LED Bottle Sparklers – Premium Quality


Our premium LED bottle sparklers are made with quality in mind for discerning bar and nightclub owners who don’t want to settle for “second best” and feature the brightest LEDs available for a great customer experience.


Our premium LED bottle sparklers feature the brightest LEDs available which will make them a suitable alternative to our gold bottle sparklers.This is important when having an open flame inside your venue is either not possible due to fire code restrictions or not desirable due to safety concerns. Also, they are made much sturdier than most knock-offs. That means they typically last much longer under normal use conditions. Best of all, since they are completely reusable, you can save a lot of money over the long term by using LED bottle sparkler versus traditional ones. All of our LED sparklers are compatible with our sparkler safety clips, so you can still attach them to your bottle safely.

Reasons to Choose LEDs vs. Traditional Sparklers

Though most clubs go with the traditional version, using the LED version instead is sometimes necessary. For instance, the New York City Fire Department used to be able to fine you for using sparklers in city limits. That meant that nightclubs and bars were limited to using LED versions of bottle sparklers instead. However, some clubs simply prefer to use LEDs instead of having an open flame. If you are in a packed nightclub, sometimes flames are less than ideal.

Additionally, these will lastly indefinitely (well, at least until the batteries run out). Regular bottle sparklers last for around 40 seconds and then fizzle out. LED sparklers will continue to operate as long as it has juice. If you want more flexibility with how quickly your bottle service packages get sent out, these are a big upgrade from traditional ones.

Standout Features

  • Completely reusable. Get multiple uses out of each one!
  • Draws attention to your bottle service packages.
  • Potential to increase sales almost immediately.
  • Ultra-bright LEDs to draw the attention of an entire nightclub or bar.
  • Lasts as long as you like. These don’t fizzle out like regular bottle sparklers!
  • Compatible with all of our sparklers safety clips.
  • Complies with all fire codes.
  • No open flames.
  • Made from the highest quality materials.

Best Ways to Use Our Premium LED Bottle Sparklers

Whether you are required to use them by law or just prefer their safer design, there are plenty of ways to use LEDs for your bottle service packages. Here are a few of the best ways to maximize your revenues with a fresh new look.

Bottle Service Decorations

Most bars and nightclubs offer bottle service, and adding a sparkler as a decoration can help improve sales. People order bottle service to feel like a VIP, and an inexpensive sparkler can make it all seem worth it. Since they are made using LEDs, they are safe to use indoors no matter where your club is located. Plus, the ultra-bright light will attract customers and captivate the room.

Highlight Special Cocktails

Bottle service isn’t the only thing that can benefit from these, you can also highlight special cocktails too. Imagine a patron ordering your signature cocktail and it arriving with an LED bottle sparkler on it. You can easily see how more people would want to try your house recipe! Optionally, you could use one of our other LED items instead.

Champagne Toasts

Whether you host weddings or you serve champagne at your New Year’s Eve party, our high quality LED bottle sparklers decorate the bottles perfectly. Your customers or guests will adore the fun, and you might gain new regular customers as a result.

It’s easy to see all the advantages that LED bottle sparklers have over regular ones. Not surprisingly, they are getting more and more popular with bars and nightclubs across the country. The cost savings, less maintenance, and longer shelf life of LEDs make them perfect for this purpose.

Additional information

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Single (1 Sparkler), 3 Pack (3 Sparklers), 6 Pack (6 Sparklers), 12 Pack (12 Sparklers)


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