. We aren’t talking about a tiny bar like flipping open a shutter on the side of a shipping container and bellying up to a counter; this shipping container nightclub opens up to a two (or three) story wonderland that is truly fit for a king.

On the first floor, there is a large bar area that allows for each of your guests to have an authentic nightclub bar experience. On the second floor, there is another bar or DJ booth as wells as a large area that can be used as a dance floor or as an observation deck depending on what your intended use happens to be. The second floor deck also works great as a place for your wedding ceremony; provided of course that you don’t have way too many guests for them to all fit comfortably.

There are a few companies offering shipping container nightclubs for rental in the United States, but the problem with each of the companies is the same. Shipping container nightclubs aren’t cheap to manufacture, and usually they need to send along a specialist to orchestrate the setup of the mobile nightclub for safety reasons. On top of that, most of the providers like to send along their own bartenders and wait staff to ensure their mobile nightclub is being looked after properly. This means that pop-up shipping container nightclubs are quite expensive to rent, have limited availability because of their popularity and scarcity, and are only available in certain market regions.

With all of these stipulations, limitations, and the incredible expense involved, you might be wondering if renting out a mobile nightclub made from shipping containers for your wedding or other type of party is even worth the hassle. In my humble opinion, if you have the resources and access to one of these beauties, a pop-up shipping container nightclub will provide an amazing “wow” factor at your event and I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with how luxurious your experience will be. I was very impressed when I finally got to step foot on one of these mobile nightclubs in person at a wedding recently, and it was definitely all it’s cracked up to be.

At the end of the day, only you can determine if renting one for your event is right for you. But take note that one thing is for certain; you and your guests will never forget your experience if you rent a pop-up shipping container nightclub for an evening or weekend of fun.